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Motorists asked to take on the challenge for EU mobility week

Mobility Week Bike Picture

With bike week in full swing EU mobility week Mayo County Council is setting a challenge to motorists to park the car for just one day this week or one trip and take the bike . With the country fully focused on Climate Change we have 12 reasons why you should take on this challenge.

1 - It's easier to finance a new bicycle than a new car. For the price of a single car payment, you can buy a well-made bicycle that should outlast most cars. Add a couple hundred euro more for rain gear, lights and accessories, and you have all-weather, anytime transportation. And why not avail of the bike to work scheme to make your initial outlay easier ( )

2 - A bicycle has a very small manufacturing footprint when compared to a car. All manufactured goods have environmental impact, but bicycles can be produced for a fraction of the materials, energy and shipping costs of a car.

3 - Bicycles produce no meaningful pollution when in operation. Bikes don't have exhausts  belching poisonous fumes into the atmosphere. They also eliminate the oil, fuel and hydraulic fluids dripped by cars onto the road surface — which means less toxic runoff into local waterways.

4 - Bikes save taxpayers money by reducing road wear. A 7 kg  bicycle is a lot less rough on the pavement than a two-ton vehicle . Every bicycle on the road amounts to money saved patching potholes and resurfacing city streets.

5 - Bicycles are an effective alternative to a second car. Perhaps you're not in a position to adopt a bicycle as primary transportation. But bikes make great second vehicles. You can literally save thousands of euro a year using a bicycle for workday commuting and weekend errands in households which might otherwise be forced to maintain two cars.You don't have cycle all the way to work, you can put the bike in the boot and drive some of journey and cycle the remainder.

6 - Using a bike for transportation can help you lose weight and improve your overall health. The health benefits of regular aerobic exercise are well known. Depending on your riding style and local road conditions, you could easily burn 600 calories an hour through brisk cycling. Most bike commuters report losing 8 kgs to 14 kgs pounds during their first year in the saddle without changing their eating habits.

7 - You can store a dozen bicycles in a single car -sized parking place. Car parks have enormous environmental and financial impact, particularly in urbanized areas. The more bikes you can get on the road, the fewer parking spaces you need to build.

8 - Bicycles don't burn fuel. Fuel prices fluctuate. A healthy bike culture will help ease pressure on supply when demand increases.

9 - Bicycling may be faster and more efficient than taking a car.Bikes are often faster than cars in urban areas. There's nothing more satisfying as a bicycle commuter than breezing past a long line of gridlocked traffic.

10 - Bikes cost much less to maintain and operate than cars. You'll never blow an engine in a bicycle, and replacing  a transmission on a bike usually means replacing a bent derailleur hanger or worn-out chain. Bicycles do require service, but you can learn to perform most of it yourself. Even if you have a shop do things for you, costs will be trivial compared to a car.

11 - Bicycles provide mobility for those who may not qualify or afford to drive. Not everyone can get a driver's license (or wants one), and the cost of purchasing, insuring and maintaining a car is out of reach for a lot of people. Almost everyone can afford some sort of bike. Other than walking, bicycles are the most cost-effective transportation on the planet.

12 - Studies show that bicycle commuters are healthier, more productive, and require less time off at work. This is why most enlightened employers are eager to accommodate commuting cyclists. Healthy workers are better workers — and that's good for the bottom line. Bikes are smart business.

So there are some great reasons to dust off that bicycle in your garage in time for EU mobility week or any time of year.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer, said “The other benefits apart from health and environmental by exchanging the car for the bicycle are road safety , motorists will form a better understanding of the needs and vulnerability of cyclists by becoming a cyclist themselves even if it’s just as a temporary basis“.

Mayo County Council welcomes formal approval of funding for Ballina Innovation Quarter

Ballina Military Quarter 2019

Mayo County Council welcomes good news today from the Minister of Housing, Eoghan Murphy TD, that the Council has received formal approval of Urban Regeneration and Development Fund funding for the Ballina Innovation Quarter project.

A sum of €3.2 million government funding under the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund 2018 was approved for the transformation of Ballina's military Barracks in November 2018.

Built in 1742, the redevelopment of Ballina’s military barracks promises to culminate in the creation of 210 jobs within three years, with the digital hub and innovation centre acting as ‘a catalyst for urban regeneration of the town and its surroundings’

Specifically, ‘the digital hub' will provide 20 spaces for technology, digital media and internet companies to scale and grow alongside local enterprises. A new distillery will also be established by a private investor.

Peter Hynes, Chief Executive of Mayo County Council, welcomed today’s news; “It is good news that I have received today with a formal approval from the Department of Housing, for the Ballina innovation Quarter.  The decision to support this project shows a serious commitment by government to revitalizing the fortunes of Ballina and its hinterland of north and east Mayo. When delivered, the Ballina Innovation Quarter will significantly increase the attractiveness of Ballina and North Mayo from an economic perspective and will unlock significant enterprise and entrepreneurial activity.

The Urban Regeneration and Development Fund is a flagship element of Project Ireland 2040.  €58m is available in 2019 to provide initial support to the 88 projects announced last November on foot of the first call for proposals.  €550 million is included in the NDP to provide further support for these and other similar projects up to 2022 and the Fund has an overall provision of €2 billion up to 2027.

Culture Night 2019 - Wrap Up In Culture

Culture night 2019 Launch

Culture Night returns on Friday 20th September. It is a free, country-wide event that promotes our culture and the sharing of it. It celebrates all kinds of creativity and with over fifty events happening across county Mayo on the night, you’re bound to find something exciting in a venue near you.

Last year almost 4,000 people visited venues and events in Mayo and we expect even more to join in the cultural celebration this year. It is in the spirit of generosity and inclusivity that these events are specially programmed, with the aim of having people connect and joining in the celebration of our culture – it belongs to everyone.

Events range from music performances to food tastings, dance, workshops, yoga, art exhibitions, open studios, talks, outdoor performances and bike tours, to mention a few.

To get a full run down of events you can pick up a brochure in your local library, café, bar or venue or from Mayo County Council Arts Office. You can also check out a listing of Mayo and national events on

These guides are great for exploring what events are on and which you might enjoy most. All the events are free so waste no more time and get out to enjoy an evening of free cultural events in towns and villages on Culture Night.

Culture Night Mayo is brought to you by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs in partnership with Mayo County Council and participating groups and venues in Mayo.

For further information email Breda at , call Mayo Arts Office or you can contact the venues themselves, all contacts are in the brochure and on the website.

And don’t forget to Like us on  and follow us on Twitter @mayoculture  and Instagram MayoCultureNight.

Roadside hedge cutting urged to ensure road safety

Roadside Hedges

Mayo County Council are calling on all landowners, farmers and householders to ensure their roadside hedges and overhanging trees are cut and maintained so that motorists, cyclists and pedestrians can travel safely on our roads. The hedge cutting season is open since September 1.

Mayo County Council is calling on landowners / occupiers and householders in rural and urban areas, to ensure that roadside hedges are cut and maintained so that motorists, cyclists and pedestrians can travel safely on all roads and similarly over hanging vegetation in urban areas be cut back from footpaths and at junctions. The Council would also like to thank them for their continuous work within communities making our roads safer in Co. Mayo

Head of Roads with Mayo County Council Mr Paul Dolan said “We in the roads department of Mayo County Council have had numerous representations from road users concerning the overgrown state of hedgerows and also overhanging trees along some of our rural roads and the serious road safety issues that can result.

“While we would like to compliment the many landowners who maintain their roadside hedges, there is also a significant number of landowners / occupiers and householders who fail to cut and maintain their roadside hedges which can result in road safety issues on those roads. We are calling on them to be more proactive over the next few months to ensure that their roadside hedges and overhanging trees are maintained properly as they are obliged to do under the law.”

Section 70 of the Roads Act 1993 places responsibility for the maintenance of roadside hedges on the owners/occupiers of the adjoining lands. The season when hedge cutting is permitted under the Wildlife Act is between the start of September and the end of February the following year. This year Mayo County Council is planning to step up its awareness campaign at the start of September to remind landowners of their hedge cutting responsibilities. This will include placing ads in local newspapers, on local radio and on the Council's website.

Mayo County Council has a community hedge-cutting grant scheme in operation. That scheme, encourages a joint approach with communities and groups of local residents and landowners, for cutting hedges and trees which need attention. The grant will contribute €40 per km, which equates to about 33% of the cost.  We always say road safety is a shared responsibility, so it’s about us all doing our share to make our roads safer and ensure the success of the road safety strategy.

Strategic Development Zone at Ireland West Airport Knock heralds new opportunity for the West Region

SDZ Knock September 2019

Mayo County Council Planning Department will present the draft Planning Scheme for a new Strategic Development Zone at Ireland West Airport Knock, at the September Council meeting, taking place later today.

The purpose of the planning scheme is to set out an overall vision and set of guiding principles for the SDZ area. It will serve as a design framework for the future development of the lands in and around Ireland West Airport Knock.

Strategic Development Zones were established in 2000 to enable Government to designate certain parcels of land that are considered of strategic national importance, to be fast tracked through the planning process. Ireland West Airport Knock received approval for the designation of lands for the establishment of an SDZ by order of the government in May 2017.

To date, 10 areas within the State have been designated as SDZs. Most of these are located within the Dublin Metropolitan Region. The SDZ at Ireland West Airport Knock marks a new departure, given its rural location and the strong economic focus of the designation to facilitate enterprise and business development in tandem with the growing transport role and needs of the airport. In this regard, the proposed zone demonstrates a strong commitment by Government to the importance of Ireland West Airport Knock as a critical driver of regional economic development in the North West.

The proposed SDZ will provide for a new business and enterprise hub. This will be in the form of a campus aiming to cultivate and establish new business and innovative industries that harnesses the benefits of living and doing business in the West of Ireland. There will be an emphasis on those requiring a link to the airport.  It will facilitate hotel and conference facilities that complement the business climate of the airport location.

The SDZ Scheme, if built out to full capacity, could deliver 95,025sq.m of Commercial, Business & Enterprise space, 44,000sq.m of Aviation Economic Development & Services, and 11,000sq.m of Hotel Accommodation & Conference floorspace. It will have the potential to deliver future employment capacity of almost 4,200 persons.

Ireland West Airport Knock is a key driver of the (AEC) Atlantic Economic Corridor - centrally positioned and serving the North West region as a hub for international travel. The SDZ will further enhance the potential of the AEC in the North West and help to increase its potential to function as a cohesive model for balanced regional economic development.

Peter Hynes, Chief Executive at Mayo County Council stated; “Having a Strategic Development Zone of national significance based at Ireland West Airport Knock opens up a variety of opportunities for the county and the West region. Very few areas are given SDZ designation outside of major cities. Making this planning scheme creates opportunities for Mayo and the region to attract business and investment.

The SDZ will secure the long-term development of Ireland West Airport Knock as well as attracting enterprise to the area and the provision of further employment possibilities for the people of Mayo and beyond.”

County Councillors will consider the planning scheme and the public submissions received relating to same at the September meeting. The planning scheme for the SDZ will come into effect four weeks from the date it is made/agreed by elected members of Mayo County Council.

Arthur French, Chairman, Ireland West Airport, addedThe airport welcomes the progress made in relation to the Strategic Development Zone at Ireland West Airport. We would like to thank Mayo County Council for their work to date and in working with the airport on the development of the Master plan required to complete the zoning and we look forward to the completion of the project which will provide planning certainty for potential developments that may take place at the airport in the future’

Substantial Mayo County Council investment on Dooncarton mountain prevents serious damage in North Mayo

Pollathomas Kinetic Fencing

A substantial investment of €1.5 million in the early 2000’s has paid off in Pollathomas in North Mayo following heavy rainfall in the area last week.

Kinetic Fencing, a highly durable wire mesh made with steel upright poles and horizontal tensioning wires, was installed on Dooncarton mountain following devastating landslides in September 2003. Drainage and the creation of Berms higher up the mountain to divert heavy waterflow were also installed to provide further protection.

Heavy rainfall on Friday last, August 30, led to small landslides taking place on Dooncarton mountain for the first time since 2003 and following an inspection by Mayo County Council the safety measures put in place proved successful.

Padraig Walsh, head of the West Mayo Municipal District, confirmed that the safety measures did their job; “The Kinetic fencing was installed following the undertaking of risk assessments in 2003 and until last week had not been fully tested by the threat of a landslide. While some of the more liquid elements were able to come through the fencing, it is designed to hold back the more solid elements which can cause significant damage.”

Mayo Business Awards 2019 now open for applications

Mayo Business Awards 2019

Mayo Chambers and local organisations, in association with and Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Mayo, are delighted to announce that the prestigious Mayo Business Awards will take place on Friday November 15th 2019.

The Mayo Business Awards look to recognise businesses across Mayo who have excelled or achieved success in the last year. Mayo has a very diverse business mix with many different businesses located throughout the county. The 2019 Mayo Business Awards will give local businesses the opportunity to be recognised for their dedication, investment and hard work across a number of categories.

There are twelve categories which businesses can enter for the 2019 Awards with no limit to the amount of categories that your business can enter as long as it meets the criteria for each award.

Entries are now open and are free and can be made online at:

Closing date is September 30th, 2019.

A shortlist of potential winners for each award will be released prior to the Awards Ceremony with the winners being announced at a Gala Awards Night at the Mc William Park Hotel, Claremorris on Friday November 15th.

Tickets for the event are available now and cost €60 per person. This includes a four course dinner with prosecco reception and guest speakers from the business world on the night, followed by entertainment into the early hours. It promises, as always, to be a high calibre and prestigious event and will provide a unique environment for business networking opportunities.

The Mayo Business Awards are a cross community initiative with the backing of Local Enterprise Office Mayo. It is supported by the local Chambers (Ballina, Ballyhaunis, Castlebar, Claremorris, Erris and Westport) and other business organisations. Good luck to all entrants!

Pictured from left to right: John Magee, Head of Enterprise, LEO Mayo; Elaine Moyles, LEO Mayo; Anne Cunnane, Ballyhaunis Chamber of Commerce; Brian Moran, Westport Chamber of Commerce; Mags Martin, Ballina Chamber of Commerce; Patrick Broderick, President of the Claremorris Chamber of Commerce; Geraldine Horkan, Westport Chamber of Commerce; Stephanie Columbani, Westport Chamber of Commerce, Sylvester Jennings, Castlebar Chamber of Commerce

Major clean-up completed at Dun na mBó cliffs

Dun na mBo Clean Up

Mayo County Council can confirm that the major clean up operation at the Dun na mBó cliffs near Belmullet has been completed.

Following notification from a passing kayaker, Mayo County Council hired a specialist team of rope access experts from ‘Over The Ground Rope Access’, a Dublin based company, to clean the cliffs on last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 28-30.

Funding for the hire of the specialist team was secured under the National Anti-Dumping Initiative.

Mayo County Council Environment Awareness Officer, Sharon Cameron, says prosecutions are hopefully on the way; “We are anxious to find out who is responsible for this reprehensible act and hope to find something in the waste which might point us towards a prosecution. Mayo County Council has been doing surveillance on the area and permanent cameras are going to be put up to stop this from happening again.

“We would like to thank the person who informed us of the illegal dumping which had taken place. It is disturbing to see this damage being done to our beautiful coastline but thankfully now it has been cleaned up and will remain that way.”

Growing for Biodiversity Workshop Series

Growing for Biodiversity Workshop

Mayo County Council Heritage Office is presenting a series of workshops on

Growing Plant Stocks for Biodiversity.

The four workshops in the Series include:

  1. Summer Propagation: Softwood and Greenwood Cuttings (4th September, Ballinrobe, 5.30pm-7.30pm)
  2. Wildflower Seed Collection and Saving (7th September, Cong, 10am-1pm)
  3. Pollinator-friendly Planting in Challenging Spaces (21st September, Kilmaine, 10am-1pm)
  4. Hedgerows and Winter Propagation (19th October, Ballinrobe, 10am-1pm)

These workshops, presented in association with Frogswell Nursery, will provide community groups and TidyTowns committees with the propagation skills to build up their owns stocks of plants to provide food for wild pollinators and managed honeybees.

Workshops are free but booking is essential, as places are limited.

For further information or to book a place on any of the Growing for Biodiversity workshops contact Mayo Heritage Office on or 094 9064092 or see


An action of the County Mayo Heritage Plan

Supported by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht under the National Biodiversity Plan 2017-2021

Brochure: Growing for Biodiversity brochure

Amateur Drama and Music Recording Assistance Awards and Tyrone Guthrie Residency deadline announced.

Arts Grant Logo

Mayo County Council Arts Service is delighted to announce the deadline for the following Awards and Bursaries for 2019; Amateur Drama Award, Music Recording Assistance Awards and Tyrone Guthrie Regional Bursaries. The deadline for these awards and bursaries is Thursday 24th October 2019.

The Arts Service recognises the rich contribution artists make to the cultural life of the county and therefore the awards are a core part of Mayo Arts Service commitment to supporting County Mayo artists.

Applications will be assessed by an independent panel of industry experts appointed by Mayo County Council.

Amateur Drama Awards: All Amateur Drama groups based in the county are eligible to apply for this award. Two awards of €500 will be allocated to groups who demonstrate innovation, quality and creativity. To be eligible, groups must have put on a production in 2019 and be keen to improve the Amateur Drama sector in their local area.

Music Recording Assistance Award: The award was established to support the recording of original music across all genres by musicians/ singers/ song-writers resident in County Mayo. The award is aimed at assisting an individual or group who wish to record original music.  In the case of choirs and orchestras evidence of originality must be demonstrated. This year there is one award of €1000.

Tyrone Guthrie Regional Bursary:  Mayo County Council is offering two bursaries to artists living and working in Mayo, to enable them to spend two weeks at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, County Monaghan. The centre has a variety of workspaces including studios, a music room for composers and musicians, and a large rehearsal and performance space. Applicants should show significant achievement in their chosen field or demonstrate a high degree of promise.  This bursary is open to practitioners in all art forms.

Film Mayo Tyrone Guthrie Bursary Award: Film Mayo promotes filmmaking in the county, helping professionals to plan shoots to providing information on funding, publicity and local resources. The bursary award will enable filmmakers born or living in Mayo to spend two weeks at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, County Monaghan. Applicants are required to show significant achievement in their chosen field of filmmaking, with guidelines recommending three or more television or screen credits. As well as providing work samples, applicants are required to state what they hope to achieve during their stay at Annaghmakerrig. This should demonstrate that a completed script or film, for example, is being worked toward.

Please Note: There is an opportunity for applicants to attend an information session and one to one clinics with Annette Maloney in Mayo House on Sept 11th from 10am – 5pm.

The workshop will include a presentation and conversation on best practice in writing proposals and applications. It will cover hints and tips on developing proposals, a discussion on common pitfalls and ‘watch-out-fors’, observations on selection panels as well as selection criteria, advice on sample headings to communicate ideas clearly and creatively, suggestions for supporting documentation, CVs and Biogs as well as advice on time management and the dangers of procrastination. This workshop is free for participants, but advance booking is advised as places are limited.

Further information and application forms are available on  or from Mayo Arts Service, Mayo County Council at

The closing date for applications is Thursday 24th October 2019 at 5pm.

Drivers Warned: Zero Tolerance for Abuse to Lollipop Wardens

School Traffic Warden

Drivers are being reminded that they must stop for lollipop men and women when school starts back this week. The warning comes after school traffic wardens expressed concerns that they are often on the receiving end of motorists' frustrations. Drivers who do not stop for lollipop men and women could face four penalty points and a €120 fine.

Noel Gibbons is road safety officer with Mayo County Council:

"Unfortunately, they're meeting the aggression of other road users, particularly motorists who are impatient and sometimes showing their aggression through the revving of engines, honking of horns, yelling abuse," he said.

"Some are more worse and pretend they don't see the wardens on the road and actually drive speedily towards the wardens trying to get them to move from the road."

There are now more than 400 school traffic wardens working across the country — all attempting to ensure that children get to and from school safely.

We have installed cameras on the school wardens stop signs in the more problematic areas.

The wardens, like Gardaí, have the legal power to stop traffic. Drivers who fail to stop for school traffic warden could face a €120 fine, four penalty points, and disqualification

First Climate Fest to take place in Mayo this September

Climate Fest 2019 Committee

Climate Fest is a day of talks, workshops, performances and conversation aimed at helping you to make simple changes to your day-to-day life that will help tackle the climate emergency. Workshop topics include:

  • Tips for Sorting, Recycling and Reducing Food Waste in the Home
  • Sustainable Transport and Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Hacks for the Home
  • Easy Gardening Tips to Improve your Wellbeing and Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • How to Make Informed Food Choices in line with your own Values and Life Situations
  • The Journey to Reduce Plastic and Minimize Waste
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Becoming an Eco Community / Eco Parish

Influential and inspiring guest speakers include environmentalist Saoirse McHugh, Trocaire’s Jane Mellett, John Weakliam – CEO of the Irish NGO Vita, an organisation focusing on next generation models of development of sustainable development in Africa, Laura Dixon, Mayo Co. Co. Climate Action Officer, Mayo Climate Strikers and GMIT Green Campus. Our MC for the day is Midwest’s Gerry Glennon.

There will be fun and engaging performances to keep you entertained throughout the day and you will also have the opportunity to meet Local Environmental Groups and Business who are committed to reducing their impact on the planet.

Together, we will explore how making simple everyday changes in our lifestyles can have massive positive impacts on our planet. This will enable us to be part of the solution by ‘acting locally and thinking globally’.

Mayo County Council, the Mercy Sisters, Castlebar Parish and GMIT Green Campus are co-hosting ClimateFest with support from LECo, Mayo PPN and Green-Schools. The event will take place in GMIT Castlebar on the 28th of September from 10.00am until 4pm.  There is no charge for this event and a complimentary lunch will be provided to registered participants in the college canteen.

To register or for more information go to Climate Fest Mayo on Eventbrite or facebook, email or call 0909645202.

Pictured are some of the members of Climate Fest Organising Committee.

From left: Laura Dixon, Climate Action Officer Mayo County Council, Lukasz Kryzwon Green-Schools Travel, Mary Doherty, Western Province Mercy Sister, Yvonne Horkan, Castlebar Parish, Margaret Tiernan, Western Province Mercy Sister, Mary Trench, Mercy Associates, Deaglain O Rian, GMIT Green Campus, Sharon Cameron Environmental Awareness Officer Mayo County Council.

Parents preparing for the school run battlefield get 12 Commandments for School Drop Off & Pick Up

Back To School

As parents are rushing from shop to shop over the next couple of weeks to get the back to school list of school uniforms and books, this is the time of year when all parents/grandparents/nannies/au pairs and whoever else, need to be reminded of proper school drop off and pick up area etiquette. The rules of the car drop-off lane apply to everybody, no matter what kind of car you drive and the gods of children carting have spoken, people, and they demand that we follow these 12 commandments of school drop off and pick up: Mayhem erupts, with parents double-parking and blocking driveways, occasionally screaming at each other, and kids often running willy-nilly across the road. Some parents have this nailed and get to school an hour before the bell rings to bag themselves a primo car spot.

Taking the children to school in the morning and collecting them again in the afternoon are quite possibly two of the most harrowing events in a parent’s day. But they don’t have to be.

  1. Thou shalt drive in the correct direction. Not the opposite direction of everyone else. The correct direction. The one every other car is driving in. The clearly posted signs and brightly coloured arrows are not suggestions. They are requirements. And to all the parents waiting patiently to enter the fire lane, push their kids out the door, and exit the fire lane in an orderly fashion, thank you for adhering to them.
  2. Thou shalt not park thy car wherever thou please. Those white lines painted on the parking lot pavement are intended to house cars between them. Don’t park on top of them. Don’t take up a space enclosed by more than two of them. And for the love of all that is holy, don’t park anywhere that doesn’t have them (I’m looking at you, Dad/Mum who thinks the middle of the road is his special spot).
  3. Thou shalt not drive like Michael Schumacher. This is not the Mondello Park. This is a school zone, and as such, there are little people not paying attention to anything they’re doing and walking directly into traffic everywhere. It’s great that your car can go from 0 to 60 in a nanosecond, but not here, Speed Racer. Not here.
  4. Thou shalt not treat the drop off and pick up lane as thy personal social gathering. You may have forgotten to RSVP to Tom’s birthday party or have a really-cool-super-fun-time story to tell Mary’s mom, but now is not the time or the place to scream out your window and halt traffic by carrying on conversations with others. Move it along, Chatty Cathy. Better yet? Facebook or instagram (not the place to be posting little Johnny screaming getting out of the car). This is the 21st century, after all.
  5. Thou shalt recognise that there is a line for dropping off and picking up. This isn’t a free-for-all. The same rules of etiquette that apply elsewhere in society also apply here. If you see a line, for the love of God, get in it. No jumpers. We mean it.
  6. Thou shalt get thy life together BEFORE dropping off or picking up thy kids. Packing backpacks? Signing permission slips? Dispensing lunch money? Yeah, I’m not on top of that shit either. But once I’m on school property, forget about it. I’m not the only person in the world trying to send my kids to school or take them home today, and neither are you. So stop acting like it.
  7. Thou shalt get off thy phone and halt thy Tweeting and Instagramming and Pinteresting and Facebooking until AFTER the deed is done. These topics can all be continued in a safer environment where it won’t interfere with traffic flow. Things such as PAYING ATTENTION TO DROPPING OFF OR PICKING UP YOUR KIDS.
  8. Thou shalt not form a blockade preventing other parents from entering the school or locating their children at release time. Some parents, particularly those of younger children, have to actually go into the school to collect their child. This process runs a lot more smoothly when parents avoid parking their car somewhere that obstructs the flow of other traffic—think before you park.
  9. Thou shalt hold the door for fellow parents if thou can. Many parents are herding unwieldy toddlers and carrying inexplicably heavy infant seats in addition to their school-aged children and all their baggage. If you can help them out by holding a door or two, please do. It’s not a contest to see who makes it out alive the fastest.
  10. Thou shalt not let everyone and thy brother exit school grounds before thee. Being polite is one thing. But waving out every bus, car, and motorcycle between the school and the next town in front of you only serves to back up the already congested line even more. Treat that like I go. You go. I go. You go. This is an example of taking turns in its most basic form, and yet you will sit there forever waiting for a car to let you pull out.. We’d all like to get home before tomorrow.
  11. Thou shalt not idle No-one should have to suffer dirty air as a result of a driver leaving their engine on unnecessarily. Sadly, many drivers don’t realise the harm they are causing by doing this, so many schools are introducing “clean air zones”, so drop and move on, or park away from the school and walk to the school.
  12. Thou shalt walk or cycle to school Walking and bike riding are healthy ways to get to and from school.  Skipping the school drop-off traffic for more active commutes can contribute to the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity kids need each day. Trips powered by feet, rather than vehicles, also can help reduce pollution, which can trigger breathing problems in children, and make neighbourhoods friendlier places.

Cathoirleach of Mayo County Council, Councillor Brendan Mulroy, is leading the road safety campaign said: "The first week of school is always a very busy time on our roads and I encourage all road users to be mindful that children will again be back making this daily journey. Children will be walking, cycling, on buses and being dropped off and picked up in cars, so motorists need to be alert to their safety and exercise the utmost caution.

Noel Gibbons, road safety officer with Mayo County Council, said we would also like to remind drivers not to ignore the warden’s ‘Stop’ sign they are legally obliged to do so. The wardens, like gardaí, have the legal power to stop traffic. Drivers who fail to stop for school traffic warden could face a €120 fine, four penalty points, and disqualification.

"There are many ways we can make sure our children can walk and cycle safely to school and simply by taking advantage of our dedicated school wardens is just one of them.
"We are very thankful to the majority of drivers who do stop when requested, but there are still numerous amounts of drivers who seem to think it is acceptable to speed up when approaching a crossing."

Tips for Motorists: • Slow down and obey all traffic laws and speed limits. • Always take care when overtaking  a school bus that has stopped to load/unload children. • Be alert and ready to stop.  Watch for children, especially where there are no footpaths.

Tips for Parents: • Help children learn and practice the safety rules for walking, bicycling or riding in a passenger car, or school bus. • Supervise young children as they are walking or cycling to school. • Be a good role model. Always belt up and follow pedestrian safety rules.

Tips for Students: • REMEMBER to always belt up when riding in a car. • Always ride in the back seat with suitable seating.  It’s the safest place for young people. • Always wear a helmet and follow safety rules when riding your bike. • If you ride a school bus, learn and practice the safety rules for waiting at the bus stop, getting on and off the bus, and riding the bus. • If you walk to school, learn and practice the safety rules for pedestrians.  Always cross at designated areas , look both ways for on-coming traffic, obey all traffic signs, traffic lights and school wardens instructions.

Public Consultation: for sustainable access and habitat restoration work on Croagh Patrick


The Croagh Patrick Stakeholders Group was formed in November, 2015 as a Community response to concerns over the condition of the mountain together with concerns around safety, liability of shareholders and landowners, the status of the Croagh Patrick as Ireland’s Holy Mountain  and the absence of structures to manage the impact of growing numbers of recreational users on the natural environment, habitats and ecosystems of the area.

The group has a broad representation of stakeholders including Mountain Shareholders, Church, Murrisk Community, Mayo County Council, South West Mayo Development Company, Mountaineering Ireland, Mayo Mountain Rescue, Croagh Patrick Archaeological Society and Tourism and Adventure Sectors. The Group is chaired by Mr. Martin Keating, Head of Environment, Climate Change and Agriculture, Mayo County Council.

The Croagh Patrick Stakeholder Group in partnership with Mayo County Council will hold a public consultation evening in Westport Town Hall Theatre from 4:30pm -7:30pm on Thursday 15th August 2019. This drop-in event will have the plans on display to gain feedback for this part of the process.

This drop-in event will have the plans on display to gain feedback for this part of the process. The application for Planning Consent has been made under Section 179 of the Planning and Development Acts, 2000 – 2018 and Part 8 of the Planning and Development Regulations, 2001- 2018 as amended for Sustainable Access and Habitat restoration at Croagh Patrick, Westport, Co. Mayo

Commenting, Mr. Martin Keating, Chairman of Croagh Patrick Stakeholders Group, stated that he is delighted that this important milestone has been achieved. He encouraged people to take the time to examine the proposed works for Croagh Patrick which have been developed in partnership with the stakeholders and the best upland path expertise available. He further stated that is an excellent opportunity to build support for a solution to provide sustainable access for the mountain, restore the heavily eroded areas and put in place appropriate arrangements for its future care.

Plans and particulars of the proposed development will be available for inspection during normal opening hours at the Westport Civic Offices, at Aras an Chontae, Planning Office, Castlebar and Murrisk Development Association Premises, Murrisk from 30th July 2019 to 10th September 2019.

Submissions or observations with regard to the proposed development, dealing with proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situate, may be made in writing to John McMyler, Senior Planner, Mayo County Council, Aras an Chontae, The Mall, Castlebar not later than 5.00pm on 24th September, 2019.

Plans and particulars of the proposed development will also available online where electronic submissions may be made not later than 5:00pm on 24th September 2019.

Mr.Keating, also thanked all the Stakeholders and in particular the mountain Shareholders for their co-operation and contribution to developing this solution for Croagh Patrick.

GAA President and Council chiefs back All Ireland Semi Final road safety campaign

Mayo v Dublin 2019

In a week which has seen carnage and devastation on our roads, Road Safety officials have teamed up with the GAA and Croke Park asking road users to become team players on the road to croker, ahead of this Saturday’s All Ireland semi-final between Dublin and Mayo which is an evening game which can have its own challenges for fans making a return journey home.

As Managers of the Dublin and Mayo teams announce their plans and changes for Saturday’s game, supporters travelling to the game at Croke Park are also being asked to plan ahead and make changes to their own driving behaviour to ensure a safer journey for everyone.

President of the GAA Mr John Horan and Chief Executive of Mayo County Council. Mr Peter Hynes and Dublin City Council Chief Executive Owen P Keegan are backing the joint campaign, which is being led by Road Safety Officers in both County Councils.

Be a team player on the road to Croker’ campaign asks motorists and passengers to make a personal commitment to drive at appropriate and legal speeds in a bid to tackle concerns about speeding in local communities and a special appeal will be made at the big match on Saturday’s for all the fans to drive with care. The local authorities has warned drivers to ‘guard against complacency’ when it comes to fatigue as thousands of families plan the trip to croker that could involve road journeys of several hundred miles. The road safety officials are saying tiredness increases the risk of a collision as drivers become less aware of what’s happening around them and a fatigued driver’s’ ability to react is impaired if a risky situation develops.

They point to statistics which show that fatigue can be a factor in up to 20% of all road collisions and up to 25% of fatal and serious crashes.

They are advising drivers to ensure they are properly rested before setting off on a long journey and offering tips to reduce the risk of a fatigue-related collision.

The tips, which include taking a break of at least 15 minutes after every two hours or 100 miles.

Alan Milton, Croke Park Communications Executive said, ‘On the football pitch, speed is a necessity - but excessive and inappropriate speed on the road is not 'fair play’. Apart from the obvious risk of causing injury and death, it also creates distress among other road users leading to people feeling unsafe as they walk or cycle or on our roads. We are proud to support this worthwhile campaign, and I hope that supporters travelling to Croke Park will help to make their communities safer places’ he said.

Speeding traffic is a prime concern in many communities. We want motorists to think about their speed and how it might affect others as they pass through towns and villages along the way. Sometimes this might mean slowing down to a speed below that of the signed limit and as on the pitch all players have to be well rested before a big game ,the same applies to driving we are asking all fans to take a break when driving a long journey.”

Helen Smirnova, Road Safety Officer, Dublin City Council said ‘This is another opportunity to remind GAA fans about their road safety responsibilities. Fans should ensure the enjoyment of the game isn't followed by tragedy on the road’.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer, Mayo County Council said, “A fatigue-related crash is around 50% more likely to result in death or serious injury, simply because a driver who has fallen asleep at the wheel will be unable to reduce speed or change direction to avoid a collision.

“No one simply falls asleep without passing through various recognisable stages of tiredness and distraction.

“You will experience difficulty focusing on the driving task, you may fidget, yawn constantly and rub your eyes frequently. When more serious levels of fatigue set in, you may find your thoughts constantly wandering away from driving, you may drift to the left or right, you may be slowing down without realising and you’ll suddenly find you cannot recall anything that happened in the past few minutes.

“At this stage your driving performance is seriously impaired, and it’s vital that you stop somewhere safe as soon as possible. A power nap and/or a caffeine-based drink can provide a short-term fix, but they should never be used as an acceptable substitute for proper rest. If you’re that tired, you must stop and rest properly.”

Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchleas Gael John Horan said:

"All-Ireland semi-final weekends are amongst the most memorable in our calendar and we all look forward to them immensely. However, with so many people in transit - making both long and short journeys - it's important that we drive with care and exercise caution. We all want to see two great games of football but we also want to see everyone return home safely, win, lose or draw and I laud all involved in trying to communicate this message out to as many people as possible."

Road users are being made aware of the ‘fatal five’ on our roads; Speeding, alcohol, drugs, non-seatbelt wearing and mobile phone use.  Individuals and organisations wishing to follow their football team's example and make a commitment to Slow down for the show down should ask all their family members to adhere to the rules of the road always and lead by example in your own community.

Mary Robinson Centre – Agreement on purchase of Victoria House, Ballina, Co Mayo

MCC News (Temporary)

Mayo County Council has today confirmed  that agreement has been reached on the purchase of Victoria House, Ballina , Co Mayo.

Contracts and paperwork will be completed over the coming weeks and subject to all relevant requirements, construction of the Mary Robinson Centre will commence in November 2019.

Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, Cllr Brendan Mulroy welcomed today’s news as “ A great step forward for what is an major project for County Mayo. The significant community support will be key to the success of this project”

The Chief Executive of Mayo County Council , Peter Hynes outlined “ This marks a significant development in the progress of the Centre, a project which is of significant importance for Ireland in general and for County Mayo in particular . We hope it will provide a national model for honoring and building on the contribution of significant civic figures in the Country”

Mayo County Council thanked Josepha Madigan TD, Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht for the significant contribution of €2m towards the costs and for her Departments continued support on the project.

Speaking on behalf of the Board of The Victoria House Foundation, Chair Emer Gilvarry welcomed the news saying “The support of many – locally, nationally and internationally - has been vital in sustaining this project and bringing it to this important stage of development.

As a Board, together with our partners at Mayo County Council and NUI Galway, we look forward to now creating a world-class centre for human rights, gender equality and climate change, exploring the life’s work and legacy of Mary Robinson in her childhood home here in Ballina.”

Further details in relation to the project will be published in the coming weeks.

Mayo & Donegal Road Safety Officers come together to urge supporters to ‘Park Smart – Park Safe’ ahead of crunch GAA clash

Castlebar Map for Parking

A huge turnout of more than 27,000 is expected on Saturday for the final Super 8 group game between Mayo and Donegal at Elvery’s MacHale Park, Castlebar, with an All Ireland Semi-Final place awaiting the winners.

But the contest has created significant health and safety concerns due to GAA fans parking on the hard shoulder of the N5 national primary route as it approaches Castlebar with concerns being raised of possible injuries, even death, as fans leave and return to their vehicles in the late evening. The game has a 6p.m. throw-in.

Gardai, the GAA and Mayo and Donegal County Councils are working together to deliver a message to all football fans ‘Park Smart - Park Safe’.

Parking by fans along the N5 is not recommended for health and safety reasons. There will be ample car parking for fans within the environs of Castlebar itself, (see map of Castlebar attached) and with supporters coming to town wearing hats and scarves of their County colours, we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable day.

Not every motorist along the N5 on Saturday evening will realise there is a football match on and vehicles causing an obstruction or dangerously parked on Saturday evening will be towed away. Extra Gardai will be on duty to enforce the stricter parking policy for Saturday’s game.

Mayo County Council Road Safety Officer, Noel Gibbons, says “We would advise all fans who are attending the game to avail of official car parking spaces which are available and highlighted on the map being circulated and if you're walking, please make yourself visible to other road users“

Road Safety Officer with Donegal County Council, Brian O’Donnell, added; “As there will be a large volume of traffic on the roads for the game, we urge everyone to take care and to ensure that their trip to this great sporting occasion does not end in tragedy. Please take the message seriously about safe parking and avail of the car parking available in Castlebar and we wish everyone a safe journey to and from the game.”

Mrs Doyle tells GAA fans to Go On and Take a Break!

Go On Go On, Take a Break

Mayo County Council Road Safety is undertaking an eye-catching initiative this Bank Holiday weekend ahead of the Mayo vs Donegal Super 8s game at Elvery’s McHale Park, by getting one of Irelands own most famous housekeepers to don the county colours as she never gets tired supporting road safety.

Almost 25,000 people are expected for the joust, between the rivals at Elvery’s MacHale Park.

Mayo County Council Road Safety have teamed up with An Garda Siochana to organise a road safety campaign. The campaign has been given the thumbs up by Pauline McLynn, who played the part of Mrs Doyle in Father Ted, and also by the production company Hat Trick productions LTD, which produced the Channel 4 programme.

The campaign is called  'Go on Go on, Take a break’ and its aim is to encourage drivers to plan their actions before they head out on their travels (and not for the Mayo players to take a break on the pitch).

Road signs of Mrs Doyle wearing both the Mayo and Donegal colours will be erected around the county in an effort to remind drivers and motorcyclists to freshen up by taking a break and to think about the consequences of driving tired. Sadly, many drivers are still falling into old habits, some of which can prove potentially lethal.

Mayo's Road Safety Officer, Noel Gibbons, said “The August bank holiday weekend is by far one of the busiest and unfortunately the deadliest weekends on the roads. Using the roads is one of the most dangerous thing we do everyday, and people do so in a fashion that comes as second nature to them. You can't under estimate the importance of stopping for a break for a cup of tea or coffee, as Mrs Doyle would say; ‘Go on Go on, have a cup of tea.’

"This is a way to highlight the fatigue issue. Make no mistake – fatigue is a serious killer.

"This is more important for Ireland now than ever before because we are beginning to have long continuous stretches of motorway. At this time of year, when people will be travelling long distances to the match or on holidays, the dangers of fatigue are at their worst. Take regular breaks when you are driving long distances, share the driving if you can, and never ignore the tell-tale warning signs of fatigue.”

Mayo County Council Cathaoirleach, Cllr Brendan Mulroy, added; “We have seen too many horrific injuries caused by people falling asleep at the wheel to take this lightly. "Sleep related collisions tend to be more serious than other road collisions because the driver or rider is unable to react before a crash. You don’t fall asleep without a warning; if you are fighting to keep yourself awake, then get off the road!”

Miss Pauline McLynn said " I actively supports the campaign as its a very important topic".

Go on Go on Go on -----Take a break

Mayo County Council welcomes An Bord Pleanála decision to allow realignment of R312

R312 Realignment

Mayo County Council welcomes the decision by An Bord Pleanála to grant permission for the Realignment of the R312 Regional road at Muckanagh and Kilgarve, Glenisland, Castlebar.

An Bord Pleaála has granted permission following an Inspector’s report which stated that the works would not adversely affect the integrity of the site in respect of it’s conservation objectives.

The realignment project on the Castlebar-Belmullet road will be a priority for Mayo County Council in the coming months.

Peter, Hynes, Chief Executive, Mayo County Council, welcomed the news; “We are pleased that An Bord Pleanála have granted permission for the realignment works to take place. Enhancing road safety and connectivity for our citizens is a priority for Mayo County Council and these improvement works on the R312 will enhance the quality of our road network”

Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, Cllr Brendan Mulroy, added: “It has been a long process to get to this stage and we expect to see the realignment works taking place in the very near future. It is critical for the ongoing economic, social and tourism development of Mayo to have a high quality road network.”

Public Alert Notice - Cloonmore/Cloonlavish Group Water Scheme - Do Not Drink Water

Mayo County Council


Cloonmore/Cloonlavish Group Water Scheme


Date : 23rd July 2019

It has come to the attention of Mayo County Council that the water supply served by the Cloonmore/Cloonlavish Group Water Scheme is contaminated by hydrocarbons (i.e. Oil contamination).  Following advise from the Health Services Executive, Mayo County Council are issuing a Do Not Drink Notice to protect the health of users of the scheme.

This notice applies to users of the Cloonmore/Cloonlavish Group Water Scheme, a map of the scheme is shown below;

Do Not Drink - Cloonmore GWS

It is recommended that all users in the Cloonmore/Cloonlavish Group Water Scheme comply with the following Notice conditions;

1: Do Not Use the Water for:

  • Drinking
  • Drinks made with water
  • Preparation or cooking of any food.
  • Brushing of teeth
  • Making of ice


2: Caution

Please ensure the following:

  • Discard ice cubes in fridges and freezers and filtered water in fridges.
  • Domestic water filters will not render water safe to drink.


3: Only use bottled water for drinking

  • If bottled water is used for the preparation of infant feeds it should be boiled once and cooled. If you are using bottled water for preparing baby food, be aware that some natural mineral water may have high sodium content. The legal limit for sodium in drinking water is 200mg per litre. Check the label on the bottled water to make sure the sodium or `Na' is not greater than 200mg per litre. If it is, then it is advisable to use a different type of bottled water. If no other water is available, then use this water for as short a time as possible. It is important to keep babies hydrated.


4: Advice:

If there are hydrocarbons in the water will I have any adverse health effects?

  • A short, one-off exposure to hydrocarbons is unlikely to result in any long-term effects. Like most chemicals, the amount of hydrocarbons you are exposed to must be above a certain level to cause adverse health effects.  Repeated skin exposure may result in dermatitis (skin irritation).

Note the following advice:

  • If you have symptoms which you are worried about, please contact your General Practitioner (G.P.) and bring this information with you
  • If you have general health concerns, please contact the local department of public health at 091 775 200 office hours 9.30am-5pm Monday-Friday.
  • If you have concerns about your water, please contact Cloonmore/Cloonlavish Group Water Scheme or Mayo County Council, Rural Water office on 094 902 4444


5: Consumer Information:

What are Hydrocarbons?

  • Hydrocarbon are any of a class of organic chemical compounds composed only of the elements carbon (C) and hydrogen (H). Hydrocarbons are the principle constituents of petrol, diesel, oil and natural gas.


6:  How long before the notice can be lifted?

  • The source of the continuation is being investigated, Cloonmore/Cloonlavish Group Water Scheme and Mayo County Council are working closely with the Health Service Executive to restore a safe supply as soon as possible.  Further information will be issued when it becomes available.


Remember DO NOT DRINK the water as advised until further notice


Iarla Moran

Head of Water Services

Mayo County Council

Does your dog have a licence?

Dog Licences

Mayo County Council would like to advise dog owners that the Dog Warden will be in the following and surrounding areas over the next few months :








Type of Dog licences and cost:

  • Annual licence - €20.00
  • Lifetime Dog Licence for the duration of the life of the dog - €140.00
  • General Dog licence entitling the holder to own or be responsible for 20 or more dogs in a year- €400

How can I pay for my dog licence?

Individual and Lifetime Dog licences may be purchased:

General licences can be purchased through Mayo County Council, Aras an Chontae, Castlebar



Mayo County Council promoting responsible dog ownership

Please don’t be a ‘Lane Hogger’ on the motorway

Gap to Car in Front

The road safety offices of Mayo and Meath County Council is using the opportunity of thousands of supporters travelling to Croke Park this Sunday to highlight road safety.

A Previous AA survey of 20,000 motorists found that one in three could be caught out hogging the outside lane.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer, Mayo County Council, said: “Lane hogging causes congestion and inconvenience to other road users. It reduces the capacity of roads and motorways and can lead to dangerous situations where other drivers ‘tailgate’ the vehicle in front to try and get the lane hogger to move over.

“Motorists are risking their own safety and the safety of other road users through their actions so we’d urge them to be aware of the other lanes and drivers around them when on the road. If the inside lane has space, you should move into it.

''Some drivers may unknowingly contribute to other motorists making sometimes fatal overtaking manoeuvres. This can be prevented by regularly checking your mirrors and being aware of what is behind your vehicle."

Michael Finnegan, Road Safety Officer with Meath County Council, added; “Hogging the outside lane of a motorway causes inconvenience to other road users. This regularly leads to frustration and causes drivers to make dangerous manoeuvres,  and overtaking,  which can be a danger to all road users in vicinity.

“Another problem, and there have been instances of this, is that this outside lane hogging can lead to Road Rage in some cases, and when this does occur the consequences can be very serious. Many motorists unwittingly hog the middle and overtaking lanes of motorways, but should always move to the inside lane, if there is room, and it is safe to do so.”

If you're reading this and find you may fit the profile of this type driver, please keep an eye on your mirror and pull in to allow traffic to pass when it’s safe to do so.

Some drivers believe, that if they drive on the hard shoulder where there is a broken yellow line that they are in breach of the rules of the road. However, if a driver wants to allow a vehicle behind them to overtake, they may pull in to the hard shoulder briefly as long as no pedestrians or cyclist are already using it and no junctions or entrances are nearby.

The county's Road Safety Officer has insisted it is speeding motorists who cause deaths but would like to highlight the effect that slow moving vehicles can have on other road users.

Mr Gibbons said: "What they should endeavour to do is drive at the speed appropriate to the conditions, if they're not comfortable in doing that, we're not asking them to speed up, we're asking them to give way to following vehicles. They must be aware of the tail of vehicles behind them and by ignoring that, they're actually driving without due care and attention. The premise is simple, reduce the need to overtake, and it follows there would be less overtaking collisions. A previous report by the RSA showed some 6% of collisions were caused by improper overtaking. We are asking for common courtesy to be shown on our roads."

According to Irish road traffic legislation, you must move back to the left lane following an overtake. Remaining in the overtake lane on the right will land you with one penalty point and a €60 fine.

  • Lane 1 – You should always use this lane for normal driving. Stay in this lane unless you are overtaking.
  • Lane 2 – You should only use this lane for overtaking. You must move back to lane 1 once you have finished overtaking and it is safe to do so. You can also move into lane 2 to allow vehicles coming from your left to join the motorway.
  • Lane 3 – You should only use this lane if traffic in lanes 1 and 2 is moving in queues and you need to overtake or make room for merging traffic. Again, you should move back to lane 1 as soon as it is safe to do so. When overtaking, only move between two lanes at a time. For example, to move from lane 1 to lane 3, first move into lane 2 and wait to move to lane 3 until it is safe to do so.

Mayo County Council welcomes Green Flag awards for six Mayo parks

Jackie Clarke Ballina

Mayo County Council welcomes the awarding of six prestigious recognised Green Flags for the county. The Jackie Clarke Collection Heritage Garden, Ballina, and Turlough Park were both announced as winners at an awards ceremony in Maynooth University.

Two Community Gardens in Mayo, Ballina Karen Community Garden and Kilmaine Community Garden, the North Mayo Heritage Centre in Enniscoe, Ballina and the Wild Nephin Ballycroy National Park were also awarded the Green Flag.

The Green Flag Award is a mark of a quality park or green space and is recognised throughout the world.

The Awards are judged every year by a peer jury of green space experts, who volunteer their time to visit applicant sites and assess them against eight strict criteria, including horticultural standards, cleanliness, sustainability, and community involvement. In Ireland the Green Flag Award for Parks Scheme has been enthusiastically received by park management as it delivers major wins for the delivery of quality green spaces by respective parks and park departments. These include:

  • The promotion and reward for best practice management
  • Creation of a plan for improvements and future works
  •  The building of a collaborative network of park management nationally
  • The implementation of environmental sustainability within park management

Chief Executive of Mayo County Council, Peter Hynes, welcomed the announcement today; “These flags are a sign to the public that Mayo boasts the very highest environmental standards which are maintained year round. It’s a mark of how much love and care there is for parks and green spaces in our county that we receive these green flags.”

Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, Cllr Brendan Mulroy; added that “Communities, volunteers, friends and council staff all put a lot of work into maintaining and ensuring that we can all enjoy visiting our parks. Well done to everyone because the Green Flags are a badge of excellence that we can all be proud of.

Turlough Park

Call for ideas for Social Inclusion Awareness Week 2019

Social Inclusion Cropped

Social Inclusion Awareness Week takes place from 14th-20th October 2019. This week follows on from similarly dedicated weeks held in 2017 and 2018 with lots of showcase events in many areas throughout the county.

The aim of the week is to support and organise initiatives throughout the county that foster inclusion, equality and social connectedness. It is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of people in County Mayo, to showcase the work of your organisation and/ or to organise a special activity or event which promotes inclusion.

The types of events and activities that could be part of Social Inclusion Awareness Week 2019 could include interesting speakers, exhibitions, coffee mornings, sports events, drama, story- telling, talks and debates, seminars, information events, displays, music recitals, initiatives to improve accessibility, films etc. (the list is not exhaustive). Bear in mind, in keeping with the theme, events should be accessible to all.

A brochure of events is currently being compiled. If you would like to be included in the brochure please complete the attached booking form and return it to the Community and Integrated Development Section Mayo County Council (contact details listed on form) by August 30th, 2019. Only free events can be included in this year’s brochure. Please submit a separate booking form if you plan to run more than one event.

The up-to-date schedule, further information on events and booking details for all events will be available from mid-September.

Mayo Social Inclusion Awareness Week is being coordinated by Mayo LCDC’s Social Inclusion and Community Working Group. If you would more information or would like to explore ideas please drop an email to or contact Anne or Síofra on 094 9064361

Please forward this email to any organisations or groups within your networks who may be interesting in partaking in Social Inclusion Awareness Week this year

Mayo Local Community Development Committee is made up of community and statutory representatives working to make Mayo a more inclusive county. It is a sub-committee of Mayo County Council. For further information on Mayo LCDC visit  -

Download: Brochure Listing Form

Mayo & Kerry Road Safety Officers come together to ask Passengers to referee driving habits ahead of Sunday's game

Mayo v Kerry 2019

Just like the importance of subs on a football team, passengers also play an important role in road safety. Being a backseat driver could save your life.

With the upcoming Mayo versus Kerry game next Sunday in Killarney, two local authorities and An Garda Síochána are urging passengers to be pro-active when the person behind the wheel is accelerating towards fools territory.

Each passenger is an active participant of the road traffic, passengers should be aware of their roles and responsibilities. The passenger’s opinion is important. They should fasten safety belts, if a driver violates traffic rules passengers should make a comment that in doing so the driver exposes the passenger to risk.

Drivers should also be aware that they are responsible for passenger safety. To date this year, ten passengers have been killed on Irish roads out of 81 people in total. 

Both Road Safety Officers from Mayo and Kerry County Councils have said passengers have an important road safety role.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer, Mayo County Council, said; “Of course it’s hard to speak out when it’s someone close to you that’s driving poorly, and it’s particularly difficult for young people who may feel it could make them look stupid or ‘wimpy’; but if you don’t, then who will?

“The one thing I would encourage all passengers, whatever their age, to do when they get into a car is to look closely at the driver and ask themselves: ‘Do I want to give my safety to you?’ Because once that door slams, that’s what you’re doing.

“I also know that there are times when the driver needs to speak up if they are being pressured into driving erratically by their passengers. All car occupants have a role in ensuring they make their journey safely; one slip, one error or one too many stupid actions by a driver could prove fatal for the passenger.”

Research showed that even small reductions in average speeds resulted in significant road safety benefits according to Michelle Mullane, Road Safety Officer with Kerry County Council; "For every increase in speed of 5km/h above a 60km/h limit, the risk of having a crash doubles. So if you are a passenger speak up, your voice counts!

"If you look at the fatal five of Speeding, Seatbelts, Fatigue, Alcohol & Drugs and Distraction & Inattention, a passenger could influence a good outcome on every one of those.

"There's a high risk to the passenger if any one of those fatal five are not adhered to.”

Mrs Mullane, who oversees road safety education in Co Kerry, said the mobile phone is a major distraction, one which passengers could help to make drivers aware of.

Patrick Lehane, Roads Policing Superintendent of the southern region added; “I encourage passengers to do what it takes. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation as a passenger, why not use some of the ideas below to help get yourself out of the situation.”

  • “No need to hurry mate, I don’t want to get home too soon.”
  • “Can you stop the car, I don’t feel very well.”
  • “I really need some air, do you mind stopping?”
  • “I feel sick, can you let me out?”
  • “I’ve just seen someone I need to catch up with, can you stop?”
  • “I forgot I need to pick something up, can you pull over?”

Why not snapchat, tweet or post on Instagram a photo of you as a passenger wearing your seatbelt in your county colours with a tagline #redandgreenroadsafety or # greenandgoldroadsafety


Peter Hynes 

At the July monthly meeting of Mayo County Council, which took place yesterday Monday July 8th, Chief Executive, Peter Hynes circulated and discussed the first Management report issued to the New Council  outlining the opportunity to set a clear direction and vision for County Mayo over the five years of the Council

The CE outlined the importance of working  collaboratively to embrace the unique opportunity to be the lead agency in building a Mayo which is





He discussed the progress already made in Mayo as the first Local Authority to establish a climate change unit and the publication of a National Climate action plan, which ensures sustainability for Mayo is at the top of all agendas. Areas of work in aggressively promoting all employment generating opportunities for County Mayo will continue to be a priority with focus on the marine and the Atlantic Economic Corridor. Working and engaging with our communities to the benefit of all Mayo Citizens at home and away will progress.  Full details of The Capital program infrastructural Development and planning are all detailed in the update report

Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council Cllr Brendan Mulroy welcomed the Management report and commended the progressive work of the multiple departments of the Local Authority “ As Cathaoirleach of the County I look forward to working with the Officials and my Councillor Colleagues to ensure Mayo County Council continue their efforts in  building a Mayo which is a great place to live, visit and invest.

The update is circulated monthly to all Councillors, Staff and other Stakeholders, giving the Council a clear update what was delivered across the various services of the Council in the previous month. Copies of the report are available on  For the July edition click here here

First step of realignment works underway at Cloongullane Bridge


Realignment of the N26 project at Cloongullane Bridge, Swinford

Photo: Aerial photo of archaeological trenching plus tree felling looking east towards Swinford


The first steps in the Realignment of the N26 project at Cloongullane Bridge, Swinford, have begun ahead of schedule.

The 2km long project, which was approved by An Bord Pleanála in December 2018 and is being managed by Pat Staunton, Senior Executive Engineer with the National Roads Office, Mayo County Council, will include a new 83m span bridge over the River Moy. The bridge is a vital piece of infrastructure for the development of the North Mayo area and for road safety.

Mayo County Council are liaising with local landowners regarding the land acquisition process. Site Clearance and Archaeological Testing started in April, using an in-0house team from Mayo County Council. The works are under ecological supervision due to the proximity to the sensitive River Moy Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and detailed Topographical Surveys are underway. Preparations are also being made to divert utilities/services away from the road corridor.

Consultants Roughan O’Donovan-AECOM are carrying out the detailed design of the road scheme and the Moy Bridge as well as other river culverts and are preparing contract documents for the main contract. The main contract is expected to go to tender in November 2019, with a start date on site in the Spring of 2020.

Mayo and Galway fans asked not to mark the car in front too tightly

Mind The Gap

Two Connaught counties are competing in Limerick this Saturday, meaning thousands of Galway and Mayo GAA fans will be heading south to the Gaelic Grounds for their fourth round football qualifier. These fans are being given a special ‘drive safely’ message ahead of the weekend, MIND THE GAP and  ‘Don’t be a Space Invader’. Stay safe & stay back, that is the message from two local authorities today as it reveals the extent - and impact - of tailgating on the country’s major roads and motorways.

A recent survey of Irish motorists found that almost four in five drivers have noticed tailgating – another vehicle getting dangerously close to the rear of yours.

While Mayo goalkeeper, David Clarke, will be minding the gap between the goal posts, we are asking motorists to mind the gap on the road. A small minority of tailgating is deliberate but most is unintentional by drivers who are simply unaware they are dangerously invading someone else’s space.

So a safety campaign launched today is using the big match to alert drivers to the anti-social nature and risks of tailgating.

Mayo and Galway may be in direct opposition in the football showdown in the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick, but both Counties are united when delivering an important message to mind the gap, the players will do it on the field so drivers are asked to do it on the road.

“We want people to drive safely this weekend. There will be a huge volume of traffic on the roads for the game, and we urge people to take care and to ensure that their trip to this great sporting occasion does not end in tragedy,” said Noel Gibbons (Road Safety Officer of Mayo County Council) and An Garda Síochána.

“If you get too close to the car in front, you won’t be able to react and stop in time if they suddenly brake. Tailgating makes the driver in front feel targeted and victimised, distracting their attention from the road ahead and making them more likely to make a mistake.

It is intimidating and frightening if you’re on the receiving end. If that leads to a collision, then people in both vehicles could end up seriously injured or killed. We want everyone to travel safely, so the advice is - stay safe, stay back. We are advising people to keep a safe distance between them and the car in front them and asking drivers not to use of the mobile phones while driving,”

Mr. Noel Kelly, Western Regional Traffic Superintendent said “Firstly we want all fans to have a great day out ,we want all road users to change their behaviours and make these changes part of their lives in the future, which will save lives and reduce serious injuries on our roads.”

NOAC Local Authority Satisfaction Survey 2019

Mayo County Council welcome the findings of the Local Authority Satisfaction survey 2019 published earlier today.

As a Local Authority we are always striving to make County Mayo a better place to live, visit, invest and work. This survey is an opportunity to receive feedback on how the Council is achieving this.

Mayo County Council are pleased with a variety of areas where we feel we scored really positively for e.g.

Scoring in the top three Counties for ‘a Local Council that is open and transparent’

Second Highest Local Authority for ‘Council doing a good Job’ at 60% well above the national average

Scoring 56% for a Local Council promoting Economic Activity,

76% respondents agree that Mayo County Council is working to make the area cleaner and greener

50% of respondents agreed that Mayo County Council is efficient and well run

86% of respondents believe they have knowledge of the services of Mayo County Council

Mayo scored 41%, well above the average of 30%, for the public feeling well informed by Mayo County Council.

Mayo County Council will review and discuss with NOAC areas where improvement is needed, for e.g., lower scores in areas such as satisfaction levels in services like Road Safety, Roads Maintenance, Affordable housing . We will also seek to understand the scores that are lower than expected in providing Value for Money, given the high scores published on ‘A Council doing a good job’

There are many positives in the survey results which the Council can continue to focus on. It highlights to us as a Council the ongoing need to be proactive in the area of communicating its services and initiatives to the public.

For information on all  services of Mayo County Council, please visit

Judging for IPB Pride of Place to get under way in Mayo

Pride of Place 2019


Judging for IPB Pride of Place to get under way in Mayo

Judging for the 2019 IPB Pride of Place Competition in Mayo will take place on Monday, July 8, and Tuesday, July 9, 2019.

The IPB Pride of Place Competition, in association with Co-Operation Ireland, is an all island competition organised by co-operation Ireland and the Local Authorities. The purpose of the competition is to acknowledge the work being done every day by communities all over the island of Ireland.

The IPB Pride of Place Judges will visit each of the four entrants put forward for the competition by Mayo County Council: Mayo Older People’s Council Inter-Generational Project in the Age Friendly category; Ballinrobe, population 3,000 – 5000 category; Straide, population 300 - 1000 category and Knock, population 1,000 – 2,000.

Over two days the judges will visit and meet with participants and community representatives in each area.

The visit will consist of a formal presentation by each of the entrants highlighting the aspects of which they are particularly proud and the reason why they deserve an IPB Pride of Place award. This is followed by a short tour of the project or area of interest.

In 2018 two Mayo town’s collected silverware on the national stage. Balla won the best overall award in population 300 - 1000 category and the Erris Branch Irish Wheelchair Association were runners-up in the Community and Wellbeing Category.

The judges will be in the Mayo Abbey Training Centre to judge the Age Friendly Category on Monday, July 8, at 9.30am before travelling to Ballinrobe for 2pm.  On Tuesday, July 9, at 9.30am the judges will be in Straide before moving on to judge Knock at 2pm.

Siofra Kilcullen, Senior Executive Officer of Community & Development, believes Mayo has some very strong entries this year; “This is the Olympics for the community sector! It’s fantastic to see all the hard work which has gone in to preparing the four entries this year. The challenge has been laid down in recent years by some very good entries and all this year’s communities are taking it head on. The effort and preparation has been second to none and we look forward to welcoming the judges to Mayo next week.”





Draft County of Mayo (Segregation, Storage and Presentation of Household and Commercial Waste) Bye-Laws 2019

Waste Management Bye-Law Logo

Mayo County Council in exercise of the powers conferred on it by Part 19 and Section 199 of the Local Government Act 2001, as supplemented by Section 35 of the Waste Management Act 1996, hereby give notice that it proposes to make new bye-laws to regulate and control the segregation, storage and presentation of househol and commercial waste within its functional area. It is also proposed to revoke the Mayo County Council (Presentation of Household Waste and Commercial Waste for Collection) Bye-Laws 2005.

It is proposed to make a contravention of the bye-law for the imposition of a fixed payment of €75 in respect of a contrevention of the bye-law as an alternative to a prosecution, as provided for a Section 206 of the Local Government Act 2001.

The Draft Bye-Laws will be available for public inspection from 13th May until 15th July 2019, during normal opening hours, at Mayo County Council Offices, Aras an Chontae, Castlebar, Co. Mayo and at all Municipal District Offices, libraries and on the Council's website, A copy of the Bye-Laws will be given to any such person applying for it, free of charge.

Mayo County Council will consider any submission make in relation to the Draft Waste Presentation Bye-Laws. Submission can be made, in writing, before 5.00pm on Friday 19th July 2019 to Martin Keating, Head of Environment, Climate Change & Agriculture Section, Mayo County Councilm, Aras an Chontae, Castlebar, Co. Mayo or by email to

All submission must include the name and address of the person/organisation making the submission. 

Draft Waste Presentation Bye-Laws

Traffic and Parking Information - Mayo vs Armagh Saturday June 29th

Armagh Mayo Match

A large turnout is expected for the All Ireland Qualifiers Round 3 meeting of Mayo and Armagh at Elvery's MacHale Park on Saturday, June 29th at 7pm

Gardai in Castlebar are reminding Mayo football supporters travelling to MacHale Park to leave plenty of time for their journey, particularly if they're travelling on the N60, due to ongoing roadworks just outside Balla, where a Stop/Go system will be in place.

Traffic will also be busy on the N5 approach to Castlebar with the majority of supporters from Armagh expected to use this route.

Road safety officials are advising fans heading for McHale Park, to park safely. Fans are advised to park legally and ensure that they do not obstruct any gateways, tuck in wing mirrors, hide any valuables and only to park in official car parks.

Fans travelling to the match should not park on the N5 for health and safety reasons. There will be ample parking for fans within the environs of Castlebar itself. Check out the map below which highlights some of the parking areas available on the day.

Motorists asked to take on the challenge for bike week

Bike Week Image

With bike week in full swing (June 22nd to June 30th ) Mayo County Council is setting a challenge to motorists to park the car for just one day this week or one trip and take the bike . With the country fully focused on Climate Change we have 12 reasons why you should take on this challenge.

Leading the challenge in Co.Mayo will be Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, Cllr. Brendan Mulroy, who will park his car to make the journey on bike from Westport to Newport to his place of work.

1 - It's easier to finance a new bicycle than a new car. For the price of a single car payment, you can buy a well-made bicycle that should outlast most cars. Add a couple hundred euro more for rain gear, lights and accessories, and you have all-weather, anytime transportation. And why not avail of the bike to work scheme to make your initial outlay easier ( )

2 - A bicycle has a very small manufacturing footprint when compared to a car. All manufactured goods have environmental impact, but bicycles can be produced for a fraction of the materials, energy and shipping costs of a car.

3 - Bicycles produce no meaningful pollution when in operation. Bikes don't have exhausts  belching poisonous fumes into the atmosphere. They also eliminate the oil, fuel and hydraulic fluids dripped by cars onto the road surface — which means less toxic runoff into local waterways.

4 - Bikes save taxpayers money by reducing road wear. A 7 kg  bicycle is a lot less rough on the pavement than a two-ton vehicle . Every bicycle on the road amounts to money saved patching potholes and resurfacing city streets.

5 - Bicycles are an effective alternative to a second car. Perhaps you're not in a position to adopt a bicycle as primary transportation. But bikes make great second vehicles. You can literally save thousands of euro a year using a bicycle for workday commuting and weekend errands in households which might otherwise be forced to maintain two cars.You don't have cycle all the way to work, you can put the bike in the boot and drive some of journey and cycle the remainder.

6 - Using a bike for transportation can help you lose weight and improve your overall health. The health benefits of regular aerobic exercise are well known. Depending on your riding style and local road conditions, you could easily burn 600 calories an hour through brisk cycling. Most bike commuters report losing 8 kgs to 14 kgs pounds during their first year in the saddle without changing their eating habits.

7 - You can store a dozen bicycles in a single car -sized parking place. Car parks have enormous environmental and financial impact, particularly in urbanized areas. The more bikes you can get on the road, the fewer parking spaces you need to build.

8 - Bicycles don't burn fuel. Fuel prices fluctuate. A healthy bike culture will help ease pressure on supply when demand increases.

9 - Bicycling may be faster and more efficient than taking a car.Bikes are often faster than cars in urban areas. There's nothing more satisfying as a bicycle commuter than breezing past a long line of gridlocked traffic.

10 - Bikes cost much less to maintain and operate than cars. You'll never blow an engine in a bicycle, and replacing  a transmission on a bike usually means replacing a bent derailleur hanger or worn-out chain. Bicycles do require service, but you can learn to perform most of it yourself. Even if you have a shop do things for you, costs will be trivial compared to a car.

11 - Bicycles provide mobility for those who may not qualify or afford to drive. Not everyone can get a driver's license (or wants one), and the cost of purchasing, insuring and maintaining a car is out of reach for a lot of people. Almost everyone can afford some sort of bike. Other than walking, bicycles are the most cost-effective transportation on the planet.

12 - Studies show that bicycle commuters are healthier, more productive, and require less time off at work. This is why most enlightened employers are eager to accommodate commuting cyclists. Healthy workers are better workers — and that's good for the bottom line. Bikes are smart business.

So there are some great reasons to dust off that bicycle in your garage in time for Bike Week or any time of year.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer, said “ The other benefits apart from health and environmental by exchanging the car for the bicycle are road safety , motorists will form a better understanding of the needs and vulnerability of cyclists by becoming a cyclist themselves even if it’s just as a temporary basis “.

‘Watch out for chips’

Road Surfacing 2019

A “Watch out for chips” warning has gone out to drivers in Co. Mayo as an €18.8m million roads surface dressing and strengthening programme gets under way.

Over the next four months, Mayo County Council’s machinery yard and municipal districts crews will be treating around 410km of regional and local roads in the county as part of it’s 2019 roadworks programme. The finished surface on practically all of this work will be surface dressing which consists of applying a layer of chips to a sprayed layer of bitumen emulsion.

Please See Below Drone Coverage of Mayo County Council which was filmed on Westport Road near Islandeady in Co. Mayo

The message from Mayo County Council to motorists is “drive slowly over newly surfaced dressed roads”.

Mr Paul Dolan, Head of Roads with Mayo County Council, said: “Between now and August, drivers are likely to come across locations that have recently been surface dressed or which are being worked on.

“For the technique to work properly, the chippings need to be pressed into a thin layer of hot bitumen on the road surface by a roller and also by normal traffic movements and this is where a driver can help by driving slowly where the surface has recently been laid.

“Low speeds and careful driving in the days after surface dressing has been undertaken will add to the quality of the finished surface. Driving at a slow speed will also help protect vehicle bodywork and tyres from damage or from picking up bitumen and chippings.”

“In addition we would request all drivers to adhere to the traffic management arrangements which are in place at all roadworks sites so as to ensure the safety of the workers and all road users.”

Speed restriction signs will be displayed at surface dressing sites, and motorists are advised to drive slowly through road work sites.

Public Participation: Identification of Bathing Waters

Beach 2019 Public Participation

Local authorities must identify official bathing areas in their area every year so that they can be monitored for safety, water quality and their level of use.  To help with this process, Mayo County Council are asking people who swim at beaches, lakes and rivers to tell them if they think they should maintain existing designated bathing waters designations or give a new official bathing area designation to areas that are commonly used for swimming, but not identified at the moment.

Under European and Irish law, Irish local authorities must identify bathing waters each year so that these areas can be monitored to ensure they meet stringent microbiological water quality standards. In some cases, the official bathing areas are also the areas where local authorities focus their resources providing lifeguards during the summer season.  These laws also require that the local authority prepares detailed descriptions or profiles for each of the identified bathing water sites that describe not just the bathing area but also areas in the surface waters catchment area that could be a source of pollution. The profiles include an assessment of the risk of pollution and what action would be taken if pollution occurs.

Fifteen bathing areas were officially identified by Mayo County Council in 2018. The beaches include Bertra Beach, Carrowmore Beach, Carrowniskey Beach, Clare Island Beach, Dooega Beach, Dugort Beach, Elly Bay Beach, Golden Strand, Keel Beach, Keem Beach, Mullaghroe Beach, Mulranny Beach, Old Head Beach, Rinroe Beach and Ross Beach.

If you are a regular swimmer and want to help your Council decide which bathing areas should be classified as such, it might be helpful to consider the following:

  • How your swimming area has been used up to now;
  • How many people use the site;
  • What facilities exist at the site and how accessible it is;
  • Any safety issues.

If you wish to propose your favourite beach/river etc as a new bathing water site or comment on an existing site please make submissions to forwarding details below.

Closing date for submissions to Mayo County Council is 17th July 2019. For further information please contact the Environment, Climate Change and Agriculture Section,

SEND IN YOUR COMMENTS by the 17th July 2019 to: Bathing Water Submissions,
Environment, Climate Change and Agriculture Section,

Mayo County Council,
Aras an Chontae,
The Mall,


email comments to

Mayo County Council host Green Coast Award flag raising event on Rinroe Beach

Rinroe Green Coast Flag

Rinroe Beach, near Carrowteige, North Mayo celebrated the raising of Mayo’s newest Green Coast Flag with a community event on Thursday, June 13th. Nearly 100 locals gathered on the beach as the eldest pupil, Alan Ó Flannghaile, and the youngest, Darragh Ó Dochartaigh, raised the flag into the wind to be displayed with pride for all to see.

Caroline Goucher of Mayo County Council, on the day commended the community on their ‘continuous efforts to advocate and care for their community and especially this Green Coast Beach of Rinn Rua’, while honouring the collaboration of the event with the pupils Scoil Náisiúnta Cheathrú Thaidhg, Comhar Dún Chaocháin Teo agus Cill Chomáin Rural Social Scheme.

Engaging demonstrations were given on ‘Think before you flush’, ‘How long does it last’, A display of amphibian skulls, identification of species, sand dune protection, bathing water quality and the Leave No Trace ethos. The day finished with a Beach Clean which saw the collection 10 bags of the litter. Thanks was extended to the event partners involved on the day; Marina Mulligan, Ballycroy National Park; Olivia Jones, Clean Coasts An Taisce; Sorcha Kennedy, Leave No Trace; and Mick Kane, Community Water Officer with Waters and Communities.

The Green Coast Award, operated by An Taisce’s Environmental Education Unit with the support of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and Fáilte Ireland, is a symbol of environmental excellence and has been established to acknowledge, promote and protect the environment of our beaches. This award is for beaches which have excellent water quality, but which are also prized for their natural, unspoilt environment. Visitors and users of the area are encouraged to be aware of the special value these locations have to our biodiversity and the sensitivity of the habitats.

The beaches of Mayo are great escapes to be enjoyed by everyone in a safe and sustainable manner.  Users are encouraged to enjoy their visit, with the ethos of ‘Take Only Memories, Leave Only Footprints’.

Erris, Co Mayo was voted ‘The Best Place to Go Wild’, and Mayo now boasts an enviable number of Green Coast beaches - Tranaun Beach on Inishturk Island; Termon Beach, Srah Beach, Cross Beach in Belmullet, Carrowniskey, Louisburgh, Portacloy Beach and now Rinroe Beach. North Mayo is the ideal location to savour and explore these beaches, many of which are beautifully remote and almost undiscovered.

This year An Taisce awarded 62 Beaches The Green Coast Award for 2019. Mayo achieved Ten Blue Flag beaches and Seven Green Coast Award with Rinroe the newest edition to the awarded beaches of County Mayo.

Raising the First Green Coast Flag at Trá Rinn Rua, Carrowteige: Pupils and staff of Scoil Náisiúnta Cheathrú Thaidhg; Fr. Joe Hogan; Treasa Ni Ghearraigh of the local Clean Coast Group; Cllr Gerry Coyle and Cllr Sean Carey; with Mayo County Council staff Martin O’Grady, Pamela Bergin, and Caroline Goucher.

Mayo students selected for four day educational trip to Euroscola thanks to Mayo County Council &

Blackie & Euroscola Students 2019

Four secondary school students from Co. Mayo have been announced as the lucky winners of a four day educational trip to Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

Jack Rochford, St. Gerald’s College, Castlebar, Caoimhe English-McNamara, Coláiste Pobail Acla, Paul Flatley, St. Coleman’s College, Claremorris, and Molly McManamon, Coláiste Pobail Acla will be accompanied on their trip by 21 other students from across Ireland and three supervising teachers.

They will spend one full day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg where they will take part in a youth parliament (Euroscola) with students from across EU member states.

The winning students entered the weekly online citizenship & democracy competition where they answered questions about democracy & local government, environment & waste management, health & wellbeing, financial literacy, sport, careers, courses, etc. by clicking on links to sponsors websites where they researched the information.

They submitted their answers to and computer randomly selected the Mayo students from all the correct entries.

Their trip has been kindly funded by Mayo Co. Council.

Coláiste Pobail Acla teacher, Miss Marie Moran, commented that “This is a fantastic opportunity for the students involved to experience learning outside the classroom and will give them a wonderful chance to gain new skills, new attitudes and new ways of thinking.”

The highlight for the award winning students will be attending Euroscola in the European Parliament in Strasbourg along with 450 other students from schools in the EU. There they will be given an opportunity to research and discuss topics relevant to their future lives. Last year they discussed topics such as; What can we do to promote Sustainable development? And what role should Europe play in the context of migration and integration? They also had an opportunity to discuss the challenges of Youth Employment.

Mr. Liam Hanrahan, Director of Services, Mayo County Council said; “Mayo County Council are pleased to support the Programme. It is an excellent platform for students to learn about local democracy and many other very important topics.  While taking part in the weekly quiz students learn about various organizations, who they are and what they do.

“The students will develop important life skills such as preparing for the world of work, teamwork, collaboration and valuable insights into the vocational dimensions of life after school. They will also have the opportunity to experience how European democracy works.”

Pictured: Jack Rochford, St. Gerald’s College, Castlebar, Caoimhe English-McNamara, Coláiste Coláiste Pobail Acla, Paul Flatley, St. Coleman’s College, Claremorris and Molly McManamon, Coláiste Pobail Acla pictured with former Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, Cllr Blackie K. Gavin.

High Def Cameras installed at Balla roadworks as part of Road Safety campaign

Balla Roadworks Aerial Feb 2019

As the warm weather arrives, road works become increasingly familiar sights along Irish roads. But we should not let familiarity become complacency. Even though many of us will be driving through road works every day, we should continue to keep our eyes wide open and obey the posted rules of the road. Many lives depend upon it.

As soon as people are asked to stop or slow down, the first thing they do is grab their phones. We’re seeing distracted drivers as a root cause of accidents, and we’re putting the emphasis on paying attention when stopping or passing through road work sites.

Other concerns coming from road work employees are motorists speeding through the sites and failing to stop for traffic lights or the stop/go signs.

Two high definition CCTV cameras have been installed at a location on the upgrade of the N60 at Lagnamuck, Balla, in a bid to crack down on motorists breaking traffic lights and speeding through the road works site.

Mayo County Council announced earlier this week a working partnership with P&D Lydon Civil Engineering contractors and An Garda Siochana that they would be installing a new CCTV system at this site to assist Gardai in identifying and apprehending offenders. The Gardai will also have presence at the road work site to monitor driver behaviour and to enforce the lower road works speed limit.

Over the course of the ongoing works the footage will be fed back to Gardai who will review it and then issue fixed charge penalty notices to any drivers found to be speeding of breaking the traffic lights.

As visitors to our county and its residents alike should recognise, a road works area consists of our local authority or a contractor doing its job to improve the road network and accordingly improving Mayo as a county.

The purpose of this campaign is to remind drivers that the most important things they can do to keep roadside workers safe are slow down and pay attention to instructions from traffic control personnel, temporary road signs and traffic control devices.

Mayo County Council to host Green Coast Award flag raising event on Rinroe Beach

Green Coast Flag 2019

Rinroe Beach, near Carrowteige, North Mayo will be celebrating it’s status as Mayo’s newest Green Coast Flag with a flag raising event on Thursday, June 13, from 1.30pm to 3pm.

This year An Taisce awarded 62 Beaches The Green Coast Award for 2019. Mayo achieved Ten Blue Flag beaches and Seven Green Coast Award with Rinroe the newest edition to the awarded beaches of County Mayo.

The Mayo beaches included in the Green Coast Awards are Tranaun Beach on Inishturk Island, Termon Beach, Srah Beach, Cross Beach in Belmullet, Carrowniskey, Portacloy Beach and Rinroe Beach.

Martin Keating, Head of Head of Environment, Climate Change & Agriculture, at Mayo County Council welcomed the Blue Flag Status and Green Coast for the 17 Mayo beaches outlining “The Green Coast Awards, global recognition of high standards of Mayo Beaches”. This event is to celebrate the work by communities countywide: “I would like to acknowledge the work of this communities efforts in ensuring that the beaches being awarded for the 2019 bathing season have achieved the excellent standards required by An Taisce”.

The event on Rinn Rua Beach, Ceathrú Thaidhg on Thursday, June 13 from 1.30pm to 3pm, is in collaboration with Scoil Náisiúnta Cheathrú Thaidhg, Comhar Dún Chaocháin Teo & Cill Chomáin Rural Social Scheme.

The Green Coast Flag will be raised on the day with guided walks and talks on Seaweed Identification, Dune Protection, Protection of Bathing Water and the Leave No Trace ethos, the day will finish a Rinroe Community Beach Clean. Partners on the day are Ballycroy National Park, Clean Coasts An Taisce, Leave No Trace and BIM (Bord Iascaigh Mhara).

The Green Coast Award, operated by An Taisce’s Environmental Education Unit with the support of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and Fáilte Ireland, is a symbol of environmental excellence and has been established to acknowledge, promote and protect the environment of our beaches. This award is for beaches which have excellent water quality, but which are also prized for their natural, unspoilt environment. Visitors and users of the area are encouraged to be aware of the special value these locations have to our biodiversity and the sensitivity of the habitats.

The beaches of Mayo are great escapes, to be enjoyed by everyone, in a safe and sustainable manner.  Users are encouraged to enjoy their visit, with the ethos of ‘Take Only Memories, Leave Only Footprints’. Erris, County Mayo was voted ‘The Best Place to Go Wild’, in Ireland 2014 and Mayo now boasts an enviable number of Green Coast beaches - Tranaun Beach on Inishturk Island; Termon Beach, Srah Beach, Cross Beach in Belmullet, Carrowniskey, Louisburgh,  Portacloy Beach and now Rinroe Beach. North Mayo is the ideal location to savour and explore these beaches, many of which are beautifully remote and almost undiscovered.

Anne-Marie Flynn, Manager, Mayo North Promotions Office, said: “We are delighted that Mayo County Council is marking beautiful Rinroe Beach’s Green Coast Award with this flag raising event. An award like this is a prestigious accolade and it is only with the help and commitment of the community that areas like Rinroe can maintain the high environmental standards for which it has been recognised, and which will continue to make it such an appealing destination for visitors North Mayo in the months and years to come. It is great to see their input being acknowledged, and that of our young people, who will have such a vital role to play in ensuring our environment is protected and sustained in the years ahead”.

Plans to make provision for disabled access to bathing waters with Beach Wheelchairs are also underway with further details to be announced shortly.

Green Flag presentation: Eoin McDonnell, Fáilte Ireland; Maura Murphy, Mayo County Council; Anita Berney, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government; and Ian Diamond  An Taisce.

Mayo County Council signs up to partnership with All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

Pollinator Plan 2019

At a ceremony on Saturday, May 4, at the Mayo Day event in Turlough House, Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, Cllr. Blackie Gavin and Chief Executive Peter Hynes signed a framework agreement with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan to formalise Mayo County Council’s long-term commitment to support pollinators in the county.

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is a cross-sector initiative, led by the National Biodiversity Data Centre, with local authorities, farmers, businesses, schools and local communities to support pollinators such as bees. Ireland depends on pollinating insects to pollinate our crops, fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, many of our pollinators are now threatened with extinction

Parks Superintendent with Mayo County Council, Peter Gill, said; “We all depend on pollinators and the important service they provide. Unfortunately, our pollinators are in decline. Of the 99 different types of bees on the island of Ireland, nearly one third are threatened with extinction. The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is a strategy that addresses this problem.”

“The strength of the Pollinator Plan is its evidence-based guidelines which give clear advice on how each sector can improve their land for pollinators – for instance, by reducing grass mowing; by allowing hedgerows to bloom; by planting pollinator-friendly plants; or by reducing the use of pesticides. By helping our pollinators, the Pollinator Plan also improves the landscape for biodiversity generally across the island.”

At the signing, Cathaoirleach, Cllr. Blackie Gavin said; “We are delighted to be the latest Local Authority on the island to sign up to the Pollinator Plan. There’s much better awareness now about the plight of the bees, and the fact that all of us, including County Councils, can do something to help them.”

In becoming an All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Partner, Mayo County Council agree to support the ethos of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan; to consider the Plan in policies, plans, and management decisions where possible; to carry out one pollinator-friendly action in the first year of signing up and plan to carry out at least three more within the following five years.

Local authority partners will also provide updates on the pollinator actions they have planned, implemented or maintained at the end of each year. With current challenges to the natural world, including Climate Change, the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan offers local authorities a way of conserving the free ecosystem services provided by pollinating insects.

According to Chief Executive Peter Hynes; “There isn’t an instant solution to the decline of the bees, but as a Local Authority we can play a small but important role in helping them. We’ll start by looking at the services we provide, such as public parks, road maintenance, and community grants and supports, to see what actions we can take which will help pollinators. This is a long game, but one we’re happy to commit to.”

Pictured: Mayo County Council Parks Superintendent Peter Gill, Mayo County Council Heritage Office Deirdre Cunningham, Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council Cllr Blackie Gavin and Mayo County Council Chief Executive Peter Hynes, signing Mayo up to the All-Ireland Pollinator plan at the Mayo Day celebrations in the National Museum of Country Life, Turlough, on May 4 2019

Mayo company wins Regional Enterprise Award


Skillko in Westport has won the award for the West Region at this year’s National Enterprise Awards, organised by the Local Enterprise Offices to celebrate Ireland’s best small businesses.

Skillko is an software as a service company with a next generation training platform. They create an open marketplace for businesses and training suppliers to connect, network and transact in a smart, efficient way, saving both parties time and money. Skillko removes 85% of training administration and ensures compliance with their dedicated app. They have packages that fits any size of business.

Pat Breen T.D., Minister for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, made the announcement in front of 230 guests in the Mansion House in Dublin this week (May 29th).

Presenting the awards on stage, he said: “I want to pay tribute to all the winners and finalists in this year’s National Enterprise Awards. Their drive, determination and passion for building successful businesses and creating local jobs is what this competition is all about. This year’s winners, like all those in previous years, represent the backbone of Ireland’s enterprise success and contribute hugely to the economic vibrancy of their respective regions.  All this year’s finalists and winners have been supported by my Department through the Local Enterprise Office network.  The Government, through the Local Enterprise Offices, will continue to play its part in helping to prepare small business for the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Congratulating the local winners, John Magee, Head of Enterprise with Local Enterprise Office Mayo said: “Skillko are very deserving winners of this year’s Regional Enterprise Award and the team in Local Enterprise Office Mayo are very proud of their achievements. We wish them every continued success as they continue to grow their world class business from County Mayo.”

A skincare company, Pestle & Mortar, won the overall title this year (backed by LEO Kildare); Clean Cut Meals, which makes and delivers portion-controlled healthy meals, won the ‘Best Start-Up Business’ award (backed by LEO Galway), the ‘Best Export Business’ award went to Kilkenny-based Mechanical Modular Solutions (backed by LEO Kilkenny), and an ice-cream manufacturer in Cavan, Ice Cream Treats, won the ‘Innovation’ award (backed by LEO Cavan).

Previous Mayo winners of the National Enterprise Awards have included AgriSpread (in 2011), Big Red Barn (in 2016) and Monaghan Bros Bar Furniture (in 2017).

Funded through Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices in local authorities were established by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation in 2014 as the ‘first-stop-shop’ for anyone wanting to start or grow a small business. Over the last five years, LEOs have helped companies create 18,640 new jobs (net) and have provided €81.5 million in direct financial assistance to over 5,000 business projects. LEOs have also organised over 40,000 business mentoring appointments and provided enterprise training for 144,830 participants since 2014 (

Mayo County Council to host Climate Ready Mayo information evenings

Climate Ready Mayo Information Evenings 2019

Mayo County Council’s Climate Action department this week launched their Public Consultation Process for it’s draft Climate Adaptation Strategy – Climate Ready Mayo.

The draft policy was launched in Bridge Street, Castlebar, on Wednesday, May 29, by Director of Services John Condon and Climate Action Officer Laura Dixon.

Speaking at the event John Condon spoke of the importance of Mayo County Council taking action on Climate Change; “We are looking for the public to make submissions to improve the draft plan we have put together. Ultimately it will be adopted by the council in September and that will comply with the national deadline set for us. A lot of work has gone in to preparing the document by the team – but it is a project everybody has to contribute to. Nobody acting on their own can solve this problem, we need to act together.”

The Draft Climate Adaptation Strategy sets out how Mayo County Council will lead the journey to a Climate Ready Mayo and work to reduce our exposure to climate risks and capture new opportunities. The Draft Strategy includes a range of actions across four operational themes; Critical Infrastructure & Buildings, Natural & Cultural Capital, Water Resources & Flood Management and Community Services.

The Mayo County Council Draft Climate Adaption Strategy, the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Report and Appropriate Assessment (AA) Screening Report are available for inspection during normal office opening hours at the Municipal offices in Swinford, Ballina, Westport, Ballinrobe and Belmullet, at Aras an Chontae in Castlebar and all Mayo County Council Libraries until Wednesday, July 3, between the hours of 9:30am to 4.30 pm.

It can also be read online at where members of the public can also submit their ideas before the closing date on July 3.

A number of information evenings will also be taking place across the county where members of the public can ask questions and give their observations.

These information sessions take place in Cúram, Dalton St, Claremorris and the Ballina Family Resource Centre on Thursday, June 6. On Tuesday, June 11, in Aras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet. The Regional Training Centre, The Mall, Castlebar on Wednesday, June 12 and Westport Town Hall on Thursday, June 13. All information sessions take place between 7 – 8pm.

Local Election Results 2019

 Election 2019


Please find below the results from each of the 6 Local Electoral Areas of County Mayo following last Friday's (May 24th 2019) local election.

Election Results 2019 - Ballina

Election Results 2019 - Belmullet

Election Results 2019 - Castlebar

Election Results 2019 - Claremorris

Election Results 2019 - Swinford

Election Results 2019 - Westport

Beach/Pool Lifeguard Season, 2019 - County Mayo Beaches & Belmullet Tidal Pool


Mayo County Council has recruited the Beach Lifeguards for the 2019 Summer Season at the following Beaches:-

  • Bertra
  • Carramore
  • Carrowniskey
  • Keel
  • Keem
  • Mulranny
  • Old Head
  • Ross
  • Silver Strand

The Lifeguards are commencing duty this weekend on Saturday, 1st June, 2019 and every weekend for the month of June including the Bank Holiday Monday, 3rd June, 2019 and every day from 1st July to 1st September, 2019, inclusive between the hours of 12:00 noon and 18:30 daily.

The Pool Lifeguards will take up duty at Belmullet Tidal Pool from 30th June, 2019 to 1st September, 2019 between the hours of 14:00 and 18:00 daily.

The Lifeguard Hut Mobiles Numbers are as follows:-

Bertra Beach 087 6474145
Carrowmore Beach 087 6775903
Carrowniskey Beach 087 6775906
Keel Beach 087 6474154
Keem Beach 087 6775909
Mulranny Beach 087 6474157
Silver Strand 087 6784547
Old Head Beach 087 6474148
Ross Strand 087 8684712
Belmullet Tidal Pool 087 2754235



Campaign Targets Foreign Tourists on Irish Roads

Drive Left Sticker

Tourists from around the world have been flocking to the west of Ireland as part of the Wild Atlantic Way, as they look to explore the hidden treasures of this wonderful part of the world . The only issue is that it seems tourists are so keen to take in the gorgeous landscapes that Ireland has to offer, they are putting the safety of themselves, others and the nature of this incredible country at risk; at the very least, because of a misunderstanding of road safety, spurring one local authority into action and supported by the Gardai and Ireland West Airport Knock.

The biggest issue authorities are dealing with is the large amount of road users who have been seen to stop and park along main roads, in order to get out and take photographs of the scenery and forgetting to keep left when driving. The ’empty’ roads of the West can fool foreign drivers as to which side they should be driving on.This is not only incredibly dangerous to you, but to other road users as well. Considering the increasing influx of tourists heading to the country each year, Ireland’s roads are getting busier and potentially more dangerous.

It is estimated that in 2018 Ireland welcomed 8,742,000 million tourists, with many of them having little or no experience in the unpredictable situations that are thrown up in Ireland. There are too many incidents occurring on the roads of Ireland, with many of them being preventable. Previous media reports involving tourists in RTA's :

This may not seem like a big issue for experienced drivers, but there is nothing to match the conditions experienced in Ireland. The roads are narrow by nature and sometimes the weather is unpredictable. Driving requires a lot of care and focus; it is not something to be taken lightly. We urge everyone who is planning on visiting to take care when driving and to not park dangerously on the roads even for a short period of time to take a photo.

The road safety office of Mayo County Council is supplying Hi Viz vests and stickers with a slogan on them “Keep Left” to car rental companies in the Co. Mayo area based at Knock airport, in the hope of improving the safety of tourists who stop in the road to take photographs and to keep left when driving.

The Local authority is concerned for the safety of tourists who stop their cars "anywhere" to photograph the dramatic scenery of the region.

Garda Sergeant James Malone Divisional Traffic Corps, Castlebar said "They often stop in places that are not easy to see, and when everyone in the car gets out to take photographs and when they return to drive can forget to keep to the left hand side of the road creating a dangerous situations for traffic as a result,".

Noel Gibbons road safety officer Mayo County Council said "We have now bought vests so that all passengers will have access to them,we also suggest the driver changes their wrist watch from their left hand to their right to remind them of the change they have to make driving on the left hand side of the road in Ireland.”

Speaking on behalf of Ireland West Airport Knock, Marketing Manager, Donal Healy, said ‘We are delighted to support Mayo County Council in enhancing the awareness of road safety and enlightening people on the importance of complying with the rules of the road. As a major international airport with many international destinations we are delighted to be able to facilitate the extension of this campaign to inform customers of the airport of the dangers of driving on unfamiliar roads and other road safety issues and hope the campaign is a huge success’

Keep Left Vest

Traffic Safety Arrangements for Connacht Semi Final Mayo vs Roscommon at Elverys McHale Park

Mayo Ros 2019


3pm U20 Philly McGuinness Cup

Mayo V Roscommon

Semi-Final: Connacht GAA Junior Football Championship

4.30pm: Mayo v Leitrim*
*Extra time to be played in the event of a draw, A Winner must be decided on the Day.

Semi-Final: Connacht GAA Senior Football Championship
7.00pm: Mayo v Roscommon

A huge turnout – possibly up to 20,000 – is expected for the joust between between the arch-rivals Mayo and Roscommon at Elvery's MacHale Park on Saturday evening 25th May.

With three games on in McHale Park on the day, please ensure you give yourself sufficient time to travel to the ground and park.

GAA supporters travelling to the game via Balla, please ensure you give yourself sufficient time to travel & take alternative routes where possible. Mayo County Council are carrying out road works outside Balla and will have a stop and go system in place for Saturday.

Road safety officials are advising fans heading for McHale Park, to park safely. Fans are advised to park legally and ensure that they do not obstruct any gateways, tuck in wing mirrors, hide any valuables and only to park in official car parks.

"We want fans to enjoy the football but stay safe."
"We would ask them to take care and make sure they keep their belongings secure."

Parking by fans along the N5 is not recommended for health and safety reasons. There will be ample free car parking for fans within the environs of Castlebar itself. (see Map of Castlebar below)

Map of Castlebar

Parking Advisory for Attendees of Referendum & Election Counts

TF Hotel

Mayo County Council wish to advise all Motorist who will be in attendance at the European  - Local  - Referendum Count at the T.F Royal Hotel and Theatre on Saturday 25th of May 2019 to park legally.

Please be aware of Wheelchair users , Emergency Service Vehicles, pedestrians and Cyclists accessing Mayo University Hospital and the Count.  

We advise motorists not to park on footpaths, Double yellow lines or block access to private dwellings or businesses in the area as it is an Offence.

Traffic Wardens will be operating in the area for the duration of the Count.

Mayo County Council announces 17 Beaches awarded Flags from An Taisce

Blue Flag 2019

Blue Flag Presentation:  Maura Murphy, Mayo County Council; Susan Murphy, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government; Ian Diamond, An Taisce; and Sophie Bachet Granados, International Blue Flag Director, FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).

An Taisce announced the International Blue Flag and Green Coast Award recipients at a ceremony in Spanish Point Hotel, Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare. Ten beaches across Mayo were awarded the highly recognised Blue Flag accolade and seven beaches were awarded the Green Coast Awards

The Blue Flag is an international award that recognises beach excellence, and water quality.  The Blue Flag Programme is operated in Ireland by An Taisce.  88 Blue Flags were awarded nationally.  Mayo has been awarded 10 Blue Flags for the following beaches:  Carrowmore, Clare Island, Dooega, Elly Bay, Keel, Keem, Mullaghroe, Mulranny, Ross Killala and Silver Strand Dugort.   Due to the stringent criteria that qualifies beaches for Blue Flag status Golden Strand and Bertra beach failed to obtain Blue Flags this year for not meeting the required high-water quality status.

Mayo was also awarded 7 Green coast awards. Rinroe, near Carrowteighe in North Mayo has been awarded for the first time. These awards are given to beaches which have excellent water quality but may be less developed and less populated than Blue Flag beaches. The Mayo beaches included in the Green Coast awards are Tranaun Beach on Inishturk Island, Termon Beach, Srah Beach, Cross Beach in Belmullet, Carrowniskey, Portacloy Beach and Rinroe beach.

A local flag raising event is planned for mid-June with the local school and community. The Green Coast Award is a symbol of environmental excellence and has been established to acknowledge, promote and protect the environment of our beaches. The award is for beaches which have excellent water quality, but which are also prized for their natural, unspoilt environment. These sites must be managed in partnership with the local community to be considered for the Green Coast Award.

Anne-Marie Flynn, Manager, Mayo North Promotions Office, welcomed the news of Rinroe receiving it’s first Green Flag; “We’re thrilled to hear that beautiful Rinroe has been recognised for its clean environment, excellent water quality and natural beauty. Alongside Portacloy, which has retained its Green Coast Award, it further proves that our beaches here in North Mayo are among the very best in Ireland. We hope this year that more visitors travelling along the Wild Atlantic Way take some time to explore North Mayo between Ballina and Belmullet and enjoy discovering our stunning hidden gems.”

The first sample of the Pre-Season Bathing Water Quality testing for 2019 commences this week. Water quality is categorised as: Excellent; Good; Sufficient; or Poor and is a combination of the water quality results achieved over the proceeding four years.

The awards not retained for 2019: Bertra Beach, Murrisk; Golden Strand Beach, Achill Island, and former Green Coast Silver Strand Beach and Louisburg, achieved Good Water Quality in 2018 based on the assessment of bacteriological results for the period 2015 to 2018. These narrowly missed the Excellent Water Quality Status, which is the standard, required to achieve the award. All three beaches exceed the standard for safe bathing waters and will be maintained as Blue Flag / Green Coast beaches for the upcoming bathing season. It is expected that Green Coast / Blue Flag status will be achieved on these beaches again in the very near future.

Martin Keating, Head of Head of Environment, Climate Change & Agriculture, at Mayo County Council welcomed the Blue Flag Status and Green Coast for the 17 Mayo beaches outlining “The Blue Flag and Green Coast Awards, a global recognition of high standards of Mayo Beaches. I would like to acknowledge the work of The Environmental team at Mayo County Council together with other agencies for all their efforts in ensuring that the beaches being awarded for the 2019 bathing season have achieved the excellent standards required by the Blue Flag”.

Plans to make provision for disabled access to bathing waters with Beach Wheelchairs are under way. Further details to be announced shortly.

Green Coast 2019

Green Flag presentation: Eoin McDonnell, Fáilte Ireland; Maura Murphy, Mayo County Council; Anita Berney, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government; and Ian Diamond  An Taisce.

Freephone Number for Blind/Vision Impaired Voters

Visually Impaired Voting

A freephone number is now available for persons who are blind/vision impaired to listen to an automated message outlining the candidates who are contesting the Local Elections for Mayo County Council for each of the six Electoral Areas of Ballina, Castlebar, Claremorris, Swinford, Belmullet & Westport in the order that they appear on the ballot papers. The Freephone Number is 1800805815.

The freephone facility may be used by vision impaired voters as often as they wish in the run-up to polling day to familiarise themselves with the candidates on the ballot paper. They may also use their mobile phone in the polling station on polling day to access this information.

The freephone facility operates in conjunction with a ballot paper template (BPT). The ballot paper template is a transparent plastic device that is placed on top of the ballot paper. Vision impaired voters wishing to vote in secret should ask the Presiding Officer at their polling station to attach a ballot paper template to their ballot paper. Raised numbering and braille on the template guides the voter to the relevant openings that correspond to the candidates on the ballot paper. It is removed once the ballot paper has been marked and the ballot paper is placed in the ballot box, entirely indistinguishable from all the other marked ballot papers.

Vision impaired voters will also continue to have the option of marking their ballot papers with the assistance of a companion or Presiding Officer at the polling station.

Details of the candidates may also be viewed on the Notice of Poll at this link:

Owners Of Vacant Homes Are Being Urged To Bring Their Properties Back Into Use In Order To Increase The Housing Supply

Vacant Homes

Tom Gilligan, Director of Services at Mayo County Council and the instigator of the website, the web portal initiated by the Council on behalf of the local government sector, as on online resource for the public to anonymously log possible vacant properties, is urging owners of vacant homes to bring their properties back into use, in order to increase the supply of housing. Figures just released indicate that there were just 2,700 properties available to rent nationwide on, the lowest ever figure for stock on the market. This low supply of properties is a factor in helping rents to rise all across the country which is pricing potential tenants out of the rental market. “It’s a case of supply and demand and the current rental market is starved of much needed housing”, says Gilligan.

“The situation as it currently stands is unsustainable. We need more properties to come on stream and one way this can happen is for owners of vacant properties to release the potential of their empty residence and bring the property back into use. Utilising existing properties is potentially a quicker and more efficient way to get supply back on track”, maintains Gilligan.  There are a variety of reasons why properties are vacant such as lack of available finance for renovations, the owner may be in a nursing home or in the care of a relative, the estate may be in probate or the owner may not be motivated enough to bring the unit back in to use. While it is accepted that reactivating vacant homes alone will not solve the housing crisis, their potential, says Gilligan, cannot be ignored. “There are vacant homes right across the country and the public are helping us to identify their location and condition. The vast majority of properties logged thus far, on the portal are in the provinces of Munster and Leinster, where the demand for housing is most acute. This information is being used by Vacant Home Officers in each local authority in order to try to contact the owner and assist them in getting the property back into use. This is important work and needs to continue” maintains Gilligan.

There are a number of Government Schemes available that can assist property owners in getting their unit into use. The Repair and Leasing Scheme (RLS) is available where a property requires repairs to bring it up to required standard for rented properties. The RLS will pay for the repairs up-front in return for the property being made available to be used as social housing for a period of at least 5 years under either a direct lease or Rental Availability Arrangement with the local authority. The maximum funding available is €40,000, inclusive of VAT. Where the property is a former bedsit being brought back into line with the Standards for Rented Houses, funding of up to €50,000, inclusive of VAT, is available. The Buy and Renew Scheme particularly focuses on older vacant homes to help tackle the problem of dereliction and improve the appearance of the community. It’s an initiative that compliments the Repair and Leasing Scheme and it provides the option for suitable properties to be bought rather than leased, if that is what the vacant home owner prefers. Another scheme, the Long Term Leasing Initiative, allows owners of vacant properties that are in good condition to lease their properties to local authorities.

While these schemes are suitable for social housing, Gilligan feels that a rising tide lifts all boats. “The more properties we get back into use, the greater chance we have in helping to create and maintain a properly functioning housing market. The lack of housing and in particular good quality housing is impacting on the quality of life on large sections of our society. I want to encourage property owners that have a vacant property to come forward and help put an end to the current housing and homelessness crisis in this country. Apart from providing much needed housing bringing vacant homes back into use helps rejuvenates areas that are in decline. It’s a no-brainer and a win-win for everyone.

Mayo County Council announces the publication of ‘A Sustainable Agricultural Strategy for Mayo

Sustainable Agricultural Strategy Launch

Mayo County Council, who, in conjunction with its partners: Teagasc, the Department of Agriculture & Food, the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Irish Farmers Association and the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association form the Mayo Agricultural Working Group and the Planning, Environment and Agriculture Strategic Policy Committee are delighted to announce the publication of “A Sustainable Agricultural Strategy for Mayo”.

The strategy was produced to harness the energy, enthusiasm and ideas of the working group and involved many months of research, sectoral engagement, expert advice, peer review and environmental assessment. The purpose of the strategy is to set out a series of actions that will guide the sector to capitalise on its opportunities and overcome the barriers to developing this significant component of the Mayo economy.

The strategy highlights the contribution that agriculture makes to the Mayo economy: with some 13,500 people employed at farm level; farm income of €128 million; farm output at an estimated €250 million; and an estimated €500 million value to the Mayo’s economy.

The strategy aims are as follows:

  • Improve farm incomes in the long-term;
  • Maximise the value of all food produced;
  • Ensure farmers are encouraged to play a key role in the county’s future development;
  • Support continued investment in the sector;
  • Ensure sustainability from an environmental perspective.

The strategy sets out clear actions for the traditional sectors of Beef, Sheep and Dairy together with the less developed areas of Forestry, Agri- Tourism, Renewable Energy and High Nature Value Farming.

Vivian Silke, Regional Manager of Teagasc stated that, ‘Teagasc Mayo has worked closely with Mayo County Council through its active involvement attending regular meetings of the Mayo Agricultural Working Group and its agricultural advisors located in the four offices at Ballinrobe, Westport, Claremorris and Ballina are fully supportive of the “Sustainable Agricultural Strategy for Mayo”.’

Councillor Michael Smith, Chair of the Mayo Agricultural Working Group welcomed the publication of the strategy and in particular the acknowledgement of the contribution that the agricultural sector makes to Mayo economy.

Mr. Peter Hynes, Chief Executive of Mayo County Council thanked the Agriculture Working Group and the staff of the Environment, Climate Change and Agriculture Section led by Mr. Martin Keating S.E.O. for their work in preparing this strategy, the first of its kind nationally. He welcomed the alignment that the strategy brings to the objectives in Water Quality, Climate Action, Tourism and Renewable Energy for the county.

The strategy is available at  or by contacting

Have Your Say: Play and Recreation for Children and Young People in Mayo


Mayo County Council are conducting research into the play and recreation needs of children and young people (0 - 18 Years) in Mayo to develop a county wide Play and Recreation Strategy.

As part of this work we are consulting with as many children, young people and adults as possible across the county. Mayo County Council (MCC) invites you to join us in developing our Play and Recreation Strategy.

You can contribute by taking part in this online survey that will inform and shape the strategy which will have a key focus on supporting children and young people ‘playing outside’.

Click on this link to take part in the survey:

Avoid Letting Your Allergy Getting You A Driving Ban

Driving Hay Fever

Hay fever sufferers need to examine their medicines and check for any side-effects before driving, road safety professionals are warning.

For drivers, hay fever is much more than an inconvenience. If you suffer badly, you probably shouldn’t drive. A sneezing fit can be dangerous on the road, hay fever drugs can also be risky, drivers should be careful choosing over the counter remedies, some hay fever medicines can make you very sleepy so drivers should be careful to choose non-drowsy versions. If you’re in any doubt ask the chemist for advice.

Hay fever, cold and flu treatments, pain killers, antihistamines, and even some eye drops, can all affect the central nervous system in a way that causes drowsiness, reducing the ability to concentrate on driving. Not only that, but driving under the influence of drugs, even those prescribed by a doctor, is a serious criminal offence.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer said: “Many motorists don’t realise the effect that prescription or over-the-counter medication can have on their driving. With hay fever season in kicking off, there could be many people breaking the law without realising.

“Most medicine packaging doesn’t stress enough how driving may be impaired, so it is every motorist’s duty to check before they start taking medication that it is safe and, if it isn’t, there are often alternative medicines which won’t impair driving. With a lack of awareness around drugs and driving, motorists should talk to their doctor or pharmacistabout the effect of their medication.”

“Some medicines, including those used to treat hay fever, can have an effect on your ability to drive safely. They could make you tired, dizzy or groggy, and they can compromise your vision and reaction time. That’s why it’s so important to check with your GP or pharmacist, and to read any warnings contained on the labels of the medicines you plan to take.

Some medicines, including those used to treat hay fever, can have an effect on your ability to drive safely

“The same road traffic laws apply to therapeutic drugs as to illicit substances, so if your driving is impaired and you cause a collision, you risk prosecution and the loss of your licence.

“The newer types of antihistamine tablets should not cause drowsiness, though if you do find yourself become drowsy after using antihistamines, you must avoid driving.”

However he said he was also anxious to allay the fears of anybody taking prescription or over-the-counter medicines:

“Drivers with medical conditions should continue to take their prescribed medications in accordance with healthcare advice and medical fitness-to-drive guidelines.

“If you are taking prescription or over-the-counter medicines under the advice of your doctor or pharmacist, and so long as those medicines don’t impair your driving, you have nothing to be concerned about.

If you are in any doubt, speak to your doctor or pharmacist about your concerns.

As a result you should avoid anti-histamines(that make you drowsy) if you’re planning to get behind the wheel. Instead, follow these top tips to stay safe behind the wheel this summer:

  • Keep windows closed whilst driving, as pollution exacerbates hay fever – pollen grains become attached to particles from car exhausts, increasing their allergy-inducing effect.
  • Avoid going outdoors in early evening when the pollen counts are usually highest.
  • Wear wrap-around sunglasses, or glasses, when outdoors or behind the wheel.
  • Check your car’s ventilation system to ensure a clean air flow.
  • Ensure the air-con is checked annually, to help keep dust, moisture and pollen to a minimum.
  • Vacuum your car regularly and clean surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Non-sedative anti-histamine tablets and nasal steroid sprays can be taken regularly, starting at least two weeks before the hay fever season starts.
  • Ensure any medication you take is non-drowsy before you drive.
  • Don’t allow pets to travel in the car as exposure to allergens, such as animal hairs and house dust mites, can exacerbate hay fever.

Town & Village Renewal Scheme 2019

Town & Village Renewal 2019

Mayo County Council invites towns and villages within the county to submit Expressions of Interest for inclusion in the Town & Village Renewal Scheme 2019.

The Town & Village Renewal Scheme is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development. It is a key part of the Action Plan for Rural Development and is one of a range of measures designed to support the revitalisation of rural Ireland under the Government’s Project Ireland 2040 Rural Regeneration Programme.

The main focus of the Scheme will be on public-realm type activities and the enhancement of town centre amenities. Measures to encourage town centre living will also be welcome.

Only one application for any individual town or village can be submitted.

Applicants are encouraged to read the scheme outline prior to completing the Expression of Interest Form.

The Expression of Interest Form and scheme outline is available on and on  or by contacting the Community Engagement Section.

Completed Expression of Interest Forms should be submitted to Community Engagement, Mayo County Council, Mayo House Moneen, Moneen Rd., Castlebar Co. Mayo or by email to on or before 4pm on Friday 31st  May, 2019. No Expressions of Interest will be accepted after that time.

If you have any queries, please contact Community Engagement by email or by phone 094-9064341.

Please find outline and expression of interest forms below:

Town & Village Renewal Scheme 2019 Outline

Town & Village Renewal Scheme 2019 Expression of Interest

UPSTART 2019 Arts and Disability Award Recipients announced


In celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, (Tuesday 3rd December, 2019) Mayo County Council’s Arts Service is delighted to announce the recipients of the UPSTART 2019 awards.

Mayo County Council’s Arts Service has made a considerable commitment to the development of Arts and Disability throughout the county. This year, the Arts Service is again delighted to support International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3rd December, through the UPSTART initiative. These annual awards support quality arts and disability projects throughout the county. Following assessment by an external, expert panel, six projects have been chosen to receive this year’s awards. Based in Ballina, Ballinrobe, Claremorris, Newport and Westport, these are:

Carrowbeg Artists Collective, artist Orla Casey and the Custom House Studios, Westport.

The Artist’s Space is a Virtual Reality Collaboration which will involve a process which transforms the participants imagery and experience from printmaking and drawings into virtual reality culminating in six 3 – 5 minute-long virtual reality spaces reflective of each individual artist.

Cranmór Centre, Ballinrobe and artists Terri Mitchell and Sean Murphy.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (Our personal perceptions) is a series of mixed media arts workshops involving photography, creative writing, the development of mixed media studies, including interactive and sensory art pieces resulting in an exhibition on 3 December.

Luisne Art Group, Ballinrobe and artist Breda Murphy.

Light Through Our Dreams will see this group of established artists development of a ceramic art installation based on shadow and light culminating in an exhibition to be launched on 5th December.

Newport Resource Centre and artists Henri Hedou, Aisling Flynn, Inga Teterovska and Brid Kivneen.

‘Reflections’ is a project in which participants based at Newport Day service explore themes of bereavement and loss through a series of workshops in clay modelling, print, paper, collage and paint. It is invisaged that there will be no public event associated with this project at the moment.

Silverlodge and Primrose Day Services and artist Henri Hedou.

The Pottertastic Project is an experiential project facilitated by artist Henri Hedou involving a series of pottery workshops throughout the autumn with participants based at Silverlodge and Primrose Day Services.

Ridgepool Training Centre, Ballina, artist, Henri Hedou and Ballina Arts Centre.

Ceramic Art Project is a series of Ceramic arts workshops facilitated by artist Henri Hedou culminating in an exhibition of work to be launched on 3rd December.

All projects/events in the UPSTART 2019 programme will come to fruition on or around 3rd December. For further information on Mayo County Council's UPSTART initiative go to or contact Damien O'Connor, Disability Arts coordinator at .

Election Posters & Road Traffic Signs

Election Posters - Road Safety

With local and European election approaching it is important that candidates placing election posters do so in a manner that does not obscure traffic signs.

Local Authorities have the power under the Traffic Signs Manual issued by the Department of Transport to take appropriate action to deal with any obstructions or confusion caused to the clear visibility of signs.

Mayo County Council are removing candidate posters that are deemed to distract road users, obscure vision splays or road signs.

Temporary Road Restrictions in Castlebar on Sun 5th May for 10th Mini Marathon

Womens Mini Marathon

Castlebar is gearing up to welcome women from all over Ireland for the 10th Western People West of Ireland Women’s Mini-Marathon on Sunday 5th May.

The mini marathon, reaching a significant 10th anniversary milestone, is expected to attract 1,500 participants of all ages and abilities. Along with supporters, families, children and friends it will bring to several thousand people in attendance on the day leading to a fun and carnival atmosphere. It will once again provide an opportunity for much needed funds to be raised for charities including Cancer Care West, Western Care, Rock Rose House, Mayo Roscommon Hospice, AIRC, Pink Ribbon, Family Carers Ireland, Mayo Mental Health Association to name but a few.

To celebrate the events 10th anniversary and Mayo Day 2019 main sponsor are giving a specially designed technical t-shirt to all participants. In addition to a t-shirt and specially commissioned finishers medal, all participants will receive a FREE goody bag with lots of different treats etc enclosed plus entry to a draw for a FREE trip for 2 to Cologne Germany to the value of €1,000 .

Once again a special drive to get more teenage girls participating in the event is being promoted through the ‘It’s for Girls’ initiative. Supported by Sport Irelands “Women in Sport” programme, all second level schools in the region are invited to participate in the Its for Girls Mini Marathon Challenge. “Its for Girls” aims to get more girls more physically active, all participants have reduced entry of €10 and the girls will receive a goody bag, a finishers medal, a t shirt and many more surprises too. Teachers and mentors taking part with the girls can avail of the same entry fee.

There is still a small window of time to enter this event through the website or by contacting the Mayo Sports Partnership office at 094 9064360.

Following its success in the last 5 years the 6th Primary Schools Mini Fun Run will commence straight away after the main event at 12.10pm. Already 500 children have registered for this free event with the emphasis on fun and recreation with parents also invited to participate.

To capture the festival atmosphere, the Mall will incorporate a stage with music, refreshment zone, children’s activity area etc. The Mini Marathon will commence at 12 Noon followed by the Children’s Run at 12.05pm from the Courthouse with the Mall open to the public from 10.30am – 5pm.

Co-organisers of the events the Western People and Mayo Sports Partnership are anxious to inform the public of temporary road restrictions on the day and requests the kind co-operation of all concerned. An event of this nature requires these temporary inconveniences to ensure a successful and enjoyable day out for everybody.

The restrictions are as follows

  • 9.30am Mall Closure- until 4pm
  • Ellison Street Closure 11.30am – 3pm
  • Lower Spencer St Closure 10.30am – 12.30am
  • Duke St 12 Noon – 1pm
  • Newport Rd to Pound Rd 12 Noon – 1pm
  • Pound Rd 12 Noon – 1pm
  • Gallows Hill 12 Noon – 1pm
  • Newline 12 Noon – 1pm
  • Pontoon Rd to Ballinacarriga 12 Noon – 2pm
  • Ballinacarriga to Ballynew 12 Noon – 2pm
  • Ballynew / Turlough Rd 12 Noon – 2.30pm
  • Staball Hill / Thomas St 12.15 – 2.30pm
  • Bridge St 12.15 – 2.30pm
  • Main Street  12.15- 2.30pm

A full detailed map of the route is available on Also on the website is a list of all the car parks etc available in the town, for additional information people can also contact the Mayo Sports Partnership at 094-9064360.

Mayo County Council welcomes investment in Ballina’s Railway Station Freight Yard

Irish Rail Logo

Mayo County Council are delighted to welcome the announcement from Irish Rail that it is to invest €1 million in the busy Ballina Freight Yard over the next year.

The majority of this work is expected to take place towards the end of this year and Mayo Co Co welcomes the increased role this will give to Ballina’s freight yard.

Director of Services at Mayo County Council with responsibility for the Ballina Municipal District, Tom Gilligan, welcomed the news saying; “This investment from Irish Rail is a sign of confidence in Ballina and the importance of the Freight Yard. Over the next 12 months we will hopefully see great changes in the yard to see it continue to cater for current freight volumes and the expected increase in future business.

“Following on from the recent investment in state-of-the-art container stacking equipment, Ballina is an ever more  important Freight Hub with the likes of Ballina Beverages and the pulpwood supply utilising the existing yard. The investment from Irish Rail will also continue to keep these supplies off the roads, keeping them safer for pedestrians and drivers.”

Mayo Students Given Chance To Grill Elected Representatives On Climate Action

Student Climate Action Forum

Over 50 Students from a number of Secondary Schools across Mayo attended a Climate Action Forum in GMIT Castlebar on Wednesday, April 24, before holding discussions with local leaders and politicians on the subject of Climate Change.

The Mayo Student Climate Action Forum came about following discussions between local students who staged a strike recently to highlight their concerns on climate action, with the Climate Action Regional Office based in Castlebar and members of the Mayo Climate Action team.

The event was held in GMIT Castlebar by Mayo County Council with assistance from the Climate Ambassador and the Green School programmes as well as GMIT Green-Campus.

The workshops focused on how to talk about Climate Change, how to voice their concerns, ideas and solutions and the best ways to communicate their messages. The students then agreed on a number of questions to be discussed with elected representatives, council officials and business leaders.

Some of those questions included:

  • What are you doing to tackle Climate Change in your own life?
  • How would you plan to reduce plastic usage in Mayo?
  • Why can electricity generated at micro scale not be sold back to the national grid?
  • What are your personal views on climate change & how are they reflected in your policy and campaign?

Fianna Fail TD Lisa Chambers, Fine Gael Senator Michelle Mulherin, Sinn Fein Senator Rose Conway Walsh, Cllr Al McDonnell, Cllr Christy Hyland, Cllr Gerry Murray, Cllr Michael Smyth, Cllr Joe McHale and Cllr Jarlath Munnelly were in attendance, along with business leaders and council officials.

Martin Keating, Head of Environment, Climate Change & Agriculture with Mayo County Council, said of the event; “It was a great way to allow students to have their voices heard. These students marched through Castlebar a month ago to highlight their concern over Climate Change and what action was being taken. This Climate Action Forum provided them with the platform to speak to local leaders and push for their concerns to be addressed.”

Gary Tyrrell from Climate Ambassadors Ireland added; “It’s a very exciting day for us to see and help empower the students who have clearly shown their passion, knowledge and interest in this area of Climate Change and Climate Action. It’s brilliant to be able to help facilitate them to get together and get them into the same room as their leaders and voice their concerns. The enthusiasm and ingenuity of the students today is very inspiring.”

Election Posters - Give Road Safety Your No.1

Election Posters - Road Safety

Mayo County Council's road safety office has issued an appeal to those contesting both the upcoming local and European elections, when erecting election posters and the placement of mobile advertisement boards. With a change in the weather over the next few days we have urged candidates not to hang banners and posters from road overbridges and pedestrian bridges, as they could become loose, be interfered with by third parties, and could fall onto fast-moving traffic. Some areas have come to agreement with election candidates not to erect election posters.

Driver distraction has a negative impact on road safety and so only essential signage should appear.

There is a safety issue connected to the erection and removal of posters etc. particularly those which are inappropriately sited also for personnel erecting the posters to wear Hi Viz.

A build-up of election material can often have a negative visual impact on the general amenity of roads with possible safety implications for drivers and pedestrians. Traffic and road signs are specifically designed to be clearly read by passing road users, those erecting posters near junctions should ensure they are not blocking road users’ sightlines.

Election candidates tend to place their posters in areas which are crucial to road users such as on roundabouts, statutory road signs, directional signs, traffic light poles, STOP or Yield signs or other crucial areas.

However, Noel Gibbons believes this can be a problem for road users if not erected with road safety in mind. 'We can appreciate that candidates need to get their posters out there and in the best possible areas, but by placing them in these areas, this can lead to problems for road users, such as vision impairment, obstruction or distraction, which could lead to a collision, so in the interest of road safety I am appealing to candidates to be conscious of where posters are placed and please ensure that they are not placed in hazardous areas'.

Among the signs that should not be obscured are those relating to speed limits, junction warnings, road works, and directions. We have received complaints in the past that election posters have obscured road traffic signs,". "If people cannot see these signs then that is compromising road safety." "Nothing should distract the attention of drivers or interfere with their line of sight. This is potentially very dangerous."

"The signage on our roads, whether put there by the TII, local authorities, gardai or construction and road repair teams, is there to help motorists stay safe.

They are also reminded that posters would be removed within the statutory seven-day period after polling and to remove all unsightly cable ties also. "It is vital that no action is taken that obscures them or distracts road users from their content."

Posters should be secured properly - with wind posters are a safety issue when they become detached becoming hazardous missiles - dangerous for pedestrians and drivers alike.

The Million Miles Truck That’s Now Saving Lives

Comhairle na nOg - Truck

Ger Tonra, a County Council truck driver recently retired after 43 years with Mayo County Council and so has his County Council truck . For many of those years Ger's pride and joy was an 19-year-old Volvo FM1036. Ger drove the Volvo daily, going about Council work throughout the far stretches of the county, clocking many miles each day, so much so the truck has amassed almost one million miles on the clock, without ever breaking down. The truck has recently been used to deliver a road safety message to 35 young people from Comhairle na nÓg on blind spots in trucks.

This feat is mostly down to the care and consideration Ger and the Mayo County Council’s Maintenance Staff bestowed on the vehicle, with the majority of the vehicle maintenance was carried out by in the County Council Machinery Yard in Castlebar, using all genuine Volvo parts. “We always had her serviced bang on the mileage and changed the filters as we should. A few small bits went in it and other than that we had no problems, the engine has never been stripped down, nor has the gearbox and she’s still got her original gear box and engine.” says Ger.

Purchased from Enda Birmingham in Charlestown eighteen years ago, Ger and the Volvo undertook usual and some unusual tasks, from road-making duties, delivery of water to communities in times of boil water notice, collecting salt for road maintenance in winter from Carrickfergus and Kennedy Quay, Co.Cork, to the annual run to collect the Westport Town Christmas Tree from Letterkeen Forest.

Today, the mileage showing on the vehicle is 500,013KM, this is after the clock has already gone around once, the true reading of kilometers travelled is in fact 1,500,000 or 932,064 miles. This is equivalent to travelling around the world over 37 times or just short of travelling to the moon and back…twice!

Ger Tonra

- Pictured is the recently retired Ger Tonra

Mayo Day goes Green for ‘The Mayo Word’

Mayo Day Local Link

Mayo County Council will be introducing several ‘greening’ elements to this year’s showcase Mayo Day event at the National Museum of Ireland, Country Life, in Turlough House on Saturday May 4th.

‘The Mayo Word’ is a fun, free, family event which is celebrating the fifth annual Mayo Day running from 12 noon until 6pm.

A number of initiatives will be taking place to ensure the day runs smoothly and ‘Green’ for the benefit of those attending and our environment.

A free shuttle bus service will run between Castlebar Library and Turlough Village from 11.30am to 6.30pm on Mayo Day. 

As parking in Turlough Village is extremely limited, visitors to the Mayo Word are strongly encouraged to park in any of the public car parks around Castlebar Library and use this free service. 

The service, which is being organised in conjunction with Local Link Mayo, will be fully wheelchair accessible.  Wheelchair users are advised to pre-book before Saturday, May 4th by calling 094 904 7571 or 094 904 7642.

Attendees are also encouraged to use the Greenway, which runs from Castlebar town center to Turlough House, as a means of getting to the venue.

On the day we are encouraging all visitors to go plastic free by choosing tap water over bottled water. Refill Ireland will be present on the day with their Mobile Hydration Stations providing easy access to drinking water on the day.

The first 60 people who arrive at the Mayo Day Event using the Greenway will be rewarded with a free reusable drink bottle made from natural biodegradable materials. Everyone attending on the day is reminded to bring their own drink bottle to the event so that they can refill on the day.

We will also be greening the event by providing highly visible festival bins throughout the park for visitors to easily recycle on the day. We will also be providing bins for food waste & compostable packaging on the day and our team of ‘Green Your Festival’ volunteers will be available on the day to offer advice.

Younger visitors on the day will also be able to take part in some creative green themed workshops.  To learn more about the environment and climate change, pop into the Neighbourhood tent.

To further reduce the environmental impact of the event Mayo County Council will be using their electric vans to transport materials and from the site in the run up to the event. These vans will be on display at Mayo Day.

Sharon Cameron Environment Awareness Officer with Mayo County Council “We are delighted to be ‘Greening’ the Mayo Day Showcase Event. The beautiful grounds of the National Museum of Country life are a real reminder to us all on how important it is to protect our natural environment. Festivals are a great way of celebrating our Culture in Mayo but they have also the potential to have a negative impact on the environment by generating extra waste and litter. By introducing some simple measures to help visitors travel sustainably, reduce waste, and recycle on the day  we will help protect our beautiful environment”.

For further information, news and updates stay tuned to

And follow #MayoDay to find out more.

Community Enhancement Programme 2019

Community Enhancement Programme 2019

Mayo Local Community Development Committee, working with Mayo County Council on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development invites applications for inclusion in the Community Enhancement Programme 2019.

The programme is targeted towards enhancing community facilities for individuals and communities that are impacted by disadvantage as identified in the Local Economic Community Plan. Funding is for capital projects only and projects should demonstrate added value.

The programme will offer grants under the following two categories;

Category 1

Small scale capital projects up to a maximum of €1,000

Category 2

A limited number of medium scale capital projects will be considered for funding up to a maximum of €20,000

Application forms and guidelines are available on and or by calling the Community Engagement Section of Mayo County Council on 094 9064397.  Applicants are encouraged to read the application guidelines prior to completing the application form.

Completed Applications should be returned by email to or by post to Community Engagement, Mayo County Council, Áras on Chontae, The Mall, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

Closing date for receipt of applications is 4pm Thursday 30th May 2019.

Applications will not be considered after this date.

Please see Application Guidelines and Application Form links below:

CEP 2019 Application Guidelines

CEP 2019 Application From,29142,en.pdf


Minister Bruton officially launches the Climate Action Regional Office in Mayo County Council

CARO Opening 2

Pictured: L to R, Councillor Al McDonnell, Councillor Cyril Burke, Senator Michelle Mulherin, Martin Keating (Senior Executive Officer, Mayo Co Co), David Mellett (Regional Co-Ordinator), Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton TD, Peter Hynes (Chief Executive, Mayo Co CO), Cllr Blackie Gavin (Cathaoirleach, Mayo Co Co) and Councillor Joe McHale

Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton, officially launched the Climate Action Regional Office for the Atlantic Seaboard North in Aras an Chontae, Castlebar, on Friday morning, April 5.

Recognising the significant obligation which has been placed on local government to develop and implement its own climate action measures, as well as the need to build capacity within the sector to engage effectively with climate change – both in terms of mitigation and adaptation, four Climate Action Regional Offices (CAROs) have been established across the country.

The establishment of these offices will enable a more co-ordinated engagement across the whole of government and will help build on the experience and expertise which exists across the sector.

The CAROs are being operated by a lead local authority in four different regions that have been grouped together based on a climate risk assessment, with the focus on the predominant risks in each geographical area. Mayo County Council is the lead authority for the Atlantic Seaboard North region, which consists of counties Donegal, Sligo, Mayo and Galway.

The role of the Atlantic Seaboard North CARO includes


  • Assisting the local authorities within the region in preparing their own Climate Adaptation Strategies
  • Developing education and awareness initiatives for the public, schools, NGOs and other agencies engaged in driving the climate change agenda and contribute to the National Dialogue on Climate Action on a local and regional basis
  • Linking with third-level institutions in developing a centre of excellence for specific risks – in the case of the Atlantic Seaboard North region, this will be for Sea Level Rise, Coastal Erosion and Ground Water.

Speaking at the launch of the Atlantic Seaboard North CARO office, Regional Co-Ordinator David Mellett welcomed the leadership and support Minister Bruton’s department has offered; “I want to thank Minister Richard Bruton for coming here today and launching the new CARO office here at Aras an Chontae. Local Authorities are the frontline in combating climate change and the wide ranging impact that brings and we are grateful for the leadership and support from the minister’s department, as well as the ongoing funding, which is helping us to take on the ever increasing challenges.”

The Environment Minister expressed his delight at the official opening of the CARO office in Castlebar; “I am delighted to be in Castlebar to launch the CARO Office. We cannot respond to a weather event or other climate based challenges from Adelaide road or Merrion street in Dublin. We need agencies on the ground who have direct access in the community. That’s the only way we can be successful and I want to recognise the roles that Local Authorities play in that.

“Local Authorities are going to be pivotal going forward in combating climate change. They will be a main player as we attempt to electrify our fleet of cars in this country. It’s great to see that Mayo County Council has begun electrifying their fleet with two new vehicles and I hope that by the end of 2030 every new vehicle being bought will be electric.”

Peter Hynes, Chief Executive of Mayo County Council, spoke of the ambitious plans to tackle climate change in Ireland; “I want to thank the Minister for coming to officially open the new office. It is a collaborative venture alongside the other Local Authorities on the North-West coast and one we hope will prosper as we move into the future. The Climate Change targets, as laid out by Minister Bruton, are ambitious but I have no doubt with the help of the CARO’s , Central Government assistance and other Local Authority schemes we will meet those targets.”

The Office, which is based in Aras an Chontae, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, is currently working with the Atlantic Seaboard North Local Authorities in preparing their Climate Adaptation Strategies under the National Adaptation Framework (2018).

Leisure Complex @ Lough Lannagh Castlebar opens to the public Friday April 5th

Leisure Complex @ Lough Lannagh

After much anticipation, the new state of the art facility, The Leisure Complex @Lough Lannagh Castlebar will open to the public tomorrow Friday April 05th.  The complex comprises an eight lane competitive swimming pool, toddler learning pool, gym and aerobics studios, steam room, sauna and general purpose rooms.

A comprehensive pricelist for the Leisure Complex at Lough Lannagh, Castlebar has been published today, including introductory offers to coincide with the fantastic facility opening to the public The pricelist provides details on annual, 6 monthly and 3 monthly memberships.  In addition the price list includes rates for customers who choose to pay as they go, or an option for those who want to swim only, by availing of a multi-visit swim ticket   For those who have not had a chance to visit the facility, you really need to do so.


See Pricelist: 

Leisure Complex @ Lough Lannagh Pricelist

Countdown to Croke Park begins for Mayo’s most enterprising students

LEO 2019 - Worry Bears

Local Enterprise Office Mayo confirms that winning teenage entrepreneurs from Ballina & Crossmolina will represent county at National Final of Student Enterprise Programme

Eight teenage entrepreneurs from three local schools have won a place representing Mayo at the Student Enterprise Programme National Finals in Croke Park on Friday, May 3rd.

Every September through Local Enterprise Office Mayo, entrepreneurial secondary school students begin their business journey as they are encouraged to research, set-up and run their own real-world businesses.

The enterprise education initiative, funded by the Government of Ireland through Enterprise Ireland and delivered by the 31 Local Enterprise Offices in local authorities, is the most successful student enterprise programme of its kind in the country. An estimated 26,000 students from 490 schools around the country begin their entrepreneurial journey every year with the help of their teachers, student enterprise co-ordinators and the Local Enterprise Office.

The students were all competing at the Mayo Final on the 21st of March, which was held at the Sports Arena of Breaffy House Hotel, Castlebar. An estimated 1,200 students from 20 secondary schools took part in the annual programme locally, with 50 student enterprise teams making it to the county final on the 21st where the winning teams in the junior, intermediate and senior category were decided.

In the Junior Category, the student representing Mayo at the National Finals in Croke Park is Máirtín Maloney from St. Tiernan’s College, Crossmolina. His business, the Nephin Turf Company creates souvenirs and gift products crafted from turf.

In the Intermediate Category, Anne Murphy and Áine Killeen from Jesus & Mary Secondary School, Gortnor Abbey, Crossmolina will be representing the county in Croke Park. Their business created a fireproof pouch for storing electrical devices when charging for long periods of time.

In the Senior Category of the competition, Mayo will be represented on May 3rd by Laura Fox, Jennifer Burke, Eilidh Mac Phee, Mitchella Lacuesta & Ciara Sweeney from Worry Bear Co. at St. Mary’s Convent, Ballina. Worry Bear Co. sells cuddly bears with a dedicated pocket, where a child can place a “worry note” in the bear’s pocket before going to sleep, the aim of the product being to help minimise anxiety and worry amongst young children.

A new award was introduced to the competition this year, Mayo’s Most Enterprising School, which was presented to St. Mary’s Convent, Ballina for all their work in developing an enterprising culture within their school. The award was presented to Grace Downes, the teacher responsible for guiding and educating the senior category winners, Worry Bear Co. throughout the whole Student Enterprise Programme this year.

Special guests at the Mayo Final included Catherine McConnell, Director of Services for Planning, Economic & Community Development in Mayo County Council. Catherine praised the entrepreneurial spirit of all the finalists on the day and commended the effort and work put in to creating such innovative businesses over the duration of the competition, which commenced in September 2018.

The County has a successful track record in the student enterprise competition. Recent awards won by local secondary schools have included St. Mary’s Secondary School, Ballina and Our Lady’s Secondary School, Belmullet in 2018, as well as St. Gerald’s College, Castlebar, St. Joseph’s Community College, Charlestown and St. Tiernan’s College, Crossmolina in 2017.

Speaking at the county final, John Magee, Head of Enterprise of Local Enterprise Office Mayo congratulated the students, saying “We have a very successful student enterprise programme here in Mayo, with over 1,200 students from 20 local schools taking part this year. Our national finalists are excellent ambassadors for the programme and we wish them the very best of luck in Croke Park on May 3rd.”

He continued: “What our students are learning from the programme is that with the right supports and encouragement, they can take an idea from the classroom and develop it into a real-life business. The skills they learn along the way, such as business planning, market research, selling and team-work, will help them become more entrepreneurial throughout their future careers”.

The local students will be competing against hundreds of other student entrepreneurs from all over Ireland in Croke Park at the Annual Student Enterprise Programme National Finals on May 3rd.

Further information around the Student Enterprise Programme is available from and by searching #studententerprise on social media.

Pictured: Senior category winners, from left to right: John Magee, Head of Enterprise, team members of Worry Bear Co, St. Mary’s Convent; Catherine McConnell, Director of Services, Peter Hopkins, Student Enterprise Programme Mentor


National Tree Week Celebrated in Castlebar

National Tree Week Planting

More than 350 trees were planted at Lough Lannagh in Castlebar to mark National Tree Week 2019, which ran from March 31 to April 7.

National Tree Week, which was run by the Tree Council of Ireland in association with Coillte and Forest Industries Ireland, was commemorated in County Mayo on Sunday morning, March 31, when Cllr Michael Kilcoyne, Cathaoirleach of Castlebar Municipal District, and Cllr Blackie Gavin, Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, came together with staff from Mayo County Council, Castlebar Tidy Towns Committee, local boy scouts and representatives from the wider Castlebar Community to plant more than 350 trees on an area of wetland adjacent to Lough Lannagh.

Speaking at the event Peter Gill, Parks Superintendent for Mayo County Council, noted the importance of trees. He said, “without trees we cannot survive, as they give us the air we breathe in effect they are our ‘lungs on earth’.”

He remarked that the tree species planted on the day are species that benefit our pollinating bees which are under threat through loss of habitat with one third of 98 native bee species threatened with extinction noting that action is needed on how we manage our Parks and open Spaces to address this decline.

Also speaking at the event, Cllr Michael Kilcoyne thanked everybody that came out to help on the day and described the event as spectacular, highlighting “the beauty of the location and the amenity value the Lough Lannagh area is to Castlebar. “

Cllr Blackie Gavin recognised the role of Castlebar Tidy Towns and thanked them for their hard work, specifically mentioning Patricia Conway’s contribution.  He also thanked Mayo County Council staff and Castlebar Tidy Towns Committee for the huge effort put in by both organisations.

Alan Mee of Castlebar Tidy Towns Committee welcomed the broad community support given to the event and the great success of the litter pick organised by his committee along the N4 the previous day Saturday, March 30.

Mayo Day 2019

Mayo Day - Turlough

#MayoDay, the day dedicated to the celebration of the culture, vibrant communities, and unquenchable spirit of County Mayo returns for its 5th year on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

The theme of the 2019 Mayo Day is The Mayo Word, representing our communities, our creativity, our connection to a pride of place both here in this county and around the globe. The Mayo Word will be discussed, celebrated and defined through this Mayo Day campaign culminating in a flagship event taking place at the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life, Turlough on Saturday 4th May 2019.

The first musical acts to play at this year’s festival have now been confirmed and it will see some of the best young musicians in Ireland take to the stage at the Museum of Country Life.

Mayo’s own Lisa Canny, Cronin and Hit Machine Drummers will all be performing at Turlough House on Saturday, May 4 with our headline act to be announced in the coming weeks!

Born and bred in County Mayo, Lisa Canny is a notably talented musician; best known for her enchanting covers and captivating live performances. Crowned UK “Future Music’s” Songwriting Champion in 2016, followed closely by a Late Late Show performance, a top 5 debut E.P. release and a sell-out UK and Ireland tour in May 2018, her homecoming show is one not to be missed.

Some Gastronomic delights also await in the Food Village where visitors can enjoy tasty fare from Noo Chocolates where Mary Corrigan will display for sale her famous handmade chocolates created using Mayo produce. If it’s something retro you are looking for drop by The Fire Slice for some amazing Woodfire Pizza created by Val. Jay will be on site with Mac & Spud to dish up his mouth watering mackerel and fried potato and why not stock up for your Sunday fry with some mouth watering sausages and pudding from Kelly’s of Newport Butchers.

Peter Hynes Chief Executive of Mayo County Council says “Mayo Day 2019 is all about asking ourselves the questions; what does being part of the Mayo community mean to me? How do I communicate my sense of pride of being from Mayo? The Mayo Word and how it is conveyed into action is represented throughout all elements this year’s Mayo Day campaign.”

The Made of Mayo Craft & Design showcase will be returning in 2019. This is an opportunity for premium artisans and designers to display their valued work in a relaxed showcase environment.

Some of those who will be in Turlough House this year include spectacular original and limited edition artwork from Saileen D’Art, Hand forged Ironwork & sculptures by Iron Excellence, Divas by Dee’s bespoke frames for all occasions and handmade violins and other bowed instruments by Kevin Sykes.

Lots more musical guests, food delights and craftspeople are to be announced in the coming weeks!

Once again this year Lá Mhaigh Eo will become a major part of the 2019 flagship event The Mayo Word. The Gaeilge Mhaigh Eo Area will be showcasing everything thats charming and inviting about our Irish Language and Heritage through Live Music, Dance, Arts, Crafts, Food, Demonstrations agus ar ndóigh neart neart craic!! Our Special Guest on the day will be An tUasal Joe Byrne, (Presenter of Ceol agus Ealaíon, Midwest Radio) a gentleman well known to us all for his love of Gaeilge, Ceol agus Caint.  We will also have live Music with Seoda, Damhsa ar an Sean-nós le Liam Scanlon agus buaiteoirí an Chomórtas Amhrán Nua Chumtha trí Ghaeilge!

Buail isteach chugainn i bpuball Ghaeilge Mhaigh Eo, agus má tá cúpla focal agat nó má cheapann tú mór duit féin mar dhamhsóir, beidh míle fáilte roimh chách!

Mayo Arts Service are delighted to work with Castlebar-born Emer McGarry to curate this year’s exhibition at Turlough House. Emer is currently Interim Director at The Model, Sligo which is home of The Niland Collection, and is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary arts centres.

Mayo has a vibrant arts community and this exhibition presents a selection of work in a variety of media and offers a wonderful view of the breadth of arts practice in the County. The selection includes artists Niamh O’Malley, Mick O’Dee and Joanna Hopkins to name a few.

Cllr Blackie Gavin, Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, added; “The Mayo Day celebration has gone from strength to strength since it was first launched five years ago and has now become a force to be reckoned with.”

For further information, news and updates stay tuned to

And follow #MayoDay to find out more.

Picture: Back Row – James Killeen (Mayo Co Co), Mike Kelly (Mayo Co Co), David Drake (Mayo GAA), Austin Vaughan (Mayo Co Co Librarian), Neil Sheridan (Mayo Co Co), Liam Hanrahan (Director of Services Mayo Co Co), Niall Heaney (Mayo Co Co) and Sarah Collins (Collins Coffee Camp). Front Row – Peter Hynes (Chief Executive Mayo Co Co), Margaret Connell (Mayo Co Co), Jason Deasy (Master Falconer), Cllr Blackie Gavin (Cathaoirleach Mayo Co Co) and Christina Lynch (Mayo Co Co)

Historic Towns Initiative 2019

Ballina Town HTI 2019

Mayo County Council wishes to invite applications under the Historic Towns Initiative 2019 (HTI 2019)

The aim of this initiative is to repair selected facades in the historic core of Ballina, in particular the Pearse Street Architectural Conservations Area (ACA) and to support a significant number of labour-intensive, small-scale conservations projects.

Qualifying Works: Repair works to the exterior of a structure which contributes to the character of an ACA or repairs to its main structural elements such as shopfronts, sash windows or doors.

The Architectural Conservations Office of Mayo County Council will administer the scheme and applications can be lodged for grants of between €3,000 up to a maximum of €15,000, with applicants required to provide a minimum of 20% of total costs.

Applicants should submit their application including a short description of the proposed works, estimated total cost of works, total funding sought, amount of matching funding and photographs, in hard copy only by 4pm on Wednesday 17th April 2019. Email applications will not be accepted.

Applications should be marked Historic Towns Initiative 2019: Ballina and addressed to Siobhan Sexton, Architectural Conservation Officer, Ballina Civic Offices, Arran Place, Ballina, Co. Mayo F26 E5D7.

Turlough Playground named best Public Playground in Ireland

ALCI Award

Presentation of ALCI award Titanic Centre Belfast 22 March 2019 Left to Right. Christy Hanberry (Contractor), Creative Play Solutions, Blackie Gavin ( Cathaoirleach), Mayo County Council, Noreen Hennigan (Horticulturist), Mayo County Council, Peter Gill (Parks Superintendent), Mayo County Council.

The recently completed Playground on the Grounds of Turlough Park House has won the award for best Public Playground in the Southern Region at the Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland at a recent ceremony in Belfast.

The playground was nominated as one of the best public playgrounds completed in the 32 counties of Ireland in 2018, winning the Southern (26 county) award and achieving a Merit award for the 32 counties.

Funding for the Playground was provided from Measure 2 of the CLAR programme 2017, Mayo County Council, the Department of Children & Youth Affairs with support also coming from the Turlough Community.

Mayo County Council has achieved similar success in the past, winning the overall award in 2016 for the Ballina Town Park Playground.

The judges were very impressed by the playground and commented specifically on the superb location, the excellent design and the quality of the build and the materials used. They noted both playing and learning in Nature go Hand in Hand and the Turlough playground has got that balance right.

The playground was designed by Peter Gill, Parks Superintendent Mayo County Council, on the site of a disused quarry. He noted that the design considered a concept known as ‘Natural Play’ where not alone does the play equipment provide a play value but the landscape in which the playground is situated also provides a play value. Undulating ground containing rolling waving hills provides children with a natural setting in which to play, learn and thrive.

Speaking following the playground’s success, Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, Cllr Blackie Gavin, commended those involved; “It is fantastic to see the playground in Turlough acknowledged for such a prestigious award. Much of it’s success is owed to Noreen Hennigan, the Mayo County Council Horticulturist based at Turlough House, and Peter Gill, the Parks Superintendent for Mayo. Without their knowledge and hard work, and the hard work of many more, the playground would not be the success that it is.”

Peter Hynes, Chief Executive of Mayo County Council, added; “Outdoor play is a very important aspect of living in Mayo and the Public Playground in the grounds of Turlough House is another fine example of what is on offer in Mayo. Much hard work and ingenuity has gone in to the creation of the playground in the old quarry on the museum grounds and credit must go to all those involved.”

“This is also an award for the local community in Turlough who have made the playground the success it is.”

Public Viewing Day - Swimming Pool & Gym at Lough Lannagh Logo - Pool

Mayo County Council invites members of the public to a viewing and tour of the new state of the art Swimming Pool & Gym at Lough Lannagh on Saturday, March 30th, from 10am to 2pm

This is an opportunity for the public to take a guided tour of the new state of the art facilities, meet our Swimming Pool lifeguards, the team from the “The Movement” and our wellbeing professionals.

Learn about the new facility, its benefits and offers and how we intend to make it the best leisure centre in Ireland.

The new Swimming Pool & Gym at Lough Lannagh will open to the public on Friday, April 5.


A Line of Cones Won’t Stop a Speeding Car But You Can

Safety at Road Works

Every year there are hundreds of incursions into roadworks which put road workers lives at risk and lead to deaths and serious injury, this has spurred local authorities from around Ireland to join forces to take action.

The Orange cone safety zone week, which has its focus on the lack of awareness of some drivers that roadworks are a place of work for thousands of people and that all of us have a right to expect a safe working environment, is being launched by local authority road safety officers from around the Country.

The campaign is been launched on a very fitting day also,  April 1st or April Fool’s Day. The message here is simple: Only a fool speeds through road works sites.

Noel Gibbons, Mayo County Council’s Road Safety officer,  said,  “For some reason a small minority of drivers still find it acceptable to put road workers lives in danger by not taking care when they go through roadworks. These adverts are about reminding road users that road works are like any other work place, and our workers have just as much right to work in a safe environment. The message is clear “A line of cones won’t stop a speeding car but you can ” We know you want to get home but so do our workers -see the cones obey the zones.”

Paul Dolan, Head of roads with Mayo County Council, said “Improving safety at roadworks takes real collaboration across the roads industry, and I am delighted that these companies have come together to jointly support this campaign. It epitomises the spirit of co-operation that exists in our supply chain on this important issue as we continue our work to ensure that nobody comes to harm as a result of working for us - which is what our health and safety strategy 'Aiming for Zero' is all about.”


If you drive a vehicle, at some point you’ll drive through roadworks. Follow these safety tips:

  • Adhere the speed limit on display.
  • Follow the temporary road signage in place
  • Stay alert for the roadworkers and machinery
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.



The following are key elements of temporary traffic control management in roadworks:


All persons working on roads should be trained on how to work safely near public traffic namely by completing the health and safety at roadworks on Roads (1 Day) and/or Signing, Lighting & Guarding (3 day) course.


All workers should always wear high-visibility clothing during roadworks.


Suitable traffic management must be in place to safeguard workers and members of the public.


Must be clearly marked and must be protected with buffer or safety zones.

Spring into Litter Action

Spring into Litter Action

You are invited to take part in Mayo County Council’s new competition “SPRING INTO LITTER ACTION” for 2019.  This competition is a revised format of the Litter Action League and new criteria will apply.  Competition will begin in May and run for four months.

Under the revised format for “Spring into Litter Action” applicants will be required to register with An Taisce for National Spring Clean which takes place throughout the month of April.  

Full contact details for registration are available online at or tel: 01-4002220.

The competition is open to Tidy Towns Committees and Community Groups in all towns and villages in the County.

Application forms, Judging Guidelines are available on Mayo County Councils website at

Completed applications must be returned to by 4pm on Wednesday the 24th April, 2019.


Mark My Words – Poetry and Art

Poet Snugboro School

A partnership between, Mayo Arts Service, Mayo Day, Mid-West Radio and Poetry Ireland’s Poetry Day Ireland and Writer in Residency programme.

Mayo Arts Service and Mayo Day in partnership with Poetry Ireland are providing a poetry and art workshop to four primary schools in the Castlebar Municipal District. Over a four-hour workshop, the participating primary schools will work with Mayo poet Terry Mc Donagh and Mayo Artsquad Artist, Rónán Quigley.  During the workshop, the students will write and make a piece in response to the writing and art workshop.  Their completed work will be on display in the National Museum of Country Life - Turlough on May 4th as part of Mayo Day. 

Two out of four primary schools in the Castlebar Municipal District have already completed their workshops.  Mark My Words,  started with St. Peters National School, Snugboro, where Mr O’Shaughnessy’s 4th class, were busy being creative.  Last week saw Brenda Murphy’s 1st class from Castlebar Educate Together work with Terry and Rónán.  This week, St. Patrick’s De La Salles B.N.S will have their turn and the workshops will finish up with St. Anthony’s National School. 

Participating schools are part of the Arts Council’s Creative Schools initiative.

Midwest Radio will interview the keys participants involved in Mark My Words on The Tommy Marren shown on Poetry Day Ireland which takes place May 2nd.

Terry McDonagh: poet and dramatist, taught creative writing at Hamburg University and was Drama Director at the International School Hamburg. He’s published ten poetry collections as well as letters, drama, prose and poetry for young people.

Rónán Quigley:  is a castlebar born artist and maker. He uses a variety of mediums to express his creativity from painting, printmaking and sculpture. Rónán loves to work as a workshop facilitator and with theatre companies. He currently works with Mayo Art Squad as a community arts worker.

Key Dates:

March 5: St Peter’s NS, Snugboro

March 21: Castlebar Educate Together.

March 28 : St. Patrick’s De La Salles B.N.S

April 10: St Anthony’s N.S

May 2 : Radio interview on Tommy Marren’s show on Mid West Radio

May 4 : Completed work by schools on display as part of Mayo Day in the National Museum of Country Life – Turlough.

New parking plans to be rolled out in Westport in coming weeks

Parking Logo

Following a period of consultation between Mayo County Council, elected members, local businesses and residents, the implementation of new parking plans will be rolled out in Westport over the early days of April.

These new parking arrangements in Westport are being implemented to ensure a greater turnover of parking spaces in the town, particularly the town centre, allowing more people to access parking at all times of the day.

Catherine McConnell, Director of Services with Mayo County Council, explained that “the introduction of these new parking plans along with other traffic management measures introduced recently will offer solutions to traffic congestion and lack of turnover of prime parking spaces in Westport while also staying consistent with the town’s overall Smarter Travel strategy. The heritage status of the town, together with its consistently high achievement in Tidy Towns, were key influences in the selection of the methodology to manage and regulate on street parking.”

How will it work

There will be no pay & display machines in Westport town centre, instead drivers will be asked to purchase a ‘scratch & display’ parking disc from participating businesses and place it on the dashboard of the car.

The new measures will designate two separate zones, blue and pink, with different rates applying to each.

The Pink Zone is the town core. Parking in this zone is free for the first hour with a charge of €1 applying to the second hour, for which the pink parking disc is required. A maximum stay of 2 hours applies at these locations – anyone anticipating a stay longer than 1 hour should display a disc.

The Blue Zone will cover the remainder of the town streets and the Quay area where a charge of 60 cent per hour applies. There is no free parking period at these locations but also, there is no restriction on length of stay in the blue zone. An all-day rate of €3 applies with a yellow coloured disc in this zone.

Charges apply from Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 6.30pm.

A list of participating businesses will be available on the Mayo County Council website.  Discs will also be available for purchase in bulk at Westport Civic Offices.

The Council will also be rolling out a cashless parking solution in the coming weeks – the Mayo e-parking app will allow motorists to pay for parking using an app on their smartphone.


I live in Westport, how will this affect me?

Residents of the pink or blue zones in the town should apply for their parking permit which is free of charge. This also includes a flexible-use visitors pass.

Certain housing developments in the town have been designated as ‘residents only’ and residents are advised to apply for permits as soon as possible. The areas designated are as follows:

Grove Park, Chestnut Grove,  Tobair Hill (Bealach an Tobair, Clós an Tobair, Radharc an Tobair, Slí an Tobair & Cúirt an Tobair), The Elms, Radharc na Greine, Distillery Court, The Paddock, Ozanam Place, Horkan’s Hill and Fr. Angelus Park. Application forms are available on Mayo County Councils website or by e mailing

I work in Westport, how much will I pay per day?

Demand has been strong for business permits which are available for locations throughout the town at varying rates. Businesses or employees in the town centre are encouraged to contact the Council offices at Altamont Street to enquire about applying for permit.

At the lower end of the scale, Blue Zone annual permits work out at just over 69 cent per day to park.

In addition to the Blue Zone permits there will also be permits available for the town carparks.

Permits for the James Street and Mill Street car parks work out at €1 per day and those using the High Street car park work out at 82 cent per day.

Monthly or 3 monthly permits are also available and annual Permits will also qualify for tax relief.

James Street Car Park is free up to 11am each day.

Ticket machines remain in operation in the Car Parks – the parking app will also cover car parks when introduced.

A greater number of bus bays, short term parking spaces and loading bays at revised locations around the town should also improve previous arrangements for businesses and visiting tourist buses.

It is acknowledged that it will take a number of weeks for residents and motorists to familiarise themselves with the new arrangements.  Any queries or genuine cases will be considered.

Further details on how to use the new ‘Scratch & Display’ discs will be available on as well as on social media @mayodotie; @mayococo and Westport Smarter Travel Facebook page in the coming days.

Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour 2019

Mayo County Council is joining the global movement to protect our planet and you can get involved too!

On Saturday, March 30, from 8.30pm – 9.30pm millions of people around the planet will take part in the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour. By turning off non-essential lights for one hour, people can demonstrate their care and concern for the environment in a collective worldwide effort.

Mayo County Council will be powering down and we would like you to join us.

Community groups, schools individuals and businesses can participate by simply switching off lights, encouraging others to join in or by hosting a #connect2earth event such as music/stories/boardgames by candlelight, holding a Switch Off event etc.

If you are planning on taking part in Earth Hour we would love to hear from you. Contact Mayo County Council Climate Action Officer Laura Dixon at to register your event and we will help promote it and register your event on the global Earth Hour Map.

Some of the Mayo Community Groups and businesses taking part this year include Ballindine Tidy Towns, Partry Community Council, Mayo Traveller Support Group, Westport Eco-Congregation and the Leafy Greens Café.

Mayo County Council will be using Earth Hour as their launch pad for Climate Action Month. During the month of April, Mayo County Council will focus on a climate action theme every week including biodiversity, to correspond with Tree Week from March 31 to April 7, Plastic and waste as well as energy, transport, food and fashion.

The theme this year is Connect to Nature. Mayo County Council would encourage the public to spend time in nature over the weekend and to consider planting a tree or pollinating flowers to link in with National Tree week that runs from March 31st to April 6th. For more info on what is happening in Mayo see

Climate Action month will finish up on Mayo day with a dedicated area for Climate Action at the #MayoDay celebrations on Saturday, May 4, in Turlough House.

For more information see:

CLÁR 2019 – Open for Applications

CLAR 2019 Funding Image

The CLÁR funding scheme is a targeted investment programme for rural areas that aims to provide funding for small infrastructural projects in areas that experience disadvantage.

Funding is available for the following measures:

Measure 1    Support for Schools/Community Safety Measures

Measure 2    Schools/ Community Play Areas (including MUGAs)

Measure 3   Community Wellbeing Supports, comprising:

  • First Response Support
  • Mobility and Cancer Care Transport
  • Sensory Gardens

Expressions of Interest for Measures 1, 2 and 3c must be submitted to Community & Integrated Development, Mayo County Council, Cedar House, Moneen, Castlebar, Co Mayo or by email to by Thursday the 11th of April 2018.

Measure 3a and 3b applications must be submitted directly to the Department of Rural and Community Development.

Please note only 15 projects under Measure 1 and 2 will be shortlisted by Mayo County Council. Please refer any queries to the Community & Integrated Development Section, Mayo County Council on 094 9064397 or

The following are the minimum criteria for qualification:

  1. Match funding is available and ringfenced for the project.
  2. All necessary permissions are in place.
  3. Evidence of ownership/lease is available (if applicable).
  4. The facility is/will be open to the public without appointment.
  5. The project conforms to the LECP and/or other local or regional plans.
  6. No funding has been allocated for the same project from any other sources.


Full scheme details available here:

CLAR Ireland

Mayo County Council welcomes €31 million funding for offshore Wind Project off Belmullet Coast

Belmullet Town

Mayo County Council has welcomed the approval of a €31 million project for a four-year floating offshore wind project off the coast of Belmullet.

With funding now secured from Interreg North West Europe it is planned that the first full-scale floating wind turbine will be deployed for testing at the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland test site within three years.

Mayo County Council have worked tirelessly alongside the SEAI over the past three years to ensure this project received the green light and funding.

Peter Hynes, Chief Executive of Mayo County Council, welcomed the funding announcement said ; “We are delighted with the announcement of the proposed Floating Wind Project to be deployed off the coast of Belmullet. This places Mayo at the heart of the Renewable Energy Industry and offers huge opportunities for the development of supply chain and supporting industries to develop and flourish here in Mayo.”

Michael O’Boyle, Head of Marine Development with Mayo County Council, added; “Mayo County Council have been facilitating the SEAI over the last three years in developing its Offshore Test Site off the Belmullet Coast. We see this as the first step in harnessing what is the now considered the greatest Renewable Energy Resource anywhere in Europe if not the world.”

Cathaoirleach Cllr. Blackie Gavin also welcomed the announcement; “This breakthrough is great news for County Mayo and a reward for all the hard work of our Enterprise and Investment Unit and is a major step forward for Marine development on the West Coast. We look forward to seeing it being pushed ahead as a matter of urgency.”


Celebrating our communities on Mayo Day

The Big Hello - Mayo Day

National Community Weekend 4th – 6th May 2019

Mayo Day, the day dedicated to the celebration of the culture, vibrant communities and unquenchable spirit of Co Mayo, returns for its fifth year on Saturday 4th May 2019.

Mayo Day, Mayo Local Community Development Committee and the Department of Rural and Community Development’s ‘Big Hello’ National Community Weekend initiative have funding available for community events taking place from May 4th – 6th 2019.

We’re inviting communities to get involved by organising a

‘Big Hello’ local event under the theme of Mayo Day

Mayo Day and the ‘Big Hello’ Community Weekend are about connecting with neighbours and friends, strengthening relationships that are already established, opening new lines of communication to one another and fostering inclusivity for everyone.

There are many types of events that you can arrange from a Mayo Day ‘Street-feast’ to a coffee morning in the local Community Centre, a story-telling night, a sing-song or poetry reading, a performance or workshop.  The ways you can get involved in the name of Mayo Day and National Community Weekend are endless.

Typical grants will be in the €100 - €400 range per event.  If a community group has a larger initiative in mind, please contact us at or at 094 9064397 to explore your idea further.  Applications for Irish language events are particularly welcome.

You can easily apply at for funding. Download here (PDF) or here (MS Word)  The closing date for receipt of completed application forms is Friday, 22nd of March 2019.


Regional Festivals & Participative Events Programme 2019

Regional Festival Application Logo

The Regional Festivals & Participative Events Programme is aimed at supporting events which drive domestic tourism while also appealing to our best practice visitor segments. It is a competitive grant process. There is no guarantee of funding for festivals/events that achieve the minimum eligibility conditions. The fund is limited and all eligible applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis against the criteria set out in this document

To be considered for funding, applicants need to demonstrate the following:

  • That the festival/event must generate a minimum of 500 visitor or tourist bednights. Participative sporting events must generate a minimum of 800 visitor or tourist bednights. In the absence of valid accommodation surveys or audience surveys, the tourism impact may be estimated by Mayo County Council.
  • That the festival/event has a minimum expenditure of €10,000.
  • Other criteria are set out in the programme guidelines. All applicants are encouraged to read the programme guidelines carefully before applying for funding.

Owing to their limited tourism appeal, the following categories of festival and events are ineligible for funding from this programme:

  • Agricultural shows and countryside fairs.
  • Circuses and carnivals.
  • Christmas fairs and markets.
  • Purely commercial events with limited tourism appeal.

Applicants must consult the attached guidelines when preparing their applications.

Apply directly (by post only) to: Anna Connor, Tourism Officer, Mayo County Council, Cedar House, Moneen, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

Completed applications must be received by Mayo County Council before 5pm on Friday, March 29th 2019.

Download the 2019 Criteria and Application Forms Here:


Mayo Day Jersey Initial Launch Image

One County, One Team, One Jersey, ONE DAY

Mayo County Council, Mayo GAA and Elverys have come together for a very special campaign in celebration of one of the best-loved days of the year. This year’s #MayoDay on Saturday 4th May will be celebrated in Mayo, New York and around the globe. To mark the day in a special way, a strictly limited-edition Mayo Day GAA jersey will be worn by our beloved footballers for their first-round championship game against New York in Gaelic Park on Sunday 5th May.

The inspiration behind the #MayoDayJersey campaign comes from Mayo people, both at home and abroad, their pride and passion for the green and red has been running through the veins of Mayo, and the streets of New York for centuries. The Mayo Day jersey is an emblem for all the men and women who wear and have worn the colours with great pride, as we do here in

The retro design of the jersey reflects the quintessential GAA look and is modelled on the traditional style of a football jersey as a nod to the many pride-filled days in MacHale Park, Croke Park and Gaelic Park, where the green and red of Mayo has shone brightly from the stands.

Speaking of today’s exciting announcement, Peter Hynes, CE of Mayo County Council says “Mayo Day is an award-winning campaign that connects with our Mayo people around the globe. It is a unique initiative, in that we are the first and only County that celebrates the achievements of our people, our rich heritage, culture and community spirit on one dedicated day. if you are from Mayo, have visited Mayo, or like many people have a Grá for Mayo, Mayo Day connects us all on this one special day. This joint campaign for Mayo Day 2019 reinforces the pride and passion of the green and red that runs through the veins of Mayo people irrespective of where they are located in the world”

Mike Connolly Chairperson of the County Board outlined “Mayo GAA touches the lives of so many people at home and abroad through our clubs and our county teams. The combination of both Mayo Day and Mayo GAA into one campaign of green and red, is momentous and we hope people will get behind it whether they are at the match or enjoying Mayo Day at home or further afield!”

Managing Director at Elverys, Pat Rowland outlined “We are delighted to work with MAYO.IE and Mayo County Board on this campaign. The Mayo Day campaign has garnered worldwide attention over the last five years and the MayoDay jersey is a perfect fit for 2019.  Our designers here at Elverys worked closely with on the design of this limited-edition Retro style jersey which has already been received positively by players and supporters alike”

Manager of the Mayo Football team James Horan commented “It is great to be part of the launch of the Commemorative jersey which will be worn for the New York game as part of this year’s Mayo Day celebrations. Putting on a Mayo jersey is a huge source of pride for every Mayo player and is something that they are very aware of. We want to thank for all their support for the Mayo team and for running the #MayoDay campaign over the past 5 years.”


Mayo Entrepreneurs Win Innovation Award at Westmeath's Enterprise Award 2019

LEO Week - Efficient Farm

Westmeath's Enterprise Awards Part of Local Enterprise Week

Mayo man Alan Heaney along with business partner Niall McGauran won the Innovation Award for their business Efficient Farm Solutions Ltd at the Westmeath Enterprise Awards which took place in the Annebrook House Hotel, Mullingar on March 7th.

Efficient Farm Solutions Ltd (EFS Ltd) is a Westmeath Agri-tech company involved in the assembly, installation, commissioning, start up and service support of robotic milking, feeding and cleaning equipment. Their customers are both fulltime and part-time Irish dairy & beef farmers who want to improve performance and save labour through the use of farm automation.

Alan Heaney, together with business partner Niall Mc Gauran have agricultural degrees from UCD, and MBA qualifications from TCD in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Management Institute, and  collectively have over 25 years experience in export sales and global business from a young age. In June 2012, they established EFS Ltd and have not looked back since. Alongside EFS Ltd, they also run another Agri-Tech business that specialise in animal health monitoring and are in the middle of developing some of our own tech devices to help farmers increase production, save time and reduce labour.


LEO Week - Power Washing Ireland

A power washing business from Mullingar was Westmeath’s Overall winner on the night.

Enda and Syl Geoghegan of Exterior Building Cleaning Ltd T/a Power Washing Ireland took the top prize of €2,500  and will now represent Local Enterprise Office Westmeath at the 21st National Enterprise Awards on Wednesday 29th May in the Mansion House in Dublin

LEO Week - Slice of Life

Other winners at the Westmeath Enterprise Awards held at Annebrook House Hotel on Thursday March 7th included Elaine Allen of A Slice of Life Catering who took home the Best Start Up Award.

Judging is taking place in April and May and Exterior Building Cleaning Ltd T/a Power Washing Ireland will be competing against 30 other finalists from every local authority area for a share of the €40,000 prize fund. The Mansion House in Dublin is the venue for awards ceremony in May and categories this year include ‘Best Export Business,’ ‘Best Start Up Business’ and ‘Innovation,’ in addition to eight regional awards.

The Westmeath Enterprise Awards, by the Local Enterprise Office Westmeath are taking place as part of Local Enterprise Week 2019.  There are over 370 events taking place across the country for this year’s Local Enterprise Week, being organised by the network of Local Enterprise Offices nationwide.

Speaking during Local Enterprise Week Christine Charlton, Head of Enterprise with Local Enterprise Office Westmeath said: “Power Washing Ireland has already become a success story and the judges were particularly impressed by their business strategy and their success in domestic markets. The National Enterprise Awards are a great barometer for what the Local Enterprise Offices are doing and every year the standard is getting better and better and we are delighted to have Power Washing Ireland representing us in Dublin in May.”

5 other local Westmeath businesses were also shortlisted this year, and they were Conor Cochrane of Social Media Elite, Geoff Allen of Mersus Technologies, Paul Comiskey of Socrates Workforce Solutions, Tao Cui of OneFam  and Michéal Coughlan of Intersearch Ireland.

Among the special guests at the ceremony were PatGallagher, Chief Executive of Westmeath County Council, An Cathaoirleach, Cllr. John Dolan and Cllr. Una D’Arcy and Deputy Peter Burke. Members of the judging panel included NualaAnneCurley of Mullingar Chamber, Bernie Leavy of Westmeath Community Development and MarieManning of Manning Financial.

The awards were just one of the many highlights of Local Enterprise Week, which comes to an end on March 8th. All over the country, the 31 Local Enterprise Offices have been jointly running over 370 events aimed at start-ups, aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses in their area, to mark the week.

Other high-profile events during Local Enterprise Week included Women Making It Happen Event to mark International Women’s Day on March 8th and the Money Matters Seminar & Networking Event aimed at informing Westmeath entrepreneurs of avenues of funding they can avail of to help grow their business.

Older Road User Information Day

Older Driver Conference Launch

Are you aged 50 and over? Do you enjoy driving, cycling and walking but sometimes feel anxious on the road with all the changes there has been over the years?

To help you through some of the more stressful aspects of being a Road User today, an Older Road Users Information Day is being held in Breaffy House Hotel, Castlebar, on Thursday, 14 March 2019, from 9.30am to 1.00pm.

The event is free and is an Age Friendly initiative, organized by Mayo’s Older Persons Council, Mayo County Council’s Road Safety Section and the Community Section.

The event will cover a range of topics including changes in road traffic law, road layouts and traffic signs, how vehicles have changed over the years and how driving skills and habits have evolved.  Another element of the day will include a physiotherapist, optician and also those involved in the importance of physical activity.

The overall aim of the information day is to help improve the experience for Older Road Users and increase their awareness and knowledge on the current road systems/environment.

Representatives from Mayo County Council’s Road Safety Team, the Traffic Corps, an Optometrist, Disabled Drivers Association, Insurance Representative and an approved RSA Driving Instructor, along with many more, will be in attendance and will give presentations on the importance of being fully versed around the new road environment. They will also be available to give advice to drivers and to discuss any driving concerns that people may have.

Special guests on the day will include former RTÉ Newsreader; Michael Murphy and current Mayo Footballer; Andy Moran.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer with Mayo County Council, said: “Driving provides independence and is a valuable skill that should be nurtured for as long as possible, this unique conference will instill confidence in not only the driver but also older cyclist and pedestrians too.

“It is important for senior members of our community to be aware of changes to road rules and how to stay safe on our roads, both as an older driver, cyclist or pedestrian.

“Some Older Road Users are also choosing to use mobility scooters to maintain their independence and stay connected as they give the operator freedom and independence they would not normally have. With an increasing number of people using this mode of transport, the information provided on the day will be designed to assist operators to use the road and footpaths safely.

Marie Flanagan, Chairperson on Mayo’s Older Persons Council said;

 “The event is designed to help our older citizens to confidently navigate the roads and for longer. It will feature a range of helpful services and is completely free, so well worth a visit.”

Refreshments will be served on the day and the atmosphere is relaxed, you don't even have to be 50+ to come along!

As places are limited, its important to book in advance. To book and to learn more about the event please contact: Celena McCormack on 094-9064336 or e-mail or Mary Blowick on 094-906 4348 or

Mayo Arts Service is delighted to present, Grounded – A Youth Theatre Event

Grounded - Youth Event

Grounded has been supported by Creative Ireland. The event will take place on Saturday March 9th in GMIT, Castlebar from 10-5pm and the cost of running the event is covered by the funders.  It is aimed at those attending youth theatre or those with an interest in finding out more about youth theatre, and those in the 14-20 age range.

It promises to be a creative day.  Some of the highlights include a Dance Masterclass with Catherine Donnelly and a Physical Theatre Masterclass with Jed Murray.  There will also be an opportunity for the participating youth to get a free Acting headshot with a professional photographer.  The Event will be videoed.  Participants will have a chance to meet with other youth theatres in Mayo.  There will be a brief talk with Orla Henihan Arts Access officer Linenhall Arts Centre regarding attending theatre.  And if that’s not enough there’s also free Theatre tickets to Fishamble’s Underneath in the Linenhall (April 17th).  In line with the location of existing youth theatres there will be a free return Bus departing Ballina Arts Centre and Scoil Phádraig Westport to the event.  

Booking is essential for Grounded – Youth Theatre Event, via Mayo Arts Service: 094 9064367/094 9064376.  There are limited Spaces.  First come, first served.  A filled parental/guardian consent form is compulsory and can be obtained from the Arts Office.

Catherine Donnelly Dancer: Catherine Donnelly is a performer / choreographer member of Dance Ireland, living and based in Mayo, has been working as an independent dance artist for nearly 20 years. 

Jed Murray Performance Theatre:  is a writer, director, actor and drama facilitator from Dublin City centre. He has worked on projects such as ‘The Boys of Foley St’ (Anu). ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Love Hate’ and ‘Vikings’. 

Information Sheet:  Grounded - Youth Event - Info Doc

KCAT Residency in Mayo

KCAT Residency 2019

Mayo County Council Arts Service is delighted to announce details of their forthcoming Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent (KCAT) Residency. The residency will see five artists from the Callen based artists’s collective spend a week facilitating visual arts workshops with groups and artists with disabilities throughout Mayo from 19th to 22nd March 2019. Groups participating in the residency include Carrowbeg Artists Collective in Westport, Mayo Artsquad in Castlebar, Luisne Art Group in Ballinrobe and Western Care Visual Arts Group in Erris.

KCAT is a multi-disciplinary Arts Centre dedicated to the fostering and nurturing of creative ambition and professional development in the arts. Founded in 1999 the centre has continued to grow, develop and evolve according to demand and need since then. The ethos of the work at KCAT is firmly committed to realising the artistic ambition of the individual artists at the centre, a flexible approach to their development, access and inclusion for all and sustainability and continuity.

Artists from KCAT have a long history of exhibitting work nationally and internationally and will spend four days facilitating and shairing their skills and knowledge with local groups in Mayo. For further information go to

The residency project is one of a number of projects that have been made possible with funding from Creative Ireland, Mayo.

For further details on the residency please contact Damien O’Connor, Disability Arts’s Coordinator, Mayo County Council on 094 906 4363 or

Exercise “Tolerance” on Rural Roads

Drive It Home

With the fine weather we are experiencing at the moment farmers are busy spreading slurry so Mayo County Council has appealed to road users to exercise “tolerance” if they are caught behind farm machinery in the coming weeks and to ‘give farmers a break’, it’s one time of the rear that rural road rage peeps its head up. Car drivers who are used to keeping up a steady 80kph on country roads at other times of the year find their heart rates soaring and steam coming out of their ears as they stare at the rear end of a tractor, the tractor driver, (if he has a 50kph gearbox) has a maximum speed of 50kph to play with.

With the warmer weather of spring comes one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year for farmers –Spreading slurry or preparing ground for planting season. As farmers head to the fields to plant, farm-vehicle traffic increases on rural roads. The farming community encourage all drivers to exercise caution when approaching tractors and farm implements to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Motorists should recognize that farm machinery has a legal right to use public roads, as does any other motor vehicle.

Farm equipment is so big and slow, how could you possibly hit a farm vehicle? Consider this: A car travelling 90kph can close a 300-foot gap (the length of a football field) and overtake a tractor moving at 24 kph in about four seconds. If you do not begin to slow as soon as you see a farm vehicle, you might not have time to avoid a collision.

The road safety office of Mayo County Council offers some safety tips for motorists who find themselves sharing the road with farm equipment.

Farmers -- who drive their equipment on the roads -- will often try to get out of the way when they can, but they need drivers to be patient and wait for equipment to find a place to pull over.

Noel Gibbons Road safety officer said  that “drivers’ anxiety levels sky-rockets” when they find themselves stuck behind farm machinery, but that it is likely to delay the road user by just a couple of minutes.

The keys to sharing the road with farm equipment are caution and patience.

Even if you have to slow down to 30 kph and follow a tractor for two miles, it only takes six minutes of your time, which is equivalent to waiting for two Traffic lights.

“Country roads are unpredictable and, therefore, present far more challenges to drivers,” he warned.

Country crashes often result in greater numbers of fatalities and injuries because vehicles are usually travelling at higher speeds.

70 per cent of fatal road collisions between 1996 to 2010 occurred on rural roads.

Farmers are reminded to be cognizant of high traffic times, usually mornings and late afternoons. While it often is impossible to avoid operating on the roads during these times, it may be possible to limit road transportation and if there is a build up of traffic behind farm vehicles pull in and let traffic pass where it is safe to do so .

"It can often lead to drivers taking unnecessary risks and overtaking at the most inopportune times, creating a danger to themselves and to other road users."


  • Begin to reduce your speed immediately after seeing a slow moving vehicle emblem. Remember at 55 mph, a driver has about four seconds before colliding with a tractor a football field away.
  • Farm machinery operators may not be able to see you because the large equipment or load can block part of their rear-view mirror. If you can’t see the driver, the driver can’t see you.
  • Be extra cautious on wet pavements or when mud and debris from tractor tires are deposited on roadways, creating slippery conditions. On wet roads, stopping distance can be increased as much as five times.
  • Yield to wide approaching vehicles. Farm equipment is often wider than a normal traffic lane.
  • It is illegal and very dangerous to pass farm equipment in a no passing area. The relatively slow speed of farm equipment does not make it safe to pass in situations that are not otherwise lawful.
  • When passing be extra cautious. Tractors and other equipment maybe wider than they look from behind. Machinery that is half on the road and half on the shoulder may suddenly move completely on the road to avoid hitting obstacles such as mailboxes, road signs, and bridges.
  • Be sure there is adequate distance for you to clear the equipment and pass safely.
  • Check to be sure the machinery is not turning. Because of the size of today’s equipment, farmers often have to make wide left turns. Don’t assume that when the equipment veers right, the operator is pulling over for you to pass. The operator is likely preparing to make a wide left turn. Likewise, sometimes to make a right turn, the driver must fade to the left.
  • Be patient. Farm machinery can’t travel at high speeds. While most farmers will move to the side of the road to let traffic pass when they are able to do so safely


The next time you find yourself sharing the road with farm equipment, take a moment to appreciate the farmer’s life and be thankful for the food they provide. Making good driving decisions will help get you both safely to your destinations.

Coder Dojo Training Workshop at Castlebar Library this Saturday, March 2nd

Coder Dojo Logo

Mayo County Library is delighted to host a Coder Dojo training workshop this Saturday, 2nd March, at Castlebar Library. The aim of the workshop is to support youth workers to create spaces where local young people can learn programming and digital making to create change in the local and global communities.

The workshop will run from 10am to 4pm on Saturday. Places are limited and registration can be found at this link: Further information can be found by contacting 01 6573839 or

No experience is required so come along to learn something new.

Please note, to facilitate the training workshop, the library computer room will be closed to the public on the day.

Achill Sheepdog Neutering and Microchipping Scheme

Achill Sheepdog Neutering 2

Laura Mulligan, Dog Warden with Mayo County Council, attended and gave a presentation along with Mary Kane M.V.B. from West Vets at an Information evening in Achill last week for a Subsidised Scheme for Neutering and Microchipping Collies in the Achill Parish area.

This Scheme is being funded by Solar 21 who were represented on the night by Clare Herbert, Marketing & Communications Manager and is being facilitated by West Vets in Westport represented by Tom Fabby M.V.B. and Mary Kane M.V.B.

Anyone wishing to avail of this scheme should contact West Vets 098 25618.

- Border Collies/Sheep Dogs Only
- Maximum of 1 Dog Per Person
- Proof of Ownership Required
- Available at West Vets, Westport

Supported by: The Bradley Brothers, Solar 21, West Vets

Free Family Fun Day trí Ghaeilge Returns

Free Family Fun Day 2019 in Irish

Oifig na Gaeilge, Mayo County Council in conjunction with Conradh na Gaeilge are delighted to announce the return of Lá Spraoi Teaghlaigh trí Ghaeilge (Free Family Fun Day trí Ghaeilge).

A fun filled day out for all the family at Macalla Hall, Lough Lannagh, Castlebar; it takes place place during Seachtain na Gaeilge 2019 (1st-17th March) on Sunday 10th March, with events taking place between 2pm and 5pm.

With a wide range of activities taking place on the day, we extend an invitation to you and your family and hope you can join us on the day and make use of the Cúpla Focal.


Lá Spraoi Teaghlaigh trí  Ghaeilge ar ais linn

Tá sé de phléisiúr ag Oifig na Gaeilge, Comhairle Contae Mhaigh Eo i gcomhar le Conradh na Gaeilge a fhógairt go mbeidh Lá Spraoi Teaghlaigh trí Ghaeilge Ghaeilge saor in aisce (Free Family Fun Day trí Ghaeilge) á reáchtáil arís i mbliana.

Lá lán de spraoi is spórt a bheidh ann don teaghlach ag Halla Macalla, Loch Lannagh, Caisleán an Bharraigh; tá an ócáid á reáchtáil le linn Sheachtain na Gaeilge 2019 (1-17 Márta) Dé Domhnaigh,10 Márta, idir 2pm agus 5pm.

Tugaimid cuireadh duit féin agus do theaghlach freastal ar an ócáid seo ag a mbeidh réimse leathan gníomhaíochtaí ar siúl – ag súil go mbeidh tú ábalta bheith linn le triail a bhaint as do Chúpla Focal.

Comórtas Amhrán Nua-Chumtha Gaeilge

La Maigh Eo - Conradh na Gaeilge

Mar ullmhúchán do cheiliúradh Lá Mhaigh Eo ar an 4 Bealtaine 2019, tá Oifig na Gaeilge, Comhairle Contae Mhaigh Eo agus Conradh na Gaeilge - Togra Mhaigh Eo ag tabhairt cuiridh do na Bunscoileanna agus do na Meánscoileanna uile i Maigh Eo cur isteach ar Chomórtas Amhrán Nua-Chumtha Gaeilge. Is é sprioc an chomórtais teacht ar amhrán nua-chumtha i nGaeilge a bhfuil ‘Contae Mhaigh Eo’ mar théama aige. Fáiltítear roimh iontrálacha i seánra ceoil ar bith, idir cheol traidisiúnta, rac-cheol, popcheol srl. agus is é an t-aon choinníoll atá ann ná gur ceol agus liricí nua-chumtha i nGaeilge a bheidh i gceist. Tá seans go ndéanfar gearrliosta de na hiontrálacha agus beidh deis ag na buaiteoirí an t-amhrán a chasadh beo ag ceiliúradh Lá Mhaigh Eo (The Mayo Word) ag Teach Thurlaigh, Caisleán an Bharraigh ar an 4 Bealtaine 2019. Sonraí an Chomórtais:

  • An Chéad Duais do Bhunscoileanna - €500. An Chéad Duais do Mheánscoileanna - €500.
  • Casfaidh na buaiteoirí a gcuid amhrán ag ceiliúradh Lá Mhaigh Eo ar an 4 Bealtaine 2019.
  • Seoltar iontrálacha chuig mar aon le sonraí faoin Scoil agus faoin Cheoltóir / na Ceoltóirí
  • Is gá iontrálacha a chur isteach mar thaifeadadh MP3 nó CD amháin.
  • Níor cheart go mbeadh na hamhráin níos faide ná 5 nóiméad ar fhad.
  • Is gá gur ceol agus liricí nua-chumtha i nGaeilge a bheidh i gceist.
  • Ba cheart cóip de na liricí a chur isteach leis an taifeadadh MP3 nó CD.
  • Is féidir le ceoltóirí aonair, grúpaí nó cóir cur isteach ar an chomórtas seo.
  • Is é Dé hAoine, 5 Aibreán 2019 ag 5pm an dáta deiridh le haghaidh iarratas.
  • Tá tuilleadh eolais le fáil ach ríomhphost a sheoladh chuig

In the lead up to the Mayo Day celebrations on the 4 May 2019,  Oifig na Gaeilge of Mayo County Council and Conradh na Gaeilge of Togra Mhaigh Eo are inviting all National and Secondary Schools in Mayo to enter Comórtas Amhrán Nua-Chumtha Gaeilge.  The purpose of the competition is to find a newly composed song in the Irish Language with ‘County Mayo’ as the theme.  Applications are welcome in any genre from traditional, to pop, rock etc. and the only stipulation is that both music and lyrics be newly composed and in the Irish Language.  The entries maybe shortlisted and the winners will perform live at Mayo Day, (The Mayo Word) at Turlough House, Castlebar on the 4 May 2019.Competitions Details:

  • 1st Prize National School €500. 1st Prize Secondary School €500.
  • The Winning Songs will be performed at Mayo Day celebrations on the 4 May 2019.
  • Entries to be made by email to giving full details of School and Performer/s.
  • Entries to be made by means of MP3 or CD recording only.
  • Performance Piece to be no more that 5 minutes in duration.
  • The music and lyrics must be newly composed and in the Irish Language.
  • A copy of the lyrics must be submitted with the MP3 recording.
  • This competition is open to an individual performer, band, or choir.
  • Closing Date for submission must be no later that 5pm, Friday 5 April 2019.
  • Further information is available by emailing

Funding For Creative Events For Children - Cruinniú na nÓg 2019

Creative Ireland

Do you have an idea for a creative event for children and young people? Now you can make it happen! Mayo County Council is seeking proposals for events for children and young people during Cruinniú na nÓg, the national day of creativity on June 15th.

Artists, crafters, dancers, storytellers, makers, street artists, heritage workers, musicians, re-enactors, coders and workers in science and technology and all manner of experienced creative professionals, in any artform, craft or creative sphere are invited to make a proposal. Traditional skills practitioners or others with an expertise in landscape, flora & fauna/biodiversity, folklife, archaeological heritage, built heritage, history, vernacular architecture or any related field are also encouraged to consider how they might engage with Cruinniú na nÓg and its aim of doing, making, creating.

Closing date: Monday March 11th at 5pm

Information and application form at

For queries contact Austin Vaughan at or at 094 9047922

Mayo County Council exceed targets in social housing figures released today by Minister Murphy

Social Housing Target Infograph Feb 2019

Minister Eoghan Murphy has today (Wednesday) announced Social Housing figures delivered across the Country outlining individual figures per Local Authority

Head of Housing at Mayo County Council, Simon Shevlin outlined. “ The figures released today shows the progress that is being achieved here in Mayo as a result of a variety of solutions, that we are applying  to our housing need.  Our overall Social Housing Target achieved is up by almost 20% while our Build, acquisition and leasing target is up by 12%.  We are very aware that there is no quick fix, but our housing plan here in Mayo is showing real progress and as a local authority we will continue to deliver on our housing programme 2016-2021”

Minister Eoghan Murphy publishes breakdown of social housing delivery in 2018 on a local authority basis 

As part of a commitment to drive greater transparency and accountability for the delivery of social housing across the country, Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government Eoghan Murphy today (20 February, 2019) published social housing delivery figures for the high-level programmes of build, acquisition, leasing, HAP and RAS for all 31 local authorities.

In 2018, delivery against target has been published, on a quarterly basis, on the Rebuilding Ireland website and the full year of activity by each local authority can now be reviewed on the website.

Overall, the target for social housing delivery in 2018, under Rebuilding Ireland, was exceeded by 6% and the housing needs of over 27,103 households were met.

Of note is the following:

  • 8,422 new homes were brought into the active social housing stock through build, acquisitions, voids and leasing programmes in 2018. (4,251 build; 560 renovated voids; 2,610 acquisitions & 1,001 long-term leased).
  • There was an 85% increase in new build social homes in 2018 when compared to 2017 (excluding voids).
  • The number of new social housing homes built in 2018 was eight times greater than the number built in 2015, the year before Rebuilding Ireland (excluding voids).
  • Construction figures from December 2018 show almost 5,000 new social housing homes currently being built across 291 sites and this is being added to on a weekly basis.
  • 38% delivered by AHB’s in partnership with local authorities.
  • New build and long term leasing is helping us move away from HAP solutions as demonstrated by the fact that new HAP solutions did not increase significantly in 2018, but all other delivery streams did.

At last week’s Housing Summit Minister Murphy took the opportunity to discuss individual rates of delivery for each local authority against their target and also stressed the need to further accelerate and enhance delivery pipelines, in particular new-build activity.

Minister Murphy again reaffirmed the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government commitment to supporting local authorities and Approved Housing Bodies deliver much-needed homes across the country. He emphasised that funding and resources are not an issue and that any delivery targets set for local authorities are minimum targets and stressed the importance of each local authority doing as much as possible.

In Galway, where there are significant delivery challenges, Minister Murphy is establishing a Galway Housing Delivery Task Force, which will be chaired by Ms. Geraldine Tallon, former Secretary General. Ms. Tallon currently chairs the Cork Housing Delivery Task Force, which has supported Cork City Council deliver 117% of their build target and Cork County Council 126% of their build target.

Mayo County Council Plays Their Part In A 'Recycle For Sight Campaign'

Recycle For Sight Campaign

As spring cleaning gets under way, Westport Lions Club has partnered with Mayo County Council’s Derrinumera Civic Amenity Centre to collect used prescription eyeglasses and prescription and non-prescription sunglasses as part of the Lions Club Recycle for Sight campaign. The collected glasses will be sent by Westport Lions Club to a Regional Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre where they will be cleaned, categorised by prescription and prepared for distribution in developing countries where eyecare is often unaffordable and inaccessible.

“We were delighted when Killian Farrell, Deputy Manager of Derrinumera Civic Amenity Centre contacted Westport Lions Club to partner in this initiative. We need everyone to donate their used eyeglasses. In most developing countries, an eye exam can cost as much as one month’s wages and a single eye doctor may serve a community of hundreds of thousands of people. In addition, it fulfils our aim of contributing to Climate Action through recycling.” said Tanya Whyte, President of Westport Lions Club, and employee of Mayo County Council.

Eyeglasses can be brought to Derrinumera Civic Amenity Centre and left in the specially marked Lions Recycle for Sight collection boxes located at Reception. Additional drop-off location in Westport: O’Farrell Optician, The Mall.

Photo: Tanya Whyte, President Westport Lions Club & Killian Farrell, Deputy Manager, 
Derrinumera Civic Amenity Centre

Mayo Association Dublin Networking Breakfast

Mayo Association Dublin Network Breakfast

Mayo Association Dublin is hosting a networking and mentoring breakfast for Mayo people based in Dublin, with the idea being to connect Mayo people who are starting in their career with people who have already made progress - allowing for mentoring and networking at all levels. The event will take place in Byrne Wallace on Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, on Friday 1st March with a 7.30am sharp start time, concluding just before 9am.

Looking for both mentees and mentors to sign up and come along on the day.

Further details and the booking system are linked below:

Please do feel free to forward this email on to any Mayo people who you think might enjoy/benefit from the event.

If you have any questions, you can contact one of the organisers, Adrian Langan, on 087 9331014 or

Drivers urged to take car at roadworks

My Daddy Works Here

The Road Safety Office of Mayo County Council is calling on all motorists to take extra caution at roadworks on our roads.

Reports have come in of people jumping the red light at roadworks and speeding through work sites throughout the county, especially on the Newport-Westport road at Kilmeena.

Mayo County Council have liaised with An Garda Siochana and Inspector Dennis Harrington has deployed Garda cars to undertake speed and road safety checks in and around the roadworks.

The Road Safety Office are also bringing back the ‘My Daddy Works Here’ campaign which proved successful in the recent past. A number of signs depicting pictures of children appealing to motorists to drive with care have been erected at the Kilmeena roadworks.

These works are continuing until the end of 2019.

Road Safety Officer with Mayo County Council, Noel Gibbons, said; ““As the evening begin to get a little bit longer, road works become increasingly familiar sights along Irish roads. But we should not let familiarity become complacency.

"Even though many of us will be driving through road works every day, we should continue to keep our eyes wide open and obey the posted rules of the road. Lives depend upon it.”



Mayo County Council’s Arts Service is now inviting applications for UPSTART 2019.  The deadline for applications is 5.00 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

Mayo County Council’s Arts Service has made a considerable commitment to the development of quality Arts and Disability activity in County Mayo through flagship projects and ongoing programmes. 

Since 2010, through the UPSTART programme, the Arts Service has provided funding for 46 collaborative projects involving arts organizations, artists, venues, disability organizations/ groups of people with disabilities.

The collaborative projects in Mayo have led to a variety of extremely high-quality artistic outcomes including exhibitions, films, workshops, music, theatre and dance performances.   For information on UPSTART projects to date, see:

If you would like to apply to the scheme please download an application form, with information about the eligibility criteria, at this link:

If you would like to book a place on a One to one information session to discuss a project application on this year’s scheme, contact Damien O’Connor on 094 906 4363 or

Information sessions will be held at: 

  • Áras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet on 27th February from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar on 6th March from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • Ballina Arts Centre, Ballina on 13th March from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

For further information on the UPSTART programme, contact Damien O’Connor, Disability Arts coordinator, Mayo County Council, 094 906 4363, |

Diversions in Place at N17 - Charlestown

Charlestown Diversion 14-02-2019

Mayo County Council are aware of an incident in Charlestown this morning, following which the main street is closed to traffic.

The area has been closed off due to health and safety as remedial works are underway.

Mayo County Council are liaising with Gardai, who are at the scene, and diversions are in place for cars but HGVs and larger vehicles are advised to take an alternative route.

The N17 is closed in both directions for Heavy Goods Vehicles.

HGV’s heading North on the N17 are advised to use the N5 east and the R293 and rejoin the N17 at Collooney.

HGV’s heading South on the N17 are advised to use the R294 west, N26 & N5 and rejoin the N17 at Charlestown.

It is expected these diversions will be in palce until at least 6pm this evening (February 14).

Further updates will be available throughout the day.

Mayo County Council collects two awards at Local Authority Awards night in Dublin

LAMA Awards

Two Mayo County Council projects picked up awards at the Local Authorities Members Association (LAMA) Awards in Croke Park, Dublin, on Saturday night, February 9.

Community Representatives and Mayo County Council joined together at the All-Ireland Community and Council Awards where Westport Leisure Park Running Club were crowned overall national winner in the Best Community Sports Club category and ‘The Tubber Hill Housing scheme and master plan, a piece of Urbanism – An alternative to 9 bungalows’ took the Silver award in the Best Social Housing Initiative category.

These national awards, presented by LAMA, and IPB Insurance highlight and celebrate community and councils working together in our communities, bringing national recognition to novel and progressive projects and developments that may otherwise go unacknowledged.

Mayo County Council were shortlisted as a finalist this year in five categories and as a contender for ‘Council of the Year’, having won the award previously in 2018.

Speaking after the council collected two awards in Croke Park, Mayo County Council Chief Executive, Peter Hynes, said; “I would like to acknowledge all of the projects that were submitted for this competition and in particular the five projects that were named as finalists from Mayo”.

“Significant work takes place all around this county where Mayo County Council and communities come together to deliver on new and novel initiatives that benefit all who live in our county and it is great to see the county bring home two awards”.

Leas-Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, Cllr Michael Loftus, said; “A well-deserved congratulations to the two projects which took home national awards and to our other finalists who deserved their recognition on the night”.

“It’s a fantastic achievement for Mayo projects to continue to do so well and bringing success to the county on a national stage”.

The full list of Mayo County Council projects announced as national finalists were:

  • ‘Drive Safer for Longer’ – Mayo County Council and Mayo Older People’s Council in the Best Community Health Initiative category.
  • Running Club at Westport Leisure Park in the Best Community Sports Team/Club category.
  • Mayo Cancer Support, Rock Rose House, Castlebar, in the Best Community Based Initiative.
  • ‘Soundworlds Early Years Music Programme’ – Mayo County Childcare Committee and Music Generation Mayo in the Best Education/Training Initiative category.
  • ‘The Tubber Hill Housing Scheme and Master Plan, A piece of Urbanism – An alternative to 9 Bungalows’ – Mayo County Council Architects Section in the Best Social Housing Initiative.

Westport Running Club - LAMA

Westport Leisure Park Running Club, National Winners Best Community Sports Club/Team Category.  From left Yvonne Byrne, Westport Leisure Park, Cllr PJ Reilly (Longford), LAMA Executive Board Member, Colette Sweeney, Westport Leisure Park, Paul Feeney, Westport Leisure Park, Cllr Mags Murray (Fingal), Chairperson LAMA Executive Board.

Mayo Architects - LAMA Awards

Mayo County Council Architects Section, Silver Award Winner in the Best Social Housing Initiative Category.  From left Liam Hanrahan, A/Director of Services, Mayo County Council, Cllr Michael Loftus, Leas-Cathaoirleach, Mayo Council, Noelle Angley, Architects Section, Mayo County Council.

Notice of New One-Way Traffic Systems - Westport

One Way Traffic - Westport

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 10(3) of the Roads Act 1993 that Mayo County Council is changing the direction of roads in Westport at Knockranny Slip Road and Patrick’s Terrace/Reek View Terrace/Pearse Terrace commencing Thursday 7th February 2019 at 7 a.m.  


Knockranny Slip Road:                                     To change one-way direction of LT –28014-1 from east – west to one-way direction west – east from junction with N5 to junction with Knockranny Road LT -58521-20


Patrick’s Terrace /Reek View Terrace

Pearse Terrace:                                                  To change from two-way direction to one-way direction anticlockwise from Patrick’s Terrace LT-68001-0 to Reek View Terrace LT-68001-4 to Pearse Terrace LT-68001-7


These changes will come into effect at 7 a.m. on Thursday 7th February 2019.



Signed:  Padraic Walsh,

                Head of West Mayo Municipal District.


See maps attached:


Knockranny Link Road

Pearse Terrace, Reek View & St. Patricks Terrace


Free Electrical Recycling Day in Claremorris and Ballyhaunis

Free Recycling February 2019

Two free electrical recycling days are coming up in Claremorris and Ballyhaunis for any household waste electrical items, batteries or energy saving lightbulbs

- Claremorris: Saturday February 16th, 10am to 4pm at Market Square Car Park

- Ballyhaunis: Saturday February 23rd, 10am to 4pm at Knox Street Car Park reports 250 vacant units being brought back into use

Vacant Homes 2

Good news on the housing supply front as, the portal website initiated by Mayo County Council which allows the public to anonymously log empty homes, is reporting 250 vacant units are in the process of being renovated or have been brought back into use.

With more than 2,500 properties currently on the site identified as being vacant, Tom Gilligan, Director of Services with Mayo County Council, is thankful for the public efforts towards solving the housing crisis: “Bringing vacant homes back into use benefits everyone. Apart from providing much needed social housing, it also helps communities by breathing new life into areas that need rejuvenation. We all know that increasing the supply of housing will help in our efforts to solving the homeless situation. Bringing empty units back into use helps protect local services and stimulates the local economy. It also makes sense from an environmental and climate change perspective, as a lot of the key infrastructure such as roads and utilities are already in place. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

To date vacant homes logged on the site: Leinster 50%, Munster 33%, Connacht 14%, Ulster 3%.

Properties registered: Detached 34%, Semi-detached 31%, Terraced 26%, Flat/Apartment 6% and Other 3%.   

The information that provides is assisting Local Authority Vacant Home Officers in their efforts to contact owners of empty homes in order to advise them of options available to help bring their property back to life. Schemes such as the Repair and Leasing and Buy and Renew schemes are routes that owners can avail of upfront finance and both schemes are currently complimenting each other.

In County Mayo alone, there are Agreements to Lease signed under the Repair and Leasing Scheme for 11 units and there are definite signs that interest in this scheme is growing and further units are anticipated. To date 3 units have been completed in Co Mayo via the Buy and Renew scheme and the Council is currently assessing projects with the potential to deliver another 19 units.

Although, the Repair and Lease Scheme has failed to reach the targets which were initially set, there are signs that’s the new revamped scheme is gaining traction with more and more enquiries happening on a daily basis. has also seen recent modifications and enhancements, which will assist further the work of local authorities and will help accelerate the continued drive towards modernisation and better exploiting the potential of digital in the delivery of services. This new technology will aid the Government’s efforts in reducing homelessness and the terrible eyesore of empty units across the country.

The support of the Vacant Homes Unit in the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government has been instrumental in assisting Mayo County Council’s work and development of

Hard-hitting show to drive home road safety message to young drivers

Road Safety Roadshow - Richard Al

More than 1,600 teens will attend a hard-hitting road safety event tomorrow (Thursday 7th) at 11am  in the Breaffy House Hotel, Castlebar.

The AXA road safety road show used graphic crash imagery to tell the story of how a night out ended in tragedy and permanent disability for one young driver.

The students also hear from a funeral undertaker, a family member of a deceased road traffic accident victim, a car crash survivor, and others, on the real-life, tragic, consequences of dangerous driving.

In order to ensure ‘street cred’ amongst the young audience it is considered appropriate to display hard-hitting images and to use strobe lighting during the presentations. The Traffic and Road Safety Section believe that this is a very worthwhile event, which will hopefully leave a positive and lasting impression on the young people present.  With fatal collisions at 18 to date, and 150 killed in 2018 this highlights the importance of the road safety message.

And most fatal and serious injury collisions happen during winter months - due to the dark nights and poorer road conditions, statistics show.

Astonishingly, one in five accidents are a result of occupants not wearing a seatbelt.

Noel Gibbons road safety officer said “The effects are well documented - too many people are being killed on our roads or seriously injured for life.”

“We hope that young people will learn from this event, think twice about the seriousness of safety when driving and realise the consequences of taking risks on the road.”

Mayo County Council welcome Meissner to Mayo

IDA Building - Meissner

Today, Mayo County Council welcomed the announcement by IDA Ireland that Meissner Filtration Products are set to become the main tenant in the IDA's Advanced Technology Building Castlebar, resulting in up to 150 jobs for Co Mayo over the next 5 years. This is a much-welcomed result of the ‘Invest in Mayo’ campaign, which was launched in February 2018.

Peter Hynes, CE of Mayo County Council said, “Together with the support of Mayo County Council, the IDA has significantly developed the foreign direct investment interest in the west of Ireland in recent years, the presence of leading international companies such as Allergan, Hollister, Baxter and Ballina Beverages in Mayo is testament to our joint efforts. Today's announcement further deepens the IDA’s commitment to Co Mayo and we whole-heartedly welcome Meissner Filtration Products to their new home in the Advanced Technology Building in Castlebar.  I know that the ‘will do’ attitude of the Mayo people will compliment Meissner’s excellent track record, helping them to earn further success into the future

Cllr Blackie Gavin, Cathaoirleach Mayo County Council, said “Today’s announcement of the investment from Meissner Filtration Products is another landmark day for Castlebar. Demonstrating that we have the skills, infrastructure and talent available here to allow companies like Meissner to grow and embed their operations in the west of Ireland.

The state-of-the-art Advanced Technology Building is a magnificent building that greatly adds to Castlebar’s offering and with Meissner Filtration Products as the lead tenants the future looks bright for Castlebar.

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The Crucible, Ballina Art Centre, 19th and 20th July 2019.

Mayo Youth Theatre present a Timeless Classic: The Crucible. On Friday 19th & Saturday 20th July at 8pm, Ballina Arts Centre will host Mayo Youth Theatre’s production of Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible. The production is directed by MYT Facilitator Ronan Colhoun and stars members of Mayo Youth Theatre...

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Arts Act 2019

For Mayo based groups/organisations seeking assistance with activities/events which stimulate public interest in the arts, promote knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts, or assist in improving standards of the Arts in the County. Arts Acts deadline is the 7th June 2019. ...

(General Council; Dated: 13/05/2019 09:59:00)

Poetry Day celebrations on Mid-West Radio and display for Mayo Day.

During March and April, Mayo Arts Service and Mayo Day in partnership with Poetry Ireland provided a poetry and art workshop to four primary schools in the Castlebar, Co. Mayo. The participating primary schools worked with Mayo poet, Terry Mc Donagh and Mayo Artsquad Artist, Rónán Quigley. During t...

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Arts and Disability Awards Recipients Announced

In celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, (Tuesday 3rd December, 2019) Mayo County Council’s Arts Service is delighted to announce the recipients of the UPSTART 2019 awards. Mayo County Council’s Arts Service has made a considerable commitment to the development of Arts an...

(General Council; Dated: 07/05/2019 10:03:00)

Bealtaine 2019

Mayo County Council Arts Service is delighted to launch its Bealtaine Programme 2019 and to mark the opening of the Exhibition ‘In the Making’, Foyer, Linenhall Art Centre on Monday 29th April at 2.30pm.

(General Council; Dated: 18/04/2019 11:52:00)

Opportunity for Artists in all art forms.

Announcing a wonderful opportunity for Artists (all art forms) to broaden their practice, receive training and project fees, develop creative partnerships with teachers, and transform the lives of children in every County in Ireland... CALL OUT FOR ARTISTS for 8th – 12th July 2019 The TEACHER...

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