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GRITTERS could be out in Mayo due to roads melting in the heatwave


Gritting lorries could be out in Co. Mayo - because the hot weather heatwave risks melting the roads. A regular sight during the Beast From the East, it turns out gritting lorries are not just for winter after all. 

Mayo County Council has announced that its gritters are on standby to deal with melting roads in the blazing sunshine. A statement said: "Our lorries with tailboard gritters are on standby at our depots to go into operation on request during this hot weather.  "We are having hot weather over the coming weeks, with some air temperatures reaching over 30 degrees. With this, our gritters might need to come out – so we’d like to give you a heads-up so you don’t wonder what they’re up to.

Some roads are already starting to fattening up which requires road users to adjust their driving by reducing their speed and allow longer stopping distances. 

What will the hot weather do to our roads? "When the sun is out for a while, it can start to make the bitumen on the roads much softer than usual, which can alter the way drivers use our roads.

"It might not always seem too warm at 30 degrees (although it will certainly be ice-lolly weather), the roads absorb the heat, which can make the roads almost 20 degrees higher. A change in the roads structure can happen, which is similar to melting.

But why the gritters? Aren’t they just for winter? "With the hot weather continuing, our grit lorries are on standby to go out and spread crushed rock dust – a common method used to create a non-stick surface and limit damage to the road surface. "Please stay safe while travelling please reduce your speed and avoid harsh breaking 


Posted: 27/06/2018
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