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The Mayo Diaspora website is a new and exciting website which was launched in June 2011 and is available online. 

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The website is set to be the `Master Mayo’ Website, a site which will bring together all information on mayo and give the millions of Mayo people worldwide, an opportunity to connect and interact with each other. This connection maybe on a one to one basis or indeed in groups based on common interests, locations or Regions within Mayo.  As users of the website you will have the opportunity to create your own personal profile outlining where you are in the world, what your interests are and you will have the opportunity to discuss topics of interest to you and other people!!  The website will be available to communities worldwide to share information about their localities, using maps pictures videos and more.

While there are many social networking sites available and out-there, this is the first website that has been designed that is specific to people of Mayo across the Globe, and we are many!!!

If you have Mayo connections or if you are interested in anything about Mayo, please sign up to this group by:

...and ensure you are part this new, unique and innovative project.

If you have any specific enquiries contact us by email at

(This project is being carried out by Mayo County Council)

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