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Castlebar Town and Environs Plan 2008-2014

Castlebar & Environs Development Plan 2008 - 2014

Castlebar Town and Environs Plan 2008-2014 incorporating Variation No.1 made on 6th January 2011; Variation No.2 made on the 17th October 2011; Variation No.3 made on 11th February 2013; Variation No. 4 made on the 16th January 2017; Variation No. 5 made on 10th July 2017

Forward Planning Updates

Variation No. 5 to the Castlebar and Environs Plan 2008-2014 was made on the 10th July 2017

Castlebar & Environs Development Plan 2008-2014


Deferral of notices for the Ireland West Airport Knock Local Area Plan 2012-2018

Cheif Executive's Report






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