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National Planning Regulations

The Minister for the Environment and Local Government has made the Planning and Development Regulations, 2001 (S.I. No. 600 of 2001). These Regulations are intended to implement the Planning and Development Act, 2000 in its entirety. On 7th March 2002, the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Noel Dempsey, T.D. made Regulations (S.I. 70 of 2002) to amend certain map scales required to be submitted under the Planning and Development Regulations, 2001 (S.I. 600 of 2001).

The Regulations, and related provisions of the 2000 Act, will be brought into force on 2 commencement dates. The Parts coming into force on 21 January, 2002 include the provisions on exempted development. The remainder of the Regulations, including the provisions relating to development control, will be brought into operation on 11 March, 2002. The Local Government (Planning and Development) Acts, 1963 to 1999 (and the Regulations made under that Act) will then be repealed.

The Regulations incorporate and update the Local Government (Planning and Development) Regulations, 1994 to 2000 (which were made under the 1963 Planning Act) and all the Regulations made to date under the Planning and Development Act, 2000 itself. A number of important changes have been made to the procedural requirements set out in the 1994 Regulations, firstly to reflect the new provisions of the 2000 Act and, secondly, to ensure that the Regulations reflect new circumstances and requirements arising since the 1994 Regulations were made. In particular, changes have been made to procedures for the processing of planning applications to ensure that the great number of applications now being made annually can be processed as efficiently as possible.

The Regulations

The Regulations are in 17 Parts and 12 Schedules.

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Forward Planning Updates

In accordance with Section 11 of the Planning and Development Acts 2000–2017, the Planning & Development Regulations 2001–2018 and Planning & Development (SEA) Regulations 2004 as amended, Mayo County Council hereby gives notice of its intention to review the Mayo County Development Plan 2014–2020 and prepare a new Development Plan for the period 2020 – 2026.

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