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Transcript: Post Application Procedures & The Decision Process

What happens next after I make an application?

Your application will be acknowledged within a few days, and be placed on the planning register in the planning authority offices for public inspection.

It will also be included on the lists of planning applications displayed in the Council offices, public libraries, and circulated to certain interested groups.

A Council official will usually inspect the development site, you may be asked to make an appointment to allow access.

How is the decision made?

In making the decision the planning authority takes a number of matters into account including:

  • The proper planning and development of the area e.g. appropriate land use, zoning
  • Road safety, development density, size, location, adherence to established planning and development practices
  • Their own development plan
  • Submissions and observations made by members of the public on the application

It may not take non planning issues into account e.g. boundary or other disputes, questions more properly resolved through legal means etc.

How long will Planning Permission last?

The standard duration for planning permission, permissions or outline permission, is 5 years from the date of the grant of the permission by the planning authority or An Bord Pleanála.

Can I get copies of documents relating to a Planning Application?

Yes, while we’re not legally obliged to do so, planning authorities have been asked to so sell on request copies of any part of a planning application file at a reasonable cost.

Who enforces Planning decisions?

This is the responsibility of the planning authority which has right enforcement powers to ensure development is carried out in conformity with planning permission, and to halt and rectify unauthorised development.

How can I stop unauthorised development?

If you think someone if developing or using land without or contrary to a planning permission you should contact the planning authority, we’ll investigate the matter.  Any person has the right to apply to either the Circuit or High Courts for an order restraining unauthorised development or use of land or requiring compliance with the planning permission.  Court orders can, depending on the circumstances, be obtained in extremely short notice, and the courts will ensure compliance with any order made.

Can I rectify a planning error?

Genuine mistakes can be made about the need for planning permission.  If you undertake unauthorised development you may apply for permission to retain it, however, this approach should not be relied upon in order to avoid seeking planning permission before certain work as you may not necessarily be granted permission for retention or you may be required to carry out costly modifications.

Do I need any other type of permission?

You will not be entitled solely by reasonable planning permission, to carry out your proposed development.  You may need other approvals depending on the type of development.  For example all new buildings, extension, alterations and certain changes of use of existing buildings must comply with building regulations, which set out basic design and construction requirements.

How will I know if permission has been granted?

The decision to grant permission with or without conditions will be notified to you, and to anyone who commented on the application.  What you get is a notice of intention to grant permission, during a period of one month, beginning on the date of making this decision, you or anyone else may appeal to An Bord Pleanála.  Where there is no appeal, the planning authority will formally give you the grant information at the end of the appeal period, you must not commence work until you receive this notification.  If the decision is appealed, you will receive from An Bord Pleanála either the grant information with or without whatever condition the Bord considers appropriate, or if the Bord decides refusal of permission. 

Where the planning authority decides to refuse your application, their reasons will be included in the notification sent to you.  The same period for appeal, 4 weeks will apply here.

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