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Transcript: Required Public Notice & Further Information

What public notice must I give?

You must give public notice of your proposal 2 weeks prior to making an application.  It is necessary to inform the public of this as they are entitled to make a submission on the application.  The potential applicant must notify the public by the following two methods:

  • By publishing a notice in a locally circulating newspaper.  The following are the newspapers accepted by Mayo County Council to advertise a planning application:  Western People, Connaught Telegraph, Mayo News, Evening Herald and the Irish Independent (see full list on website) 


  • By erecting a site notice, which must be on durable, weatherproofed material.  It must be in a conspicuous position on the land or structure, so as not to be obscured at any time.  Where there is more than one entrance to the site further site notices will be required.  A site notice must be A4 size, printed in indelible ink on a white background for a first notice.  If you apply for permission for a subsequent development on the same site within 6 months of the first application, the site notice must be in yellow.

What needs to be in the newspaper and site notices?

These must identify the name of the person applying for permission, the type of permission applied for and specify the nature and extent of the proposed development.  The location, townland or postal address of the site to which the application relates must be included in the notices.  Full details of the information to be contained in the notices are given in the explanatory notes to the application forms. The planning authority will provide you with a site notice form which sets out details which must be included on a site notice.

What should I ask myself before sending in my application?

  • Do I need to ask the planning authority for advice on my proposal or on making the application
  • Am I making the correct type of application i.e. for permission or outline permission
  • Have I completed the application form correctly
  • Have I enclosed all the correct documents, with the required amount of detail and the correct number of copies
  • Have I paid the correct fee
  • Is my newspaper notice in compliance with the Regulations, in an approved paper within the time limit
  • Is my site notice in compliance with the Regulations, erected within the time limit, and sited correctly
  • Have I included all necessary information (e.g. do I need to include results of percolation tests for a septic tank)
  • Do I need to meet any other non-planning requirements? (e.g. fire safety certificate under the building regulations, consent to connect to a public sewer)

Further Information

Within 8 weeks of receipt of a planning application the planning authority may by notice in writing require the applicant:

  • To submit any further information (including any plans, maps, drawings or any information as to any interest in or right over land) the planning authority considers necessary to enable it to deal with the application


  • To produce any evidence which the planning authority may require to verify any particulars or information given in or in relation to the application

If the further information required by the planning authority is not submitted the planning application will be withdrawn after 6 months from the date of requirement for further information.

When a planning authority receives further information and it considers this information to contain significant additional data the planning authority will:

  • Send a notice and a copy of the further information to the relevant bodies (Roads, Environment, Water Services etc)
  • Notify any person who made a submission or observation in relation to the planning application as soon as possible following receipt of the further information
  • Require the applicant to publish a notice in the approved newspaper, containing as a heading the name of the planning authority, marked "Further Information" or "Revised Plans", as appropriate.

Planning Clinics

Planning Clinics are held at the following Mayo County Council Offices every Wednesday between 09:30 to 12:30  (unless otherwise stated in the clinic update below)


Arran Place


Kilmaine Road


Church Road


Aras an Chontae


Kilcommon Road


Station Road


Ballinrobe Road

No prior appointment is necessary to avail of this service.

Clinic Update:

All clinics are running as normal



Forward Planning Updates

Mayo County Development Plan Review Process is Paused until after the Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy (RSES) is published.

The RSES is due to be published in early 2019, please check back then for further updates on the preparation of the County Plan.


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