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Other Exempted Developments

Other Exempted Developments

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Note:  Please view General Notes on Exempted Development for more information.

Fences & Landscaping

Can I erect walls, fences and gates?

Capped walls made of brick, stone or block with a decorative finish, railings and wooden fences can be erected as long as they do not exceed 1.2 metres in height in front of your house or 2 metres at the side or rear. If the wall is made of plain blocks or mass concrete it must be plastered. Gates and gateways may be built or replaced providing they do not exceed 2 metres in height. You will need planning permission if you wish to make a new or wider access to the public road.

Can I build paths, ponds and patios?

Car parking spaces, hard surfacing, garden paths, garden ponds and patios etc. are exempt once they are not more than 1 metre above or below existing ground level. There are no other limitations to the rear of the house but no more than 2 car parking spaces to the side or front of the house are exempt.

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Internal & External Works

Can I carry out internal alterations, external repairs and maintenance?

You can carry out any internal alterations you wish as long as you do not alter the domestic use of the house.  External works of repair, maintenance and improvement such as painting or replastering do not need planning permission so long as they do not materially affect the external appearance, thus rendering the appearance inconsistent with neighbouring buildings. You may need approval for certain external alterations e.g, a new connection to a sewer.

This exemption does not apply to buildings listed for preservation in the local development plan or draft development plan nor to the subdivision of a house into flats or granny flats. Planning permission must be obtained for such works.

Can I convert my garage to domestic use?

The conversion for use as part of a dwelling house (e.g. as a living room or bedroom) of a garage, store. shed, etc. attached to the rear or side of a house is normally exempted development, subject to the 40 square metre limit and conditions as set out the "Can I Build an Extension?" Question.

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Can I demolish an old building?

You can demolish without permission a building other than-

  • a habitable house, or
  • a protected structure or a proposed protected structure;
  • a building in a terrace or one which is attached to another building in separate ownership.

However, it does not automatically follow that you will get permission to build a replacement.

It also includes a building where the last permitted use was as a house, even if it has been in unauthorised use since.

habitable house includes a structure which was last used as a dwelling even if it is now in an unlivable condition.

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Can I build a chimney and a boiler house?

A boiler house or a chimney for a central heating system or an oil storage tank (up to 3,500 litres capacity) is exempted development.

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Can I put up a television aerial?

A radio or TV aerial on your roof is exempt once it does not exceed 6 metres in height above the roof. A satellite dish up to 1 metre across and below the top of the roof is exempted development only to the rear or side of the house. A dish to the front needs permission.

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Can I store caravans and boats?

One caravan or one boat may be stored in your garden for up to 9 months of the year as long it is not lived in or used for business purposes.

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Can I put up advertisements?

You do not need permission for domestic advertisements up to 0.3 square metres in area, such as your house name or number and "Beware of Dog" type signs. If selling or letting your house the size increases to 0.6 square metres but only one advertisement. is allowed and it may not be left up any longer than 7 days after the sale or letting.

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Planning Clinics

Planning Clinics are held at the following Mayo County Council Offices every Wednesday between 09:30 to 12:30  (unless otherwise stated in the clinic update below)


Arran Place


Kilmaine Road


Church Road


Aras an Chontae


Kilcolman Road


Ballinrobe Road



No prior appointment is necessary to avail of this service.

Clinic Update: No Clinics in Swinford

Please check with the planning office to see if clinincs are running as normal over the summer period



Forward Planning Updates




At its April 2019 meeting, the Northern & Western Regional Assembly resolved to Materially Amend the Draft Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy (published in November 2018).   

These amendments are now available to view on , together with the accompanying SEA & AA documentation.

 It is open to any individual or party to make a written submission on the Material Amendments to the Draft. They can do so between 4th Aug – 11th Oct. 2019 either via the email to  or by sending their submission to the following address:

 RSES Material Alteration Submissions, Northern & Western Regional Assembly, The Square, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon. All submissions will be considered prior to the adoption of the RSES, anticipated to be finalized before the end of 2019. 



In accordance with the provisions of Section 169 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) and the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 – 2019, the documents below are required to be kept  on public display for a period of at least 6 weeks from Wednesday 29th May 2019.

Written submissions/observations should be clearly marked,

“Ireland West Airport Knock SDZ” and sent to the Forward Planning Section, Mayo County Council, Aras an Chontae, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. F23 WF90, or they can be emailed to 

Please Note the Submission/Observation period for the IWAKSDZ is now closed.

Mayo County Development Plan Review Process is paused until after the Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy (RSES) is published.

The RSES is due to be published in early 2019, please check back then for further updates on the preparation of the County Development Plan.


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