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Il Divo (Dir: Paolo Sorrentino, France/ Italy, 2008)

Tuesday 10th November, 8pm

Starring: Toni Servillo, Anna Bonaiuto, Piera Degli Espoti, PaoloGraziosi, Giulio Bossetti, and Flavio Bucci.

Paolo Sorrentino’s magisterial Il Divo reaches into the tumultuous political history of post-war Italy to craft a dazzling portrait of one of the period’s most complex and ambiguous figures, Giulio Andreotti (Servillo). Arguably the most important Italian politician of the last fifty years, Andreotti entered politics in 1946 and led seven governments, turning his Christian Democratic party into a force that ran Italy in what was essentially a one-party system. To do so he clearly required a man of singular abilities – but Andreotto was, and remains, an enigma to his fellow countrymen.

The film eschews the traditional biopic format in favour of a far more claustrophobic, focused look at the man. This concentration of energy and force pays high dividends, especially as Sorrentino has found a perfect vessel in Servillo, an actor who loses himself in the role and effectively ‘becomes’ Andreotti before our eyes. From the film’s opening moments when we are confronted with Andreotti – in intense close-up, with acupuncture needles covering his face – we are unmistakably in the hands of a master.

What is fascinating about Il Divo is the manner by which it hones in on a man who is apparently more interested in obtaining power than actually wielding it. Adm: €7 (seasonal membership rates available).


The Visitor (Dir: Thomas McCarthy, USA, 2007)

Tuesday 24th November, 8pm

Starring: Richard Jenkins, Haaz Sleiman, Danai Jekesai Gurira, Hiam Abbass

Thomas McCarthy’s heartfelt, often funny, tale of friendship is the self-discovery of Connecticut widower Walter Vale (Jenkins), who befriends the Syrian drummer Tarek (Sleiman) and the Senegalese street vendor (Gurira) who have rented his rarely visited pied a terre through the kind of scam that victimises immigrants in New York every day.

Their uneasy meeting turns into a tentative friendship and Walter, a stiff WASP who exhibits many symptoms of ‘white man’s disease’, begins playing the conga drum under Tarek’s patient instruction. Anything he does requiring rhythm is an instant joke, but the academic has a crash course in immigrants’ reality when Tarek is arrested rushing through a subway turnstile by cops who drag him away to an immigration jail.

When Tarek’s mother, Mouna (Palestinian actress Hiam Abbass), visits form Detroit, an unlikely romance is sparked between the man, who just lost his wife, and the woman who fears losing her son.

Alongside McCarthy’s tender treatment of strangers who would never meet, except for chance forming a human bond, is a chilling view of life for immigrants who have bad luck of being caught by law enforcement.

Decisions seem to be made and carried out in spirit of Franz Kafka. In McCarthy’s script, everything takes place under our noses, and most citizens are unaware or indifferent. Adm: €7 (seasonal membership rates available).





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Children’s Film Matinee@ 2pm every Saturday for November

Saturday 7th Nov @ 2pm – Ratatouille

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Saturday 21st Nov @ 2pm – Valiant

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Tuesday 10th November @ 8.00pm

Quiet Chaos (Caos calmo)

UK/Italy  2008  105mins  Italian with English subtitles

Following the accidental death of his wife, film executive Pietro attempts to cope with loss and living, through immersing himself in the activities of daily life with his 10-year-old daughter. Antonio Luigi Grimaldi’s film is a thoughtful and mature adaptation of Sandro Veronesi’s novel, with a quietly compelling central performance by Nanni Moretti.


Tuesday 24th November @ 8.00pm

The Silence of Lorna (Le Silence de Lorna)

Belgium 2008  105mins  French with English subtitles   

Directors Jean-Pierrre and Luc Dardenne tell the tale of Lorna, an Albanian immigrant seeking Belgian citizenship, caught between love and the law of the underworld. Nuanced, surprising and deeply moving, this is a beautifully observed study of immigrants in the new Europe attempting to eke out a living through rather uncertain means.