Léacht - Talk


Linenhall St, Castlebar, Mayo. 

T: 094 9023733

E: linenhall@anu.ie



Presented by Dr. John Mulloy

Four Wednesdays commencing 25th November, 8.00pm-9.30pm

This short series of talks by Dr. John Mulloy, Lecturer in Art History and Critical Theory at GMIT, looks at four different answers to this question throughout history, illustrated profusely with images from the time.

WEEK 1 will open up the topic and explore the idea that art must imitate the real world through the Classical art of ancient Greece and Rome and the ideas of Plato and Aristotle. WEEK 2 will explore the shift from this Classical point of view to the Christian idea of art as a spiritual tool, a window to another world. This was reflected in Western art from about 300-1350AD and in the ideas of Christian thinkers of the time. WEEK 3 will look at the role of art during the Enlightenment, and how during the period c.1750-1850 art became a substitute for religion in the work of the Romantics and a new focus for philosophers like Kant and Hegel. WEEK 4 will look at the new questioning of the role and function of art that began in the 1960s, which continues to the present day. These talks aim to be both challenging and fun, and are aimed at a general audience and students alike.

WHAT IS ART? Lecture series takes place over four Wednesday nights from 25th November (continuing 2nd, 9th, 16th December). The fee for the series is €25. Booking is ESSENTIAL. Booking and further information from the Linenhall.