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The Golden Fleece Award

area: to those born on the island of Ireland deadline: 19 November 2010

The Golden Fleece Award is an artistic fund established as a charitable bequest by the late Helen Lillias Mitchell. The Golden Fleece Award aims to support and promote a wide range of artistic creativity, recognising excellence in painting, textiles and sculpture, glasswork, and all the traditional crafts. The Award was launched in 2001 and is now widely recognised as a distinctive stamp of creative support in the realm of Irish art.Applicants will normally have been born on the island of Ireland and must maintain a strong connection with Ireland.They should be artists or researchers working in the area of figurative painting or traditional craft. (Researchers planning a submission should consult the Guidance for Research Applicants).Traditional painting refers to representational figurative painting.Traditional craft refers to work with a basis in traditional skills and materials. These include woven textiles, spinning, dyeing, glassmaking, metalwork, ceramics, stonework and woodwork, etc.Further information and application guidelines / forms etc at

Better Together! Submission deadline 15 Nov.

Better Together, a national campaign to encourage people to get involved in charities and voluntary organisations was launched in Dublin recently.

You can now show the world what great work your charity, club or association is doing by making a short video and submitting it to If you enter your video clip by 15 November (5pm) you'll stand a chance to win one of three €3,000 cash prizes for your organisation. What's more, by posting your video, you will also help to raise the public profile of your organisation and attract new supporters, donors or volunteers! Your video should be no longer than two minutes, and should communicate what your organisation/club does, why you think it is better to work together and how the public can support your work.

You don't need a fancy video camera or any special skills to create your own video. Most digital cameras and smart phones can record video clips, and you can easily edit your masterpiece with free software that is already installed on your computer. Download 'Lights, Camera Action' our free online video guide to get started. You can also attend a free two-hour workshop on 19 October.

Do you already have a clip on Youtube or Vimeo? You can submit that too.

·         Ask your network of supporters to log onto to vote for their favourite video (or for your video!) and thus help a group to win €3,000 in cash.

·         Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter and send it to your on-line friends to spread the word.

·         You can also Nominate your 'Charity Hero' on our Facebook page. The winner of this competition will win €1,000 for their cause.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to raise awareness of your work, build public support and win €3,000 for your organisation!

Collective Contemporary Art: New Project for RDS

The Royal Dublin Society (RDS) is to embark on a new project Collective Contemporary Art: RDS. CCA: RDS will feature 120 artists, 2 exhibitions and a programme of talks and workshops. CCA: RDS will be selected by an international panel from applications along criteria based on quality, exhibition track record and professionalism. The theme of the exhibition will be A Way of Collecting (working title), which will be curated by Helen Carey, and will be installed in the original Industries Hall, redolent of the historical character of the RDS, 5-7 November 2010.The audience will be comprised of gallerists, curators, art lovers and many who travel to these events outside of Ireland. However, very importantly it is also meant for the Irish public to see the work of artists whose work is not very often presented to the public, largely because they are unrepresented or often their activity does not fit the commercial sphere.The associated programme of talks and workshops will address the aspects of exhibition with discussions on Collecting, Display, Exhibition, Artistic Practice as a curator and as an artist. It is hoped that this new arena will add something to the already rich landscape of Irish Art for the artist and public alike. For further information contact: Emma O Brien and Helen Carey



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Google Grants : In-kind advertising available to arts organisations

Google Grants is a unique in-kind donation programme that awards free AdWords advertising to selected charitable organisations. Google supports organisations that share their philosophy of community service and help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts.

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