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Deiseanna Ealaín Phoiblí - Public Art Opportunities

Kerry County Council Public Art Programme

Kerry County County Council invites submissions from artists for their public art programme at 13 locations in the County. The funding for these projects have been provided by the Percent for Art Scheme, Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and Kerry County Council under the Housing & Water Capital Programmes.


Project Overview

The Public Art Projects have been divided into two categories:

1.     Permanent Artworks

2.     Residencies Leading to Permanent Artworks or Event Based Artworks


While the brief remains open for artists, please be advised that artworks should be proposed which engage with

the community in which they are located. The residencies will involve working directly with community groups/representatives in a specific area. In some areas primary and post primary schools have agreed to work with artists.  It is open to the artist to identify other groups to work with. The interaction between artists and the community is integral to this phase of the public art programme in Kerry.

Submission Closing Dates  Please read the table below carefully for the closing dates as the dates vary for different commissions.



Submission Closing Dates





Residency - Permanent Artwork



4pm 7th Dec 2010

An Daingean

Permanent Artwork



22nd Nov 2010


Permanent Artwork -Irish Red Deer



22nd Nov 2010


Residency - Permanent Artwork



7th Dec 2010

Residencies -Events



An Daingean


4pm 7th Dec 2010



4pm 7th Dec 2010



4pm 7th Dec 2010



4pm 7th Dec 2010



4pm 7th Dec 2010



4pm 7th Dec 2010



4pm 7th Dec 2010



4pm 7th Dec 2010

South Kerry

Chaplin Film


4pm 7th Dec 2010

Permanent Artwork Commission Details


 Artists are asked to include the following in their submission:

A detailed CV

Images of previous work -  in jpeg or  pdf formats or hard copy

Outline of relevant experience in completing public art commissions


Please do not include a proposal as it will not be considered.

Submissions should be posted to the address below. No email submissions will be accepted.


An Daingean

Budget  - €48,500



Permanent artwork which will reflect the traditions, history, culture or landscape of Dingle.


A central location in the town or other suitable site identified by the artist in conjunction with Kerry Co Co.





Budget - €68,000


A life size or greater than life size, Red Irish Stag. The artwork should celebrate the native Irish red deer.


Adjacent to Killarney Court House or other suitable site identified by the artist in conjunction with Killarney Town Council.




Permanent Artworks Shortlist Selection Criteria


-         artistic experience

-         quality of previous work

-         capacity to work at a large scale




The selection panel will shortlist a number of artists to make a detailed proposal. A small budget will be available to Stage 2 artists to develop their proposals.


 Stage Two artists will be asked to provide the following:

-   An outline of their proposal with sketches and/or models

-   A brief outline of how the piece would reflect the traditions, history, culture or landscape of the area  A detailed budget for the artwork

-   confirmation that they can  complete their projects within the time limit and budget available.



Permanent Artworks -  Sites

If a specific site has been identified then this is outlined in the brief for each commission, otherwise artists are asked to make suggestions based on their ideas/proposals. It may be necessary to consult with communities about the siting of permanent artworks.


Consultation Process with Local Communities

Consultation between artists and local communities may involve some or all of the following, depending on the nature of the commission:

·          Talks by the artist about his/her work

·          Consultation with the community with a view to informing the artist(s) about the context of the work 

·          Workshops to introduce particular aspects of the artist(s) practice

·          Workshops with communities that would inform the final artwork


 Permanent Artworks Selection Criteria

-  artistic merit of proposal

-  suitability of the work for the site/area

-  capacity to deliver the artwork to the budget allocation and within the required time frame

-  ability to respond to a set brief

Residencies Leading to Permanent Artworks or Event Based Projects


Kerry County Council will commission ten residencies under the public art programme.


The commissions are open to all artforms. The selection panel will be looking for innovative projects, which would give communities an opportunity to participate in a high quality arts project. Each residency should include provision for a permanent artwork, the format of the permanent artwork is open and may include, for example, film, publication, musical composition, sculpture, prints.




Budget - €56,500



A permanent artwork and residency with the local primary school or community group. The artist will be asked to consider introducing a playful element  into the artwork.


A number of locations are available in this historic village. It is open to the artist to identify other sites in conjunction with Kerry Co Co.



Budget - €51,000



A permanent artwork and residency with the local secondary school or community group.


A number of locations are available in town including the Ard Bhearna housing estate. It is open to the artist to identify other sites in conjunction with Kerry Co Co.


Residency Commissions

An Daingean  - €24,000


Each commission for the area below is €22,500.






Each commission for the area below is €29,000.







Submissions for residencies leading to permanent artworks or event based projects  should include the following:

1.     Artist CV

2.      A brief outline and description of the residency programme you propose 300-500 words.

3.     If there is a particular group in the community you believe the project would suit please identify that group (e.g., school, retirement group, residents groups, tidy towns etc). Please do not approach individuals, schools or community groups until your project has been selected.

4.     An outline of any similar work you have completed with images in jpeg, pdf or hard copy formats only.

5.     An outline of the type of permanent artwork or event which the residency would result in.

6.     An outline budget including costs related to the permanent artwork/event and residency elements.



Selection Criteria

-         artistic experience

-         quality of previous work

-         capacity to work in a community context

-         Innovative project


Selection and Proposal Development

The panel, at Stage One, may appoint an artist(s). They may shortlist  artists to develop their work further (Stage Two). A small fee will be paid for this work.  If, in the opinion  of the selection panel, no suitable proposals have emerged, they may seek to commence a new competition.


South Kerry - Cahersiveen, Portmagee, Valentia  Waterville - Film Commission

in association with the inaugural Charlie Chaplin Film Festival.


Film makers are invited to submit a proposal  for making a film or series of films which celebrate and pay homage to Charlie Chaplin, his association with South Kerry and in particular Waterville, where he and his family visited for many years and made their second home.

The proposals should show how the film maker will imaginatively engage with the South Kerry community stretching from Cahersiveen to Waterville.

The film may be an animation, a short, or series of  shorts, or a  documentary. The selection panel is open on style and format.

The film(s) will be screened at the inaugural Charlie Chaplin Film festival  at the end of August 2011.

Please note that there is a separate brief and application process for this commission.

For more information go to:


General Information on All Projects and Competition


Closing Dates

See table for individual closing dates.


Time Scale

It is envisaged that all commissions will commence in early  2011 and should be completed by the end of 2011.



The competition is open to Irish EU and non EU artists


Making A Submission

When making a proposal for any of the Kerry County Council commissions artists should:

.     Fill in the cover sheet at the end of this document

.      Send a CV, and  images of your work

.      Meet specific requirements as outlined in the brief for each commission

·        Submissions should include an addressed envelope/package for returning your work; postage will be paid by the County Council. While every care will be taken with your submission, Kerry County Council cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage during the delivery, adjudication or re delivery process.

·        Kerry County Council will not be in a position to return any maquettes submitted. Artists must make their own arrangements to deliver and collect maquettes.

·        While every effort will be made to return submissions to the artist, if in the opinion of the Project Managers it cannot be returned safely, the artist will be asked to arrange collection within 30 days of notification.

·        The adjudicating panel will endeavour to make their decision within 14 days of the submission date.

·        The decision of the panel is final. Winners and /or short listed artists will be informed within 10 days of the panel’s decision.

·        Canvassing will disqualify.

·        The panel may organize a new competition if no suitable work comes forward.


Stage 2

·        Artists short-listed for Stage 2 will each be awarded a development fee (artists will be advised of the individual fee available for each Stage 2 submission) Development of the work may include models, photomontage and or other requirements set out by the panel

·        Stage 2 artists will have 4 weeks to develop their work.

·        The panel at this stage may appoint a winner or if in their opinion no suitable work has emerged, they may seek to commence a new competition.

·        The winning artist must provide a Tax Clearance Certificate before the contract is signed. Please note that an Artists Exemption is not acceptable to tax authorities.

·        The winning artist will be asked to provide evidence of satisfactory employers and public liability insurance.

Time Frame for Artist Selection

The selection panel will make every effort to make early decisions and inform all those submitting of their decisions.


Selection Panel Members

The panel will be comprised of at least two visual arts specialists – to include an artist/curator/architect, and may include Local Authorities Arts Officers. Staff from Kerry Co Co Housing & Water Services will also be represented. There may also be representatives from the individual communities on the panel for some commissions.


Panel Rules

Panel members and numbers may vary.

Panel members must declare interests at the start of each selection process; this should include relatives, friends, professional colleagues etc.

The panel will endeavour to make a selection at each stage.

If the panel adjudicates that no submission is suitable at any stage, it may suggest a process for selecting a new artist and artwork.

Panel members will not entertain canvassers on any occasion be they direct or indirect.

Members are obliged to report canvassing attempts to the panel as these artists will be eliminated from the selection process.

The panel’s decision is passed to the Kerry County Manager for final approval in accordance with Local Authority Governance Rules.


Information Page

An information page will be hosted on Kerry County Council’s web page. You may register your interest in the projects and you will be kept informed of questions and answers. Only those who register will be updated.


Public Art Advisor is available to answer your queries during normal office hours or by email.  See details at the bottom of the document.


Site Visits

Stage 2 artists will be advised of site visits where necessary.


Site Images

Will be made available to Stage 2 artists.


Competition Rules

·        Those making submissions guarantee that it is for an original artwork(s).

·        The work must be designed, delivered, sited, the ground works restored and finished for the contract price. The contract price shall be inclusive of Value Added Tax and all other taxes and insurances.

·        The artist must satisfy Kerry County Council that the work can be completed for the contract price. The artist will be required to provide documentary evidence of their capacity to complete the contract within the contract price and within the stated budget and a time frame that ensures that the work is installed and finished by the end of 2011 . There will be no exceptions to this deadline.

·        All artists must comply with current Health and Safety legislation.


Proposal by more than one Artist

Collaborative proposals will be considered.


How Many Projects Can I Submit For?

There is no limit on the number of projects an artist may submit for. An artist may be awarded more than one contract.


Artwork Lifespan

Kerry County Council would like artists to ensure that proposals for permanent artworks are durable and suitable for their location.


Pricing and Delivery of Contract

·        If, in the opinion of the selection panel and Kerry County Council, the successful artwork cannot be completed within the contract price, or timeframe the first placed candidate may be eliminated. The artist may ask for arbitration in this instance. The arbitration panel will consist of a Quantity Surveyor(or other suitably qualified estimator), an Engineer and an arts professional.


Siting and Safety

·        The artist can make submissions to site their work at the sites indicated for each commission.  Artists may suggest other sites. They should be on public property in the control of Kerry County Council. You will be informed of sites where relevant. The decision as to whether an alternative site is acceptable lies with the local authority. Artists may be confined to siting the works on the roads and sites identified.


·        All art works submitted must be cognisant of safety requirements. If safety requirements cannot be met, Kerry County Council can cancel the contract. While every effort will be made to work with the artist in meeting safety requirements the final responsibility lies with the artist in meeting the requirements of the local authority.


Power Water and Running Costs

·        Electrical supply and water can be made available to outdoor sites. The artist will be responsible for all costs involved. Please note that costs can vary depending on the type of supply, installation required, location etc. Artists are responsible for dealing with ESB, etc. Kerry Local Authorities cannot supply quotations for electrical supply. Artworks requiring electrical supply should wherever possible  be  powered by sustainable energy sources.


·        The panel is obliged to examine the ongoing running costs of an artwork. Council engineers will be asked for their opinion on the likelihood of these costs been met in the long-term.


Public Safety

·        Public and personal safety is paramount at all times during the commission process. While every effort will be made to ensure the integrity of the artwork the safety requirements of Kerry Co Co Engineers must be met. If the artist cannot satisfy these requirements the contract will not be awarded.


Garda Vetting

Artists working in a community context may be required to submit to Garda vetting procedures as required by legislation.



Artists will be required to have adequate insurance. Details will be discussed prior to signing contracts.



All queries should be directed to:

Vincent O Shea

T 056 7786446 (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm)



Send Submissions  to:

Public Art Competitions

Arts Office

Kerry County Council



Co. Kerry

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