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Mayo Arts Office has a number of issue 4 Summer 2013 Fugitive Papers.  If you would like a copy please contact the Arts office.  +353(0) 9490 47558/ 47471

Fugitive Papers is an artistic research project by James Merrigan and Michaële Cutaya to explore ideas about art, writing, criticality and public(s) inIrelandat this time. The project aims at opening critical spaces to think, exchange and debate about art and art-writing through public discussions, printed publications and online. Fugitive Papers works with artists, writers and publics to consider such questions as: Is there a public role for writings on art? What forms of publishing, presentation, distribution might produce new publics? Can we imagine the emergence of new critical publics inIrelandat this time?


Fugitive Papers is funded through a Project Award from the Arts Council of Ireland.


Artist-Led Spaces Directory 2013

Are you involved in the running of an Artist-Led Space?

If so, Visual Artists Ireland (VAI) invites you to take part in a short survey of Artist-Led Spaces. The information provided will be used by VAI to compile an up-to-date directory of Artist-Led Spaces across theislandofIreland. The survey is intended for all not-for-profit galleries, studios and dedicated art spaces which have been developed by artists.

The directory will be a source of information for anyone interested in artist-led spaces. It will be a tool to aid collaboration and networking, to raise the profile of the spaces and to promote their importance to the visual arts sector.

Here is a link to the survey:

Thanks for your participation and if you have any queries please contact



MyCreativeEdge is a new website to showcase the work of businesses, freelancers and jobseekers working in the creative industries sector in the West of Ireland,Northern Ireland, Västerbotten (Sweden) andNorthern Finland.

It’s a free service and we are currently recruiting creative sector businesses, freelancers and recent graduates from the West of Ireland (Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Mayo, Galwayand Clare) to create their profiles on

MyCreativeEdge covers the following sectors: Advertising & Publishing; Architecture; Arts; Crafts; Design; Digital Media; Fashion & Jewellery; Film & Video; Music & Theatre; Photography; Software & Gaming; TV & Radio.

Why become a member?

The profiles of creative business and freelancers on the site will be promoted to potential international customers and clients from the four partner regions, their diasporas and other export markets. These will be included in the ‘Creative Showcase’ section of the site.  The profiles of recent graduates will be showcased to potential employers from the creative and other sectors in the ‘Employ a Creative’ section. 

All members will be able to network with creatives from across the four regions through the MyCreativeEdge Forum, as well as access information resources in the members’ area.

A small number of ‘talent vouchers’ will also be available for creative business members of the site to contract a new creative graduate from the site to undertake a specific assignment. Vouchers are available for a maximum of €2,000. 

Sign up now @  You’ll be able to create your profile starting from the first week of June and the website will go live on 13 June.



This morning the Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, T.D. and the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Jimmy Deenihan, T.D., jointly launched a new strand of the JobBridge National Internship scheme to provide for internships in the Arts sector.

In association with the Arts Council, the initiative extends JobBridge to facilitate Local Authorities support internships for local arts groups and to provide opportunities for jobseekers interested in careers in the arts.

In a statement from the Department of AHG, the initiative will see JobBridge  extended to allow local authorities support internships for local arts groups.

The local authorities will invite expressions of interest from the groups, and recruit interns accordingly who will work with the groups under the aegis of the local authorities.

Arts Officers in the local authorities will coordinate and govern the internships. The Arts Council will develop a toolkit of best practice to support the initiative.

The strand builds on a long tradition of informal mentorship within the arts community. The initiative will extend the level of support that local authorities can give to arts organisations at a time of constrained resources, and will give successful applicants hands-on training and experience of working in the sector.

Successful applicants are offered either six- or nine-month internships, along with €50 per week on top of social welfare payments.


Deenihan Announces Details of 2013 Philanthropy Initiative

In 2012, Minister Deenihan launched a Philanthropy Initiative to provide an incentive to arts organisations to proactively seek new and multi-annual relationships with sponsors which would deliver more private sector funding for the arts. Taxpayer funding was made available for organisations that could match this with funding from the private sector.

This year, €210,000 will be available to arts organisations under the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht’s Philanthropy Initiative. Under the terms of the scheme, arts and culture organisations can apply to the Philanthropy Initiative for funding if they can augment the amount with private fundraising in the following ratios:

· Up to €5,000 of funds can be accessed through the scheme if the organisation can match each €1 from the taxpayer with €2 from private sector funding

· Up to €10,000 if each €1 from the taxpayer can be matched by €3 from private sector funding

· Up to €15,000 if each €1 from the taxpayer can be matched by €4 from private sector funding

In a new departure for the initiative, for 2013 the majority of the Philanthropy Initiative funding will be directed towards arts and culture organisations that are looking for support for projects that include an education component. This is to support the Arts in Education Charter, launched recently by Minister Deenihan and Minister for Education and Skills Ruairi Quinn TD, which sets out a range of actions now being progressed by both Departments, cultural institutions and arts organisations to increase arts education for children and young people.

Minister Deenihan commented:

 “The 2012 Philanthropy Initiative exceeded all expectations and gives an example of how the careful targeting of taxpayer funding can produce very good value for money. The arts got a boost of over €1 million last year, of which less than one-fifth came from the public purse.

 ”A more long-term result is that there are thirty arts and culture organisations out there today who successfully tried out fundraising in 2012. I hope that they can develop their fundraising capacity further, based on what they learnt from engaging with the 2012 initiative.

 ”One of my policy aims is to increase Arts in Education. This year, I hope that the Philanthropy Initiative, while continuing to provide an incentive to arts organisations to engage in fundraising, will also get arts and culture organisations engaging creatively with children and young people and adding to their education. In doing so, they will be helping to foster the artists – and the audiences – of the future.”

The results of the 2012 scheme indicated that it  was a considerable success and exceeded targets by unlocking 70% more private sector funding than had been targeted.

In 2012 a total of 31 arts and culture organisations were paid €202,000 in grants under the initiative. This was matched with fundraising from private sources totalling €863,000. Every €1 of taxpayer funds was matched by €4.26 from the private sector, meaning the State’s investment of €202,000 generated total additional funding of over €1 million for the arts in 2012.

Projects that benefitted from the Philanthropy Initiative in 2012 included the Limerick Corridor Art Programme, Temple Bar Gallery, The Butler Gallery, IMMA, the Dublin Theatre Festival,BostonCollege, and the GAZE Film Festival.


Regeneration Impact Assesment Toolkit

This toolkit has been designed to provide a detailed understanding of life in a community.  You might use it to establish a baseline measurement before you implement a programme of regeneration or you can use it to assess the impact of recent regeneration activity. Understanding the conditions in a locality before interventions commence is essential if you are to fully understand what effect policies and programmes are having. 


Choirs Can: New Resource of Irish Songs for Choirs

Soprano Deirdre Moynihan has launched a new venture to promote choral singing. Choirs Can, an online resource of Irish songs arranged for choir, is aimed at secondary school and non-professional choirs.  The website currently includes eight 'songpacks', including arrangements of the songs Óró Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile and Bríd Óg Ní Mháille.  All of the materials on the Choirs Can website is available for free. Read more here.


The Arts Council announces a new Arts and Disability Policy and Strategy

The Arts Council announces a new Arts and Disability policy and strategy

The Arts Council has published a new policy and strategy in the area of Arts and Disability, which will assist it to address issues of equity, access and participation for artists and audiences with disabilities over a five year period.  The new policy outlines the Arts Council’s support and understanding of Arts and Disability practice and the make-up of the sector.  The policy is built on a set of key values including a commitment to equality and inclusion and recognition of the complexity and diversity of the people and practices involved.  The strategy takes a holistic approach with measures designed to mainstream access alongside a series of strategic targeted supports and a programme to build capacity both within the Arts Council and across the arts sector.  The publication of the policy and strategy follows a period of development and consultation with key stakeholders over a period of years, which broadened and intensified in 2012 as a means of capturing a wide range of perspectives.  It is envisaged that the Arts Council and the sector will work together over the coming years to maximise the effects of the strategy and to inform wider policy and practice.  For further information:


Garda Vetting Billed 2012 published

The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Bill 2012 was published by Minister for Justice Alan Shatter on 20th July. When enacted, this Bill will provide a statutory framework for Garda vetting and disclosures procedures. It will make vetting a requirement for people seeking to work with children or vulnerable adults.

The Bill is part of a suite of legislation to protect children and was developed in accordance with the Programme for Government. This includes the publication of the Criminal Justice (Withholding of Information) Bill and the Children First Bill 2012.

The National Vetting Bureau Database

Under the Bill, the National Vetting Bureau (the new name to be given to the Garda Central Vetting Unit) will be required to establish a database consisting of - a register of relevant organisations, - a register of specified information, and - a register of vetted persons. This is in addition to the records of criminal convictions which the Garda Síochána already hold.

Organisations which must register

Broadly speaking, relevant organisations are organisations which take on employees or volunteers to work with children or vulnerable persons. Relevant organisations are required to apply to the Bureau for registration. Organisations already registered with the Bureau will be deemed to be on the register after the commencement of the new legislation.

Small organisations may not be required to register directly with the NVB. Their applications can be submitted through a registered representative body. A number of organisations already provide such a service, including the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI), CREATE, PoetryIrelandfor their members or affiliates.

Soft Information

The Bill provides for the exchange of ‘soft information’ in the context of protecting children and vulnerable adults. In the Bill, soft information is referred to as specified information. This is information held by the Garda Síochána or an organisation specified in Schedule 2 of the Bill where such information reasonably gives rise to a bona fide concern that a person may harm a child or vulnerable person. The disclosure of soft information is tightly controlled and the Bill seeks to balance the rights of vetting subjects to the protection of their good name and the rights of children and vulnerable adults to be protected from persons who are likely to cause them harm.

Mandatory vetting under the Bill

A person may not be engaged to do relevant work or activities relating to children or vulnerable persons unless that person has been subject to the vetting procedures under the Bill. Failure to comply with this duty is an offence under the Bill. It will be a defence for a person to show that he or she did not know, nor could reasonably be expected to know, that the work for which a person was engaged constituted relevant work or activity.

Assessing the vetting subject’s suitability

As with the current system, it is a matter for the relevant organisation, and not the Bureau, to consider and take into account the information disclosed in a vetting disclosure in assessing the suitability of the person for the position for which he or she has applied. The organisation may not disclose the information otherwise than in accordance with the Bill. Non-compliance with this duty is an offence.

Re-vetting and Retrospective Vetting

The Bill makes provision for the re-vetting of employees and retrospective vetting of current employees who have not yet been vetted: however, this has resource implications and is likely to be introduced on a phased basis.

The Arts Council welcomes the publication of this Bill, which will significantly strengthen the State’s protections for children and vulnerable adults. It will provide a robust legal basis for the National Vetting Bureau and a clearer legal framework for organisations working with children and vulnerable adults.  The Arts Council will continue to provide updates to the Arts Sector on this and other relevant matters in relation to child and vulnerable adult protection.  


The Poetry Project

Every week, from January 1st 2013, The Poetry Project will upload a poem and accompanying video artwork, in celebration of Ireland's literary and visual creativity.  
Week by week, over six months, you'll be able to follow the work of leading, and emerging artists and writers, and discover Ireland through different eyes.   
Sign up now for the Poetry Project!
Be moved, inspired, enthralled, and sign up here to receive a weekly email from January 1st, with a link to your poem and artwork for the week.  
The Poetry Project is absolutely free, and has been created to markIreland's Presidency of the EU.


'30 under 30 - A Selection of Short Fiction by Thirty Young Irish Writers'

'30 under 30 - A Selection of Short Fiction by Thirty Young Irish Writers'

Come and support young Irish writers, small publishing houses and local printers.
The book has been described by Joseph O'Connor as 'a testament to the fact the Irish short story is in healthier shape than ever...'
Nuala Ni Chonchuir says, 'The writing here is assured and gritty, and its urgency matches the feckless slide of many young lives. The contemporary Irish short story is more than safe in the hands of the writers in this anthology.'
'Wry and vivid, knowing and unafraid, these are fictional voices to heed and to remember. Energy pulses through these stories. Intelligence is seared into them. A real achievement.' - Belinda McKeon.
Tell your friends!
'30 under 30' is only 12euro

For more information 



Cambridgebased author, Gerard O'Keeffe, has published an e-novel on Amazon and elsewhere that takes place largely in Mayo.

It is called The Third Horseman and is based on a true story of horses, heroics and hope at the time of The Famine. It features the Irish landlords George Henry and Augustus Moore. Paperback copies may be ordered by contacting Gerard through his website:


Age of Creativity website

A new website has been launched dedicated to arts and older people and funded by the Baring Foundation. It is called the Age of Creativity and has been designed to be easy to use enabling you to share and showcase your work. 

The creators encourage you to make use of this new resource by uploading your projects or practice, in particular ahead of the public launch with the Arts Minister Ed Vaizey in early December where they will advocate for the inspiring work of the sector. 

You can upload direct to the site at - all you need is a title, short description, image and any video or other media content you want. The website also allows you to host workshops, conferences or other events online to reach those who cannot make it in person. If you are interested in this or have an idea for an online panel discussion then please contact

You can visit at or follow on twitter @ageofcreativity and on Facebook at Putting Dublin’s young creative community on the map! (Your Arts Map) is a new listings website mapping out arts and cultural events acrossDublincreated for and by 13 – 25 year olds. It provides one central location in which an individual or organisation can literally put their event on the map. YAM is the perfect platform for arts and cultural organisations, youth groups and venues to promote and advertise events that are specifically targeted towards this age-bracket. It also allows young people to upload their own events that are of interest to their peers.  

YAM is completely free to use. It provides an interactive Google maps-based online arts and cultural information service for young people all overDublin. Not only does it provide young creatives and cultural organisations with the opportunity to promote their events, projects and activities; through a partnership established with, YAM also displays public transport information for each event. Now, young audiences will have a go-to website that lets them know exactly what’s on aroundDublinfor them, and how to get there. 

The website allows users to update information easily online across different platforms. By downloading a free Facebook app all the information submitted to YAM will become available on your Facebook timeline automatically. Once the app is installed on your Facebook account, any subsequent listings added to will be available to all friends and fans instantly. An embeddable widget is also available so individuals can easily display their YAM listings on their own website or blog. has been developed through partnership between South Dublin County Council, Dublin City Council, Temple Bar Cultural Trust and the National Youth Council of Ireland. The project has been funded by support from the Arts Council’s Local Partnership Scheme 2011 and designed and developed by practice & Theory.



The Society of Music Education in Ireland invites you to contribute to MUSED, the NEW online news blog of the Society for Music Education in Ireland. Click here for details or email Thomas Johnston


Employer Resources: Best Practice for Irish Non-profits

The Wheel is very pleased to announce the launch of the new Employer Resources: Best Practice for Irish Non-profits website.

Previously known as the Employers Resource Bureau, the significantly revamped Employer Resources website is an entirely free resource for Irish non-profits that offers best practice advice on employment law, policies, practices and procedures.

Sign Up for the Free Newsletter

One way that you can ensure your organisation is kept up to date about key changes in employment legislation and related matters is to sign up for the Employer Resources free quarterly newsletter.

Brimming with essential HR-related articles and advice - all expertly produced from a distinctly non-profit perspective - the Employer Resources Newsletter is the resource for employers, managers and HR professionals in the Irish non-profit sector. Click the button below to sign-up now.


Mentoring Online for Writers of Fiction, Non-fiction and Poetry

This is a new service for writers. Here's how it works:

Mentoring offers writers a long-term, tutor-writer relationship, to work on a novel, memoir, collection of stories or poems, or a work of non-fiction. Our team, led by Mary-Jane Holmes (below), will be on hand to offer professional guidance to develop and progress your work. Duration 3 - 9 months.

As opposed to the structure of a course where there are set exercises to work to, with this approach it is up to you choose to submit. The focus is on your work, and the aim is to improve and develop your writing, as well as offer a framework (the ankle-biting part) to structure your time and help sustain morale. There is a great deal of flexibility in this scheme but the basic outline runs likes this:

There are three mentoring parameters available:

1. 30,000 words €350

Three in-depth online consultations looking at up to 10,000 words per session (ideally over 3 months but the framework can be adjusted in order to fit in with work/family commitments).

Weekly progress communication via email.

Final critiqued appraisal of work submitted.

2. 60,000 words €650

Six in-depth consultations looking at up to 10,000 words per session over 6 months.

Weekly progress communication via email.

Final critiqued appraisal of work submitted.

3. 90,000 words €950

Nine in-depth consultations looking at up to 10,000 words per session over 9 months.

Weekly progress communication via email.

Final critiqued appraisal of work submitted.

You can start with three months and see how it goes.



The Poethead Site.

A this site is promoting and discussing women poets, editors, writers and translators .  



Mayo County Council and WESTBIC Business Innovation Centre are inviting professionals, groups and enterprises in the creative and cultural sectors in Co. Mayo to become part of CISNET online community.  This is a networking directory, which is open to all interested professionals, groups and enterprises from the creative and cultural industries. 

It offers the opportunity to:

Increase your visibility and promote your business to other participants

Find out about upcoming events of interest in your sector

Find partners, customers and providers by placing and reviewing offers and demands in the business directory

To sign up to the CISNET online community log onto

If you have any trouble registering with the CISNET online community, please contact one of the following CISNET representatives: 

Neil Sheridan, Mayo Co. Council, telephone (094) 9024444 or

Joan Fahey, WESTBIC, telephone (097) 27945

CISNET is a European project, funded by the Atlantic Area Transnational Programme, and set up to support small and medium sized enterprises in the creative & cultural industries.  CISNET provides a range of services to professionals and enterprises working in creative sub-sectors such as design & media, architecture, film & video, advertising, music, publishing, broadcasting, arts & crafts, software and heritage. CISNET brings together partners from the Atlantic Regions of Europe includingIreland,Wales, France Portugal andSpain.


Arts Audiences: Cultural Tourism, 'How to' Guide

Arts Audiences has published marketing consultant Annette Nugent's guide to how arts organisations might begin working with the local and national tourism sector to increase tourist attendance at arts/cultural venues and events. The guide covers information on the who and what of cultural tourism in Irelandand practical approaches for including visitors in audience development strategies. This guide has been published as part of Arts Audiences Build Your Audience scheme, which focussed on cultural tourism in 2011. Click here to access the guide: ( )


Centre of Professional Training in Culture website

The Centre of Professional Training in Culture has a website dedicated to the ASLECT project.  The ASLECT project - Active Seniors Learn, Educate, Communicate and Transmit is supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme. The project addresses the presence of older people within cultural organisations from a double perspective: as users/beneficiaries of educational and cultural programmes and equally as learning resources for developing new programmes addressing the community.

The website presents examples of best practice from different projects. 


Call for Materials for is a new national arts and health website which was developed by the Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT) and Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts, and supported by the Arts Council. The site, which was launched by the Minister for Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht in October, is designed to support the emergent field of arts and health in Ireland.
We wish to raise the visibility and professionalism of arts and health practice by asking artists working in this field to contribute to by:

• Submitting news of current arts and health projects and developments by uploading the information directly to the news section of the website.
• Submitting case studies of best practice arts and health projects. We are using a form to help collect project information in a systematic way. This is available on request from
• Submitting relevant resources such as Research & Evaluation, Articles & Documentation, Policies & Strategies and Guidelines for Best Practice. These can be sent directly to
For more information please contact Claire Meaney, Project Co-ordinator/ Moderator by e-mailing


Let Craftgo help you promote your craft business.

Craftgo social networks and forums can help transform your business.   Use Craftgo social networks, blogs and forums to give your business a boost.   Tell your own story about your arts and crafts and get yourself noticed.  Get onboard with Craftgo now and really see your sales grow.  Simply the best way to sell your crafts online  Connect with your customers with Craftgo  We are with all the major shopping directories to bring traffic to your stall.  Connect using  your social media tools to give your customer the best online experience  Compared with other leading websites we offer so much more and it's free.  Craftgo social,your place to chill out.
Craftgo social your place to meet and exchange ideas with fellow crafters.

With forums and social networking use it to expand your reach and make comnnections.


Irish National 

Welcome to the new Irish National - monthly articles and news on events, activities, conferences, and businesses providing sustainable products and services all overIreland. We hope you enjoy it! Please click on

News on Food, Renewable Energy, Arts, Education, and lots more.

Hopefully Ireland’s very close to approval on 'feed-in-tariffs' for electricity generation from renewables. Information from the Irish Bioenergy Association in the Irish National.

If you are organising any national events please email them to us on for next months issue which will come out in early December.

Advertising is extremely good value, from €20. 

The Irish National is produced by Local Campus , a movement to help develop local and national charities and businesses, to promote self-reliance, food and energy security.

Please add to the Irish National as much as you can to promote national events around the Country. Your views are much appreciated.

New music promotion website has joined forces with the iNTERTAIN Group and Walkabout Bars to create a new way for unsigned bands to promote themselves. launched their Live Streaming service in May 2011, and have been broadcasting live gigs and events straight onto their own website or their clients websites ever since.

Co-founder of, Jason Bedington said: When the idea for was initially discussed, we wanted to provide a platform for unsigned bands to use that was radically different from the current social networks we are all familiar with. So we set about creating, a platform that a band can log onto from anywhere in the world and using a laptop and video camera, play a live gig to a global audience.

This new service has seen bands playing gigs live throughoutEuropeandAmericawhilst simultaneously streaming their performance live to new fans around the world.

From October 20th will be booking, promoting and broadcasting live shows every Thursday night from the Walkabout bar inTemple, on Londons Embankment. The Walkabout venue has always showcased original music and unsigned artists, but this deal will see the bands reach a larger audience.

The deal strengthens Walkabouts commitment to live music and showcasing fresh talent. If successful, the partnership will see the scheduling of more broadcast events throughout 2012 as the programme is rolled out across other Walkabout venues.

Walkabout UK Brand Manager, Gareth Bull said: Working in partnership with will allow Walkabout to book exciting unsigned bands and artists and help nurture them into fully fledged recording artists. This exciting initiative will see our brand exposed in new and exciting areas and allow acts to reach new fans both on a local level and globally, as the shows are live streamed across the world.

Extending this service through partnerships with larger brands like Walkabout was the logical next step in the growth of

Bedington said: Our aim is to partner with large brands to bring together the massive audience that follow unsigned artists with the products and services that larger brands can offer. This alliance offers our partners long term brand awareness as unsigned artists harness the community of influencers within their social networks and help to grow a brands reputation through peer to peer marketing.

For further information on booking bands to play at Walkabout venues, or how GotSeeN work with brands by creating events to broadcast, please contact For further information on Walkabout, please contact the Walkabout press office on 020 7079 9222.


The Painting Imperative Online Magazine Launches
The Painting Imperative is a new online magazine dedicated to the discussion of all aspects of contemporary painting from around the globe. Each issue will look at the work made by today’s painters; it will be critical and appreciative, highlighting successes, problems and inspirations, and hopefully give a taste of what’s going on in the studios and galleries of contemporary practitioners. The Painting Imperative also aims to become a platform for emerging critical voices, and to spread the word about the huge diversity of painting practice alive today. Site is the space for artists promoting their work with children and young people. It provides a platform for artists to share all their work and give it greater visibility.

The new site offers increased functionality, the new member profiles and project profiles, pages with improved search capacity  and the new design will make it easier to see and demonstrate best practice, highlighting the work in a more appealing and visual way. In addition, new areas will allow members to select and feature projects. Members will also be able to track projects and also ‘follow’ and contact other members. Check out to see the new site


Arm yourself with a funding toolkit

Arts and Business offer a free fundraising toolkit for download from their website. The kit includes averything from the basic essentials that you need to know; like tips from industry experts and links to online funding opportunities. There are even useful case studies and examples of modern organisations using the toolkit to good effect.To download your own fundraising toolkit visit the arts and business website  


Temple Lane Recording Studios in Dublin

We feel that it is in all our interests to help musicians, and artists to counter-act the recession. Following a meeting with all our studios we would like to offer a 30% discount to all your members.

Temple Lane Recording Studios comprises of Sun, Apollo, and Elektra studios, all located in Temple Bar,Dublin. Also Grouse Lodge Studios, in Moate Co Westmeath.

Michael Jackson, Muse, Rihanna, Snow Patrol, and REM are just a few of the many names that have recorded with us over the past 25years.

You can find more information about our studios online at and, or feel free to call or email us.


Custom framing service on offer to Artists


Join Breaking Tunes - a project of First Music Contact

Ireland's only dedicated Irish music showcase site

Breaking Tunes is a free online music portal for Irish bands and artists aimed at and sent to the greater music industry and fans every month.

Register as industry here for regular updates and to browse the site.


Production for Arts Events: A PLANNING CHECKLIST

First time events organisers and those wishing to produce more ambitious events – this new guide from Voluntary Arts Ireland will help you plan the logistics of putting on your event; whether a theatre piece, exhibition or arts festival.
Find at (38 pages)
Author: Brenda Kent, Voluntary Arts Ireland, 2009
Supported by: Production Services Ireland for technical support and sponsorship
Further information: – 028 / 048 4483 9327 /
Read the Event Planning Guide at


The Ireland Funds’ Philanthropy and Fundraising Toolkit

The Toolkit is an essential practical guide to fundraising and philanthropy for any non-profit. It looks at many key areas such as: board development, running a successful campaign, the 4 fundraising steps: research, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship, how to run successful meetings, collaborating and merging with other non profits, how to approach companies for CSR support, how to build a brand for your nonprofit, how to write a case statement, and lots more.  It steps out practical and feasible tips for ensuring your non-profit can survive and thrive during these uncertain times.  The toolkit contains 5 main sections, 4 focus inserts, actions plans, useful tips and lots more. If you wish to purchase a copy of  The Toolkit, please click on the following link or contact Nicki at (01)6627878 or


Reminder: CCP Ireland website

You will find all the latest news and info on EU culture funding opportunities on the CCP Ireland website:


Plein Air Painters Community Site
PLEIN EIRE, is a website for plein air painters in Ireland. For information on outdoor painting, equipment, paint outs and to make new friends and keep in touch, sign up. Free.
Contact Name: Tony Robinson
Venue Address:


Professional Photo/Video Documentation for Artists

Professional, high quality and economical photographic and video documentation is now availabe at a special, discounted rate for artists by the award winning lens-based media artist Mike Hannon. Mike has many years of expertise in photography and video, as an artist in his own right and in the provision of documentation for others’ projects. He understands that artists often require top quality documentation of their work for websites, applications and catalogues, but that this may not always be economically viable. He is offering a heavily discounted rate for individuals working in the visual arts.

Please see for examples of his work, and to contact him for a quote.

087 678 2962



Visual Artists Ireland Student Pack

A resource pack for visual and applied art students and recent graduates.

This pack has been put together for the benefit of visual and applied arts students and recent graduates making the transition into professional  practice inIreland.  With more visual and applied arts courses available than ever before, the number of aspiring artists continues to grow. The visual arts attract many talented and creative people so the sector can be very competitive.

This pack is intended to give students and recent graduates an idea of the practical areas they will need to consider and the options open to them following graduation.

Your qualification is just your first step to becoming a professional artist.

You can download the VAI Student Pack on our website here:


Shift in Perspective - an arts and disability resource pack

The resource pack is designed to assist arts organisations to develop innovative approaches in high-quality contemporary arts and disability practice and to make their events more accessible to artists and audiences with disabilities. The pack has been put together by a partnership group, which includes the Arts Council, Arts and Disability Ireland, theIrishMuseumof Modern Art, Mayo County Council and South Tipperary County Council


Na Píobairí Uilleann on-line resource

Na Píobairí Uilleann have an extensive on-line resource entitled SOURCE.  
SOURCE provides access to an underlying digital media database comprising thousands of video clips of the best of Irish traditional music built up from our monthly recital series over the last five years. SOURCE also provides a new platform for our instructional tutor video series covering beginner, intermediate and advanced tunes. Other material includes selections from their audio and photo archive including thousands of high quality photographs of classic instruments.
Also available are the Irish Music Collections On-line (IMCO) Galleries consisting of over 1,600 pieces of music from 24 significant historical music collections dating from as early as 1724. These tune collections have been transcribed by Na Píobairí Uilleann from the originals and are available to review or listen to using the freeware Sibelius Scorch player. In deploying the site they also took the opportunity to merge some of their existing web based resources such as their on-line library into the SOURCE.
Further information


Irish Music Education

An exciting new initiative for the music education community – Irish Music Education ( IME is an innovative resource for the music education community in Ireland that has been set up to connect the diverse strands of music education in Ireland, foster the exchange of ideas, knowledge, resources and expertise and be a flexible resource that can respond to the emerging support needs of research and practice in music education.

IME is most importantly a ‘doing’ organisation. Its strength will be driven by its participants. Through wide ranging activities as the interactive website, monthly lead articles, practice group, reading group, voicing conference and mapping music project, this initiative aims to connect the diverse aspects of music education, whether it is practice or research, formal or informal, based in school, studio, university, cultural organisation or wider community, and with people of whatever age or professional level within a multitude of music genres.

Go to to get involved, find out more and be a part of this new departure for Irish music education. Please circulate this email and flyer to ensure maximum access and participation to this resource.


Work Plan for Culture 2011 – 2014

The European Union’s Council of Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Ministers adopted the Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014 during their meeting on 18-19 November inBrussels.

This plan sets up 6 priority areas.

  • Priority area A: Cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and accessible and inclusive culture.
  • Priority area B: Cultural and creative industries.
  • Priority area C: Skills and mobility.
  • Priority area D: Cultural heritage, including mobility of collections.
  • Priority area E: Culture in external relations.
  • Priority area F: Culture statistics.

Further information


Transition from the Culture Programme 2007-2013 to the Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020

All closing dates have now passed for funding under the Culture Programme 2007-2013, the EU programme run by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) for the European Commission.  It will shortly be replaced by the Creative Europe programme which will run from 2014 – 2020.  The programme guide and deadlines for Creative Europe are due to be published later this year around Autumn once details have been agreed.   The first closing date is expected to be in early 2014.  As soon as details of the new programme are available CCP Irelandwill host information seminars in a couple of locations.  Dates and locations will be advertised on the CCP website, twitter and in this newsletter.

Please click here for more information on Creative Europe.

@diversity European Idea Competition on Culture and ICT.

On the 21st of May, the European Union launched the @diversity Idea Competition, open for all EU citizens, companies and organizations. The Competition will be seeking innovative ideas, making use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), for all European cultural and creative sectors, including cultural heritage, publishing, audio-visual, performing arts, creation and exhibition of art objects.

While the digital shift is having a massive impact on how cultural goods are created, managed, disseminated, accessed, consumed and monetized, @Diversity responds to the new needs of Europe emerging from the changes in the life-cycle of a cultural product or creative idea from its creation/inception to the experience it offers to the audience and the gradual correlation of expressive forms with new media.
The overall objective to which @Diversity will contribute is to test innovative approaches to deal with cultural content for innovation and digital sharing and distribution and – in doing so – to contribute to the exploration of new business models respecting cultural diversity.

For more information, please visit:



Literature for instrumental music teaching to download from the internet

Our instrumental music teaching method for beginners to advanced has many advantages. Just to explain a couple:

1. RUGERI offers the most detailed search machine for sheet music to match the students skills.

- On our homepage,, you may flip through

  more than 20,000 teaching pieces until you find what you are

  looking for, free of charge!

2. RUGERI offers the perfect possibility to diagnose the student's progress, thanks to automatically recorded downloading of music pieces being designated to each student.


The Visual Artists Ireland Daily - the perfect read over a cup of coffee
Having a quiet moment with a cup of coffee and want to catch up with events around the world?
Today, Visual Artists Ireland announced The Visual Artists Ireland Daily; the perfect way to catch up on world events when taking a moment out from the work day.
Combining news from the Visual Artists Ireland website with art world and other business news, The Visual Artists Ireland Daily is the ideal read.
The Visual Artists Ireland Daily is in addition to Visual Artists Ireland eBulletin that provides detailed news and opportunities for professional Visual Artists.  Combined with The Visual Artists News Sheet, the Visual Artists Ireland website, VAI Facebook, Twitter and Linked In pages, Visual Artists Ireland has continued to increase the number of ways that Visual Artists can keep up to date with what is current in the world around them.
Keep an eye open for an two more exciting new projects to be launched in September and October…  More details later in the year…


Register your Art Criticism Blogs & Websites with Visual Artists Ireland
As part of our on-going policy supporting the development of art criticism, Visual Artists Ireland has created a space where people who are active in the delivery of art criticism blogs and websites can advertise their site to visitors to Ireland’s most comprehensive visual arts resource.
This service is for Visual Artists Ireland members.   If you are not a professional visual artist, there are other levels of membership that will allow you to avail of this service, and be eligible for other benefits.  If in doubt, call us and we can make sure that you are guided to the right category.
To add your site simply enters your details here.
After entering your details, our staff will check that you are a member.  If not, they will make contact with you to guide you through the membership options.

Please note that VAI’s website is changing at the moment and although this section is live, we are still in the middle of processing the content of our practical listings for artists to this area


Interested in commissioning a Portrait?
€290 for 14” x 18” canvas (35 x 45 cms) with a frame. 
€370 for 16” x 20” canvas (40 x 50 cms) with a frame. 
€450 for 20” x 24” canvas (50 x 60 cms) with a frame. 
Niall can also paint from a photo to reduce a sitter’s time, he need at least two hours to paint from life towards completion. 
He can also paint a portrait of your loved one either living or deceased from a photo either B&W or colour. 
According to a sitter’s wish, he can paint entirely from life using a sight size method. He would need about ten hours from start to completion.


Growing Peace Within - Living in Harmony with Yourself ThroughPracticing Compassionate Communication

The Well,Cork

Weekend 10-11 August

What is this training about?

Imagine being in a space where you can have support with what is alive for you, and you can move closer to ‘becoming the change you’d like to see in the world’ (to paraphrase Ghandi).

Our intention is to offer a variety of themes within this topic, and also intend to stay open to your requests and wishes. Please bear in mind that I am open to your requests and am happy to look for ways for everyone to have a chance to work on what’s important for them.

Some examples of what may be on offer:
- ‘How do I want to live’ NVC exercise. This is an amazing, really powerful exercise that I was lucky to experience with German CNVC CT Esther Gerdts at German International Intensive Training in 2012…  you won’t believe it AND since then, I have moved closer to living at least two or three dreams in my work and personal life that seemed absoultely impossible back then… ! Practical tools for setting and maintaining our intentions around creating the life of our choice.
- Tools for transforming challenges in our life:

-Body NVC (by Inbal Kashtan, CNVC CT, BayNVC) on Anger. Receiving Anger,  Expressing Anger in NVC
-Achieve more freedom, choice and connection through “Transforming Core Beliefs” (Susan Skye/Robert Gonzales work)
-Nurturing ourselves
- Connecting with what nurtures us using Living Energy of Needs(Robert Gonzales work)
- Deepening our self-appreciation
- Nurturing ourselves through growing our NVC support network/community
- Open spaces for supported practice with what you’d like to work on
- and much more (the above is simply a few brief highlights).

My intention is a balance of movement and stillness, work in pairs and the whole group, work indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) – And hopefully, lots of connection  (with yourself and the others), a balance of practice, reflection and sharing; fun, games and deep inner work. I usually offer a lot of opportunities to practice (with my and others’ support).

Olga Nguyen is a facilitator for this course.

When is it?

The weekend of 10-11 August (10am-5pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday )

Where is it?

The Well, Cork

How much is it?

We ask for EUR140/£120 for those who pay for themselves, and EUR300/£250 for those paid by their work.

Am I asked to have any prior learning/experience?

We ask for you to have at least two days of prior NVC training. If you are keen to attend and have not got any prior NVC training or experience, Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. can be one option to get this training before the course.

Any questions?

Please contact Catherine at  or Olga at  .

Please find attached a PDF of the booking form: Ireland-Booking-form  and RTF (text document) of the booking form: Ireland-Booking-form with more information on how to book.

Selected Programmes:

excel 2016

Mayo County Council's Youth Arts Programme  2016


Bealtaine 2016

Celebrating Creatibity as we Age – May 2016

Bealtaine 2016 cover 


John F. Deane

Mayo County Council Writer in Residence 2015

John F. Deane Mayo County Council Writer in Residence 2015


Culture Night 2016

Countywide programme of cultural events – 16th September

Facebook: Mayo Culture Night

Culture Night 2016

  More Mayo County Council and Local Government Websites