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Swinford Cultural Centre

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Swinford Public Information Evening | SWINFORD ‘RE-FOCUSED’ | Spirit-of-Place - Urban Design Study

As part of a programme to collaborate with the Community in continuing the rejuvenation of Swinford, Mayo County Council will be holding a discussion forum on Wednesday 21st of January in the Cultural Centre in Swinford.
All are welcome to this public meeting which is in preparation for the visit of Travis Price and architecture students from the Catholic University of Washington, 25th-31st of January.
The students are undertaking an occupancy and urban design study of the town which will incorporate Swinford’s history, heritage and culture and the future plan for the town.
They will also be preparing for this year's Spirit-of-Place project for 2015 which will be built in Swinford in June.

The project presents an opportunity to continue the recent progress in the Town and three key topics to be discussed on the evening will include;

1.               What positive ‘actions’ were undertaken in Swinford in 2013 & 2014?

2.               What future ‘opportunities’ could be prioritised for Swinford in 2015 & 2016?

3.               What Town Image, Vision and Amenities could be promoted in terms of future social, economic and tourist investment and development?



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