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Developmental Role

In order to address identified sectoral needs the Arts Office initiates responsive developments.

Examples of this kind of provision are:

3D Printing Presentation (Part of Mayo Ideas Week 2013)

I could read the Sky - Residency with Dead Good Guides (2013)

Cultural Diversity Training for Community Artists & Venue Managers (Part of Interland Intercultal Project 2013)

Creative Thinking Workshop (Part of Ideas Week 2012)

Made In the West - Craft in the Digital Age (CISNET 2012)

Fake Public Art Panel (Part of the LANDMARK Public Art Programme 2012)

Creative Careers Seminar (Part of excel Youth Arts Programme 2010)

ENVISage - new imaginings for collective residential spaces (Part of Bealtaine 2009)

Dead Good Guides Residency with Artsquad & Community Artists (Part of Bealtaine 2008)

Bread & Puppet Residency (Part of Bealtaine 2007)

Careers in Music Seminar (2001)



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