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The Arts Service actively facilitates interaction and communication between artists, arts organisations, audiences for the arts, the public, community groups and public bodies. The Arts Advisory Service is availed of by over 280 amateur groups, arts organisations and community groups who regularly seek advice about arts events and sources of funding for their projects and programmes.

The Office works with arts parctitioners in identifying alternative funding streams for projects, advising on application and providing opportunities for artists to avail of training and information sessions from time to time.   

A regular flow of information on the arts in Mayo is disseminated by the Arts Service through a variety of media and information channels, including local newspapers, regional magazines, local radio, special publications generated by the Arts Office, direct mailing and social media.   

The Arts office advises on Arts Acts Grants which are available to any community or group wishing to organise their own arts-based event or activity. These grants are administered through the County Secretary's Office.  For more information on the Arts Acts Grants please follow this link



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