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Mayo County Council has been extremely proactive in applying funding made available under the Percent for Art Scheme for the commissioning of Public Art. With a developmental approach towards Public Art policy, the Council endeavours to represent national best practice. Reflecting current best practice, as outlined in Public Art: Per Cent for art Scheme - General National Guidelines available via , it is  the council's intention to develop a wide range of commissioning practices and to encourage a wide diversity of contemporary art forms. The Public Art Programme also reflects the guiding principles of the Strategic Arts Plan for Mayo County Council, of quality, inclusion, access and long-term value.

Commissions are advertised via open competition, limited competition and direct commission, where appropriate, and in accordance with the national guidelines. Open competitions are publicised though advertisements nationally in professional arts press, as well as in the news/opportunities section of this website.  The arts office provides a free monthly newsletter via email and all open competitions are included in this. 

The council has a Public Art Panel, which was advertised widely for artists to apply to be included.  43 artists, from a wide range of artistic disciplines, gained a place on the panel, selected via a judging panel of independent arts expertise.  Some commissions will be advertised to selected members of the Public Art Panel via limited competition. 


Independent judging panels are put in place to assess applications and proposals for ALL commissions.  Arts expertise make up at least 50% of any panel, these could be professional artists, curators, arts officers etc.  The rest of the panel being made up of appropriate community representation, and individuals with specific practical expertise, or local knowledge, as is relevant to each individual commission, such as engineers, teachers, architects and so on.  Panels are always different for each commission, they are fully briefed on the project, the artist's brief that is being responded to, and clear selection criteria are agreed.  Selection Criteria is primarily based on the quality of the artistic concept proposed, followed by the artist's ability to carry out the artwork, based on their previous work, if the proposal is realistic in the budget and timescale, if it is original,  appropriate for the site and local community etc

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