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Free Concert - Ballintubber Abbey Sunday 16th October, 8pm ConTempo Quartet

Composer Ian Wilson’s residency has involved him working with and meeting large numbers of the local community since the commissions began. The purpose of the residency is to document how people are dealing with the current economic climate – particularly how people are being positive and pro-active – and then to create a large-scale piece of music which clearly reflects this notion and gives a snap shot of Co Mayo just now.

To that end, songs have been produced from pupil’s poems, and recordings made of the children singing them. Another song was inspired by the way the children themselves first said the lines – identifying and emphasising the changes in pitch and rhythm that the children naturally use when speaking. A choir are preparing a songWilsonwrote specially for them, a setting of a Japanese nature-haiku, in phonetic Japanese.

All the music from the schools and all the interviews he is making with people during the residency period will go to form a soundtrack, which will be the basis of a 40-minute work for the ConTempo Quartet from Galway. Performances of this will take place, including an outdoor one at Lough Lannagh in Spring 2012 and one in Ballintubber Abbey on 16th October.  A limited edition CD will be produced and will be free for people to avail of throughout the Spring Landmark programme.


for further details on Ian Wilsons public art residency see

Posted: 04/10/2011

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