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Waste Management: Environmental Enforcement

Environmental Enforcement Section

The Environmental Enforcement Team at Mayo County Council was established in 2004 to bring about improved compliance with waste legislation. The team was set up to enforce legislation under the Waste Management Acts 1996-2003, as well as the Air Pollution Act 1987 and the Local Government (Water Pollution) Acts 1977 & 1990.

The team consists of dedicated multi-disciplinary group, headed by Senior Management and includes an executive engineer, enforcement officers, litter wardens, technical and administrative staff.

The main areas that have been prioritised for enforcement are:

The enforcement team are working to ensure a high level of compliance with environmental legislation with regard to both the commercial and domestic sectors.

Mayo County Council will firstly encourage individuals and companies to work towards good environmental practises, in order to prevent the risk of pollution. However where the enforcement staff identify individuals or business who blatantly flout environmental law and cause environmental pollution as a result of their actions, the enforcement team will use the appropriate enforcement powers provided by the regulations in order to hold such parties responsible for their actions.

Mayo County Council is committed to protecting and enhancing our local environment by enforcing the current waste legislation. We would appreciate your co-operation and assistance by reporting any illegal dumping and by ensuring your waste collector has an appropriate Waste Collection Permit.

Please view the National Waste Collection Permit Office by viewing or calling 057 9357428.  Information regarding illegal dumping and any other waste issues can be passed on in confidence to Mayo County Council on the Litter Hotline 1800 400 256

If you have any complaints regarding illegal waste management activities in your area please contact any of the Enforcement Officers at 094 9024444  

The Enforcement Team undertakes the following programmes to ensure increased compliance:

  • Inspections and investigations into various environmental complaints.
  • Surveillance and evidence collection on suspect operators.
  • Road checkpoints with An Garda Siochana.
  • Responding to complaints from the general public ranging form illegal dumping, littering, illegal burning of waste and abandoned cars.
  • Closed circuit television coverage is being used to identify people who use illegal dumps, and illegal waste collectors and landowners who permit illegal dumping on their lands.
  • Inspections on commercial premises to ensure compliance with all aspects of waste legislation.
  • Regular inspection of permitted contractors/sites to ensure compliance with the specified conditions.
  • Environmental education and awareness also plays a major role in the enforcement operation through cooperation with the Council’s Environmental Awareness Officer, Ms Sharon Cameron.
  • Litter Wardens undertake regular patrols throughout the county.
  • Dealing with complaints regarding environmental issues received from the public. (Burning of waste, illegal dumping, water pollution incidents, unpermitted collector, unpermitted sites etc.


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