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Derelict Sites

Register of all Derelict Sites in County Mayo

The Council is required by law to establish and maintain a Register of Derelict Sites.  All reports of Dereliction are investigated, following an inspection a report is prepared detailing:- Ownership, Location, Condition of Site, Extent of Works required and Recommendations. Notices of Intention to enter the site on the Register are served on the owners/occupiers of the site in question.  The Council considers any written representations made in response to the Notice before deciding whether to enter the site on the Register.  The Council can also serve Notices on owners or occupiers of derelict sites specifying measures to be taken to prevent land from becoming or continuing to be a Derelict Site.  On occasion, title may take some time to establish due to property being investigated or incorrectly registered. The Derelict Sites Register is available for inspection at the Council Offices during normal working hours. 

Vacant Site Register

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