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Environment Awareness: Green Schools

Green Schools

Green Schools

Green-Schools is an international wide programme designed to encourage and acknowledge whole school action for the environment. Green-Schools offers a well-defined controllable way for schools to take environmental issues from the curriculum and apply them to the day-to-day running of the school. In order to earn a designation as a Green-School, a school must implement the Seven Steps of Green Schools.
Green-Schools is both a programme and an award scheme. Green-Schools is run in co-operation with Local Authorities throughout Ireland. The programme is managed by An Taisce--The National Trust for Ireland. The idea was developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education  (FEE). It is open to Primary Level, Special Schools and Secondary Level schools.

Mayo is one of the leaders of Green Schools in Ireland with 151 schools having been awarded with green flag status and 186 schools participating in the programme. 

The first stage of the programme is to reduce the amount of litter and waste generated in the school. This can be done through simple steps such as composting and recycling. Once a school achieves the seven steps of the programme and has reduced the amount of litter and waste generated they can apply for their Green Flag. Once a flag has been awarded the school moves onto the new theme of energy. The flag has to be renewed every two years and in each two year period a new environment theme is addressed. To register your school and receive your free Green-Schools pack, contact the Environment Section of Mayo County Council or contact An Taisces' Green schools office:

Green Schools Office
Environmental Education Unit
An Taisce - The National Trust for Ireland
5A Swift's Alley
Francis Street
Dublin 8
Telephone : 01 4002202
Fax: 01 4002285

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