EPA launches Cleaner Greener Production Programme for Industry


Friday 7th May 2004 – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in conjunction with IBEC, today launched the Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP).


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in conjunction with IBEC today launched the Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP). The CGPP aims to assist companies to develop innovative solutions to environmental problems. It will provide grant aid to companies who look beyond just managing environmental impacts and actually seek to prevent them from occurring.

Environmental best practice and economic efficiency are intertwined. The production of goods and services using minimum material, energy inputs and minimum waste makes sense for both the environment and competitiveness. "Irish businesses can simultaneously reduce their costs and protect the environment by introducing cleaner, greener practices," said Dr Mary Kelly, Director General, EPA. "The purpose of the CGPP is to encourage and promote the implementation of efficient and effective systems and technologies: to improve production processes and to prevent unnecessary inputs and outputs. "This is the second phase of the CGPP and, like the first, it will seek to identify and implement environmental excellence," said Dr Kelly and she called on industry to respond with proposals to participate in the CGPP.

Mr Turlough O’Sullivan, IBEC’s Director General, echoed this call: "Irish business has identified the environment as a strategic business issue and the corresponding necessity for programmes to protect and enhance the environment. IBEC welcomes this initiative. It will further improve Irish industry, which is among the most modern and efficient in Europe. IBEC continuously and actively promotes good environmental practice among its member companies. The Cleaner Greener Production Programme is an excellent opportunity for companies to demonstrate best practice."

The call for proposals marks the beginning of the second phase of the Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP), managed by the EPA and funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2000-2006. Applications for CGPP will be accepted until 6th August 2004 and application forms are available at www.epa.ie

An average of €50,000 was awarded to 29 companies in the first phase of CGPP. Areas as diverse as construction, chemical, printing, education, brewing and the hospitality industry saved money by introducing more environmentally aware production methods and practices. Details of the projects undertaken in the first phase of CGPP are available at www.epa.ie

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