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Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution is considered continuous, repeated or loud noise coming from a house, workplace or local business.  If such noise is at times and duration that affects the qualify of life of any person, it is considered noise nuisance.  If you are affected by noise pollution please follow the guidelines below.

1  You should try and come to an acceptable solution with the creator of the noise.

2  If this does not work, you can make a formal complaint to the District Court.  If you wish to make a complaint to the District    Court, you are not required to be represented by a solicitor, however, you may engage the assistance of a solicitor to help prepare your noise complaint and present this in court.

 3  You must use an "Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992 - Noise form of notice" to inform the person or business that you will be taking them to court.  It is important that you use this form of notice only and that you complete it fully and accurately.

Current legislation does not specify an exact noise level or standard that is considered illegal.  However it is clear that if neighbourhood noise is affecting the quality of life of a citizen, then that citizien has a right to complain.

Full details on the procedure for dealing with Noise Pollution are available by clicking on the following link.

 Information Leaflet - Noise

  Information Leaflet - Noise

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