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Fire Service Overview

Contact Numbers for Emergency Fire Brigade Assistance

In the event of an emergency and you require Fire Brigade assistance call 999 or 112 immediately.


Mayo County Fire Service serves one of the largest fire authority areas in the country.

It has an obligation under the Fire Services Act, 1981 & 2003 to "make provision for the organisation of Fire Services, Fire Safety, Fire Fighting, the protection and rescue of persons and property and related matters".

Mayo County Council is the Fire Authority for the administrative area of County Mayo  The Council currently employs 120 fire fighters in 12 fire stations units located around the county.

The Council have responsibility for ensuring that buildings are planned, designed, constructed and maintained in a safe manner and a number of Fire Officers are employed who are engaged in highly specialised work in the public safety area, particularly in response to legislative requirements, such as the processing of :

  • Fire safety certificate applications
  • Liquor licence / dance licence / club licence applications
  • Petroleum licence applications
  • Gaming and Lottery licence applications

The Council also carry out inspections of buildings under the various acts and are continuing with their programme of random inspections of night clubs with the assistance of the Gardai to detect and prevent overcrowding.

The Council also promotes Fire Safety Awareness in the community by means of meetings, seminars, school visits and various targeted information campaigns.

This effort is particularly intense during National Fire Prevention week each October.

Mayo Fire Fighters are trained to a very high level and they demonstrate high commitment and team spirit.

All firefighters undergo a comprehensive training programme. This programme includes inter alia, the latest advances in techniques and tactics for dealing with fire where backdraft or flashover can occur, and also the latest methods used for the extraction of casualties from vehicles involved in Road Traffic Accidents.

Fire Service Contact Details

Mayo County Fire Service
Fire Brigade HQ
Humbert Way
Co. Mayo

Phone: (094)9021211
Open: 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
Monday to Friday

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