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Elzbieta Ella Szczerbak

Craft Type:  Ceramics and jewellery

Contact Details
Address: ESz Ceramics, Bridge Street, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.
Phone No.: 086 2339318
Fax No.: 

Craft Details
Craft Description: Mostly unique items. One of my ceramic bowl collection have individual pressed pattern. Each one is different and original.
Materials Used: clay, colorful glazes, oxides copper and silver plated wire, glass, gemstone
Objects Made: Hand build ceramic: bowls, cups, brooches, jewellery, wind chimes, wall decorations Wire wrapped jewellery, bookmarks

Other Details
Business Name:  The Mood Gallery

Goods Available from:  The Mood Gallery, Bridge Street, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

Workshop Opening Hrs.: 
Price Range of Goods Produced:  €8 - €100

Awards Won: 

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