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Garry Kane

Craft Type:  Conservation of furniture and wooden artefacts

Contact Details
Address: Kilsallagh, Westport, Co. Mayo.
Phone No.: 098 66754
Fax No.: 098 66754

Craft Details
Craft Description: Cabinet-making & joinery; commissioned furniture; restoration/conservation of furniture and joinery; turning, carving, upholstery,marquetry, finishing, inlaying, french polishing.
Materials Used: Shellac, wax, various hardwoods, brass, bone/ivory/mother-of-pearl, veneers.
Objects Made: One-off objects of fine furniture, e.g. boardroom table.

Other Details
Business Name:  Acanthus Restorations
Goods Available from: 
Workshop Opening Hrs.: 
Price Range of Goods Produced: 
Awards Won: 

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