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Suzie Sullivan

Craft Type:  Spinning, weaving, felting, wirework, jewellery making, silk paper

Contact Details
Address: Derryaun Crafts, Sheefry House, Drummin, Westport, Co. Mayo
Phone No.: 098 21888
Fax No.: 098 21888

Craft Details
Craft Description: Spinning involves preparation of fleece to be spun on a traditional spinning wheel; Weaving involves using a peg loom; Wet felting is the art of turning prepared fleece into felt items using friction, soap and water; Needle felting involves using a sharp barbed needle to ‘sculpt’ prepared wool into shapes. Silk paper making involves using silk fibre and textile glue to make luscious sheets of paper and other shapes; Bead weaving is the art of stitching small beads together; Wire work is art of coiling colourful wire using a specialist tool to form unusual beads to incorporate in jewellery making.
Materials Used: Wool, silk fibre, beads, dyes and wire.
Objects Made: Jewellery (strung and woven), flat and 3D felt pieces, hand spun wool, silk paper, woven rugs and greetings cards.

Other Details
Business Name:  Derryaun Crafts
Goods Available from:  Derryaun Craft Studio, local shops and craft fairs.
Workshop Opening Hrs.:  Open all year round, by appointment only.
Price Range of Goods Produced:  €20-€800
Awards Won: 

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