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Conversion of Vehicles

Conversion of Vehicles

Conversion of Vehicles .

All conversions of New Unregistered Vehicles and Pre Registration conversions of Vehicles previously registered in another jurisdiction are handled by Revenue. You should check on Revenues website for their detailed

For vehicles previously registered in Ireland:-

Where a conversion involves any of the following:-

  1. Change of EU Vehicle Category, and/or
  2. Change in the number of seats, and/or
  3. Change in the number of seatbelt fittings, and/or
  4. Change of EU Bodywork,

a “Vehicle Owners declaration of Conversion” (Form VRTCONV) supported by a “Suitably Qualified Individual Declaration of Conversion”(Form VRTCONVSQI) is required. These forms can be downloaded at

The forms must be sent either to the Revenue Commissioners or Mayo Motor Tax, depending on the type of conversion carried out.

Revenue Commissioners

The Office of the Revenue Commissioners require a Vehicle Owner’s Declaration of Conversion (form VRTCONV), supported by a Suitably Qualified Individual Declaration of Conversion (template VRTCONVSQI), only in the following limited circumstances:-

The Vehicle Registration Certificate, at J1 (VRT vehicle category), shows “B” or “C” or “D” or is blank, AND:-

(1)  seating positions have been added and the new total including the driver is 9 seating positions or less; or

(2)  the vehicle had 10 seating positions or more; seating positions have been removed and the new total including the driver is 9 seating positions or less; or

(3)  the vehicle has been converted to a motor caravan; ( Please note that declaration to Revenue is not required if the vehicle is already registered in Ireland as a car or MPV or other EU category M1/Revenue VRT Category A vehicle. In that case the conversion documentation must be sent to the Motor Tax Office-see below)

Revenue does not require a declaration if the Vehicle Registration Certificate at item J1 (VRT vehicle category) shows “A”, or if a vehicle converted to a motor caravan is registered in Ireland as a car/MPV or other EU category M1/ Revenue VRT Category A vehicle.

You should check on the Revenue Website for their detailed

 A person wishing to tax a converted vehicle previously registered  in Ireland should, provided one or more of the above limited circumstances apply, first comply with the Revenue procedures in relation to conversions,.

Conversions-Mayo Motor Tax

If none of the limited circumstances outlined above apply, there is no need to go to revenue. Instead, the appropriate documentation must be submitted to any of the Mayo County Council Motor Tax Offices:-

For applications to tax previously registered vehicles where conversions have been carried out that do not fall within the scope of conversions required to be notified to Revenue, in addition to the normal documentation to be submitted, the following requirements apply:-

The forms VRTCONV and VRTCONVSQI can be downloaded from These are Revenue Forms and you should make sure to use the most up to date version. They are not available on this web site.

Where the conversion involves a change from M1 to N1, the applicant must also submit a copy of a test 48 Certificate for the vehicle which can only be issued by an NSAI Approved Test Centre whose scope covers “Test 48. Masses cand Dimensions(not passenger cars)

Also, a test 48 Cert is required where additional seats are installed in a vehicle which is currently registered as a VRT Category B, C, or D and the converted vehicle is declared to be a category N1 vehicle.

A list of NSAI ATCs and their scope is available at:

If the application is to tax a converted vehicle as a goods vehicle, please refer to the section of this site titled " Tax a vehicle for the first time" and refer to the goods section.

Please note that Mayo County Council is not required to issue a tax disc for which an application is made unless it is satisfied that it is the appropriate tax for the vehicle specified in the application.  Accordingly, the Council may request additional information and/or carry out an inspection of the vehicle concerned before amending the vehicle record .

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