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Renew your Motor Tax

Renew your Motor Tax

 You can renew the tax on your vehicle by post, in person or online.

To renew tax by post or in person, follow the steps below.

  • To tax a vehicle online, read the instructions on the 'Renew Motor Tax Online' page.
  • Please note that motor tax can only be paid in periods of 3, 6 or 12 CALENDAR months.  Accordingly, all tax discs commence on the 1st day of a calendar month and end on the last day of a calendar month.  If a vehicle is used in a public place for even one day in a calendar month then motor tax is due for that calendar month.

Step 1: Complete the Tax Renewal Form RF100A or RF100B-whichever is appropriate (see underneath)

Form RF100A

Request by post

If you would like to have an application form posted out to you, you can contact your local motor tax - see below

You can also get this form at the following locations:

  • Public library
  • Garda station


Form RF100B

Form RF100B is also used for renewal of motor tax. This form is automatically created by the Dept of Transports computer system and is sent to you when your tax is due for renewal. Form RF100B is issued if you have not used the online taxing service already for the vehicle. It has some of your details preprinted (e.g. name, vehicle number).

Step 2: Provide insurance details

The following insurance details must be declared on the form RF100A / RF100B

  • Name of your insurer
  • Your policy number
  • The insurance expiry date

If your vehicle is not insured, you must first get it insured before applying for motor tax..


Step 3: Have in Place a Certificate of Roadworthiness

A current Certificate of Roadworthiness is required before you can renew tax on certain categories of vehicle including the following vehicles which are more than 1 year old - a goods vehicle, a passenger vehicle with more than 8 passenger seats ( including minibuses and buses) or an ambulance,

To get a Certificate of Roadworthiness, you must:

Step 4:Submit your application and Motor Tax Fee

Post your application or call in person to the Motor Tax  Offices listed below:

  • Motor Tax Office, Mayo County Council, Glenpark, Castlebar. Phone 094 90 47600
  • Motor Tax Office, Mayo County Council, Civic Offices,Arran Place, Ballina. Phone 096 76100
  • Motor Tax Office, Mayo County Council, Belmullet Civic Centre,Church Road, Belmullet. Phone 097 81004

Please remember to enclose the following:

  • All the supporting documentation explained above.
  • The appropriate Motor Tax amount for your vehicle.See a list of Motor Tax Rates. Make a cheque or money order payable to Mayo County Council Motor Tax Account

Taxis and Hackneys

You must submit a current SPSV licence for the vehicle being taxed.  On some occasions, you may not be in a position to produce a current SPSV license, even though one has issued.

View online register of licences (external site) and click on the Vehicle Licenses tab.

This register will confirm details of the SPSV licence and a copy of the licence can be printed off.

Large Public Service Vehicles

When taxing a Large PSV, you must produce an original current LPSV Licence for the vehicle being taxed. The licence must be in your name. If the vehicle is registered for a year or more, a CRW must be in force.

A Large PSV licence is issued by the Gardai for a specific vehicle

The number of seats stated in the National Vehicle and Driver File,(NVDF) is the number of passenger seats. This is because the rate of motor tax for a LPSV is based on the number of passenger seats. It is very important that the number of seats in the NVDF agrees with the number of passenger seats stated on your LPSV licence.

If you present with a different number of seats, the NVDF must be updated with the correct number, ie the number on the current LPSV licence, and a new vehicle registration cert must be issued.

You must also produce a current Certificate of Insurance covering the vehicle as a LPSV.

Some of this information is not currently available in English. To view this information it its entirety in Irish, please click the “Irish” tab at the top of the page.

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