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Youth or Community Bus

Youth and Community Buses

In order to qualify as a Youth and Community Bus, the vehicle must:

  • Be constructed or adapted for the carriage of more than 8 passengers.
  • The Vehicle must have a minimum of 9 passenger seats plus the driver seat
  • Be owned by a youth or community organisation
  • Be used exclusively by the organisation solely for the purpose of conveying persons on journeys directly related to the activities of the organisation.
  • An organisation taxing such a vehicle for the first time must submit:
    • Declaration of use as a Youth or Community Bus, witnessed by the Gardai and
    • A letter on headed paper, stating the aims and objectives of the organization, what its activities are, whether or not it is a registered charity, the registration number of the charity and the name of the chairman and secretary of the organization.

Body Type

The body type must be Bus or Minibus on the Vehicle Registration Certificate-no other body type can be taxed as a youth/community bus. An MPV, no matter how many passenger seats, does not qualify.

Certificate of Roadworthiness

A Youth or Community Bus which is registered for one year or more must have a current CRW in place before it can be taxed.

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