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Annual Operational Subsidy

As an integral part of a planned approach to improving the quality and reliability of rural water supplies, an annual subsidy towards the operational costs of group water schemes in supplying water for domestic use, will be payable by local authorities to groups meeting the conditions of the subsidy scheme.

The amount of operational subsidy payable will be dependent on the number of domestic connections connected to the scheme, or in the case where group schemes are fully metered, the volumetric water produced to meet the needs of the domestic members. In both cases, the level of the qualifying expenditure will have to be approved by the local authority, subject to a limit of:

€115.00 for each house supplied from an Irish Water Main.

€231.00 for each house supplied from a private source.

€220.00 for each house where water disinfection and / or treatment is provided under a Design, Build & Operate (DBO) Contract or where the water disinfection / treatment plant is operated and maintained by a contractor by way of a bona fide Operational and Maintenance Contract.

An Advance payment may be payable to a scheme no later than 30th June of each year and is subject to a limit of: 70% of the previous year’s subsidy to a maximum of 70% of the figures shown above for each house supplied from a local authority source, or private source.

Full details of the grant, procedure and application form are set out in the Explanatory Memorandum, available in Forms & Downloads


Any further queries on the subsidy process can be emailed to


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