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Dog Licence and Identification

Dog Licences

If you have a dog over 4 months old, you are legally required to have a licence, there are limited exceptions to this rule.   A licence can be issued to person over 16 years of age.

Type of Dog licences and cost:

  • Individual Dog licence(renew annually) - €20.00
  • Lifetime Dog Licence for the duration of the life of the dog - €140.00
  • General Dog licence entitling a person to keep an unspecified number of dogs at a premises specified in the licence - €400

How can I pay for my dog licence?

Individual and Lifetime Dog licences may be purchased:

General licences can be purchased through Mayo County Council, Aras an Chontae, Castlebar

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No licence – on the Spot fine of €100.00

Dog Identification

Dogs must at all times wear a collar that shows the name and the address of the owner inscribed on it or on a plate, badge or disc. Failure to have identification on a dog can result in an on-the-spot fine of €100 issued by a dog warden. Failure to pay this fine within a specific period can result in a prosecution.


Under the Microchipping of Dogs Regulations 2015 there is a legal requirement on dog owners to have their dog(s) microchipped, contact details registered on a Government approved dog identification database and a Certificate of Registration to prove it.

All puppies must be microchipped and registered. It is now illegal to buy or take ownership of a puppy/dog that is not microchipped, registered on an approved database and that does not have a Certificate from the database to prove this.

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