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Mayo County Council Veterinary Department employs three Veterinary Surgeons fulltime and two additional vets. who work part-time for us. Most of the work of these vets is in the Food Hygiene/Food Safety arena.

Food Safety

Premises and Produce :

The Veterinary Department carries out regular inspections and food safety audits to ensure compliance with Irish and EU Law.

The carcases produced in our abattoirs are derived from animals that are individually inspected by our veterinary staff both prior to slaughter and again after slaughter. All carcases passed as fit for human consumption are marked by the application of a health mark which includes a unique number identifying the abattoir of slaughter. All meat leaving our abattoirs is also clearly labelled with the animal’s tag number, ensuring full traceability back to the herd or flock of origin. Most of the throughput of these Mayo abattoirs is sourced locally in the County.

Similarly, all  meat processing plants have a unique number incorporated into the health mark which must be displayed on the label of all products emanating from the premises. The label must also clearly show information such as contact details, a use by/expiry date plus an indication of the storage temperature.

Our Veterinary Department here is subject to audit by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, which in turn is subject to audit by the European Food Safety Authority. This chain of audits by various agencies ensures the safety of the meat produced in our abattoirs and meat processing plants in County Mayo.

Training :

All operatives working in abattoirs or meat processing plants must receive Food Hygiene Training. In this regard, the Veterinary Department here has regular meetings with such owners and operatives and we also help the training effort by identifying areas that require emphasis and running training courses targeted at these specific areas.

Control of Dogs Act 1986 and Horses Act 1996 :

Mayo County Council is the Authority responsible for the administration of these two acts within the County. The Veterinary Department here helps in the implementation of these two pieces of Legislation. 

Animal Welfare :

The Veterinary Department in Mayo County Council is responsible for the welfare of any animals in their care under the Control of Horses Act, the Control of Dogs Act and Abattoir Legislation.


Veterinary & Dog Warden Contact Information

Mayo County Council,
The Annex,
Aras an Chontae,
The Mall,
Co. Mayo.
F23 WF90
Phone: 094 - 9024444
Open: 9:30am - 1pm
2pm - 5pm

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