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Panoramic View of Achill Sound Waste Water Treatment Plant

Irish Water Customer Contact Centre Number 1850 278 278

Irish Water is now your contact point for all water services queries, including new connections, account management and billing.

Water and Wastewater connection
From 13th July 2017

  • Irish Water is now your contact point for all water and wastewater connections.
  • Please note that existing Mayo County Council application forms will no longer be accepted by Irish Water or Mayo County Council after this date.
  • Visit for application forms and further information.

Contact Irish Water 

If you have questions about Connections and Developer Services, please contact Irish Water at:

    • Web:
    • Twitter: @IWCare
    • Boards:
    • Email:
    • Postal Address: Irish Water, PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork City
    • Telephone: 1850 278 278 or + 353 1 707 2828 (8am-4.30pm, Mon-Fri)

Non Domestic Billing
From 23rd March 2017

  • There are no changes to your charges or billing frequency.
  • Irish Water will now issue your water services bill.
  • From now, please make all payments to Irish Water.

Contact Irish Water 

If you have questions about Billing, Payments and Customer Service, please contact Irish Water at:

    • Web:
    • Twitter: @IWCare
    • Boards:
    • Email:
    • Postal Address: Irish Water, PO Box 448, South City Delivery Office, Cork City
    • Telephone: 1850 778 778 or + 353 1 707 2827 (9am-5.30pm, Mon-Fri)

Water supply and emergencies

Telephone: 1850 278 278 or + 353 1 707 2828 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Water & Sewerage Service

The complete re-organisation of the Water Sector Nationwide and the establishment of a national water utility which is adopted Government policy is the biggest single change to affect the Local Government sector since the establishment of the Local Authority system in 1898. It involves the establishment of a new Water Utility (Irish Water) to take over responsibility for the delivery of water services.

Irish water is now in place and on January 1st 2014 Mayo County Councils's Water Services assets and liabilities will transfer to Irish Water in accordance with legislation enacted in 2013. From this date and for a period of 12 years Mayo County Council will operate and maintain the Public Water Services in County Mayo on behalf of Irish Water under the terms of a Service Level Agreement signed by both parties in December 2013.

Mayo County Council will continue to have a role in the planning of Water Services Investment Programmes and the final decision on the priority of schemes will be made by Irish Water.

Mayo County Council will continue for now to be the Supervisory Body for the Group Schemes in County Mayo and will administer the Rural Water Programme in Mayo on behalf of the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

Water Quality

Waste Water Quality

Remedial Action List and EPA Audited Schemes

Countywide Water Conservation Project

Water Services Capital Projects 2016

Water Quality

In the EPA Summary of Public Water Supply Quality in 2012 the EPA noted that microbiological compliance levels in public water supply schemes in Mayo were 100% in both 2011 and 2012. Chemical compliance levels have improved from 99.3% in 2011 to 99.5% in 2012.

The main non-compliance were trihalomethanes and were primarily due to  the chlorination of water which had elevated levels of organic matter present. One new boil water notice was issued during 2012 and none remained in place from previous years. No new water restrictions were issued and none remain in place from previous years. At the end of 2012, no boil water notices remained in place on Mayo County Council's public water supply schemes.

The Report outlines a healthy and improving public water system.

Water Quality results are available on the Irish Water website.

Water Supplies are independently tested for Mayo County Council by the Health Service Executive and other private accredited laboratories in accordance with a monitoring programme agreed with the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.).

This monitoring is carried out on a continuous basis and includes specific cryptosporidium monitoring.


Waste Water Quality

Under legislation introduced in 2007 Water Services Authorities must apply to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Waste Water Discharge Licences or Certificates of Authorisation for all of its Waste Water Treatment Plants and this process is on-going.

It is a requirement of the licences issued that a Public Awareness & Communications Programme be set up, to advise the public of the availability of licence information for public inspection. This is available at the following link: Wastewater Quality.

Full details of the Waste Water Discharge Licence/Certificate of Authorisation (WWDA) applications and the licences/certificates that have been issued are available on the EPA website


Remedial Action List and EPA Audited Schemes

In its role as a supervisory authority under the 2007 Drinking Water Regulations the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has audited many public water supplies in Mayo and has issued a direction on 6 of these supplies. Use this link to view recent Audit Reports.

The EPA also has reduced the number of public water supplies on its Remedial Action List (RAL) from 7 to 5 in 2012.


Mayo Water Conservation Project

The Countywide Water Conservation Project commenced in 2004. The final report was completed this year. The total investment in water conservation to date is €9.50m.

To date there are 196 District Metering Areas (DMA's) set up across all the public water supply schemes in the county. These DMAs are monitored daily and significant savings in water volumes are being acheived. The volume of potable water produced in Mayo has decreased from over 64,000m3 per day in 2006 to 55,000m3/day in 2013. The Water Conservation Office works closely with the Water Charges Section and this arrangement has helped greatly in tackling customer leakage.

Phase three works, which include water mains rehabilitation works, commenced in 2011. The rehabilitation of 5km of the Wherrew rising main in Ballina was completed in 2011 at a cost of €1.26 million. A further rehabilitation contract of up to 34km of water mains predominately located in the Ballina region is due to commence in 2014 at an estimated cost of €5.00 million. Work on the rehabilitation of the town water system in Kiltimagh has been completed at a cost of €0.65 million. Further rehabilitation work on the Lough Mask RWSS, with an estimated cost of €2.0 million, has commenced and fifteen kilometers of watermain is targeted for improvement here.

In addition, Consultants have recently been appointed to commence planning for the next four packages of water conservation.


Water Services

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