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Remedial Actions

Remedial Action List (RAL)

A water supply is included on the RAL for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Failure to meet the E. coli standard at some point in the last two years;
  • Inadequate treatment (e.g. no treatment other than chlorination or poor turbidity removal or excessive levels of aluminium in the treated water);
  • Showing elevated levels of nitrate or being unable to meet the new bromate or trihalomethanes standards coming into force at the end of 2008;
  • Monitoring results or compliance checks by the EPA that indicate a lack of operational control at the treatment plant and
  • Supplies were identified by the Health Service Executive (HSE) where improvements are required.

The list below is is based on 'EPA Drinking Water Remedial Action List Q4 of 2016' provided by the EPA.
The most recent version of this document is available on the EPA website using the following link: 

This list will remain a working list, with the possibility of supplies being added or removed as work is completed and further information becomes available.  The fact that a public water supply is on this list does not mean that the water produced by the supply is unsafe to drink. The documents on this page outline actions taken by Mayo County Council to improve the drinking water quality of specific schemes.

Remedial Action List
 SchemeMain Issue Proposed Remedies 

Proposed Completion Date

Lough Mask Treatment and Management Issues Upgrade December 2019
Ballina - Lisglennon Elevated levels of THM's above the standard in the Drinking Water Regulations Upgrade December 2021
Kiltimagh Treatment and Management Issues Improve Operations June 2017
Inishturk Failure to meet the E. coli standard at some point in the last two years Upgrade  December 2017

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