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Winter Water Information

(Check out the Winter Ready Booklet page 4; Download Winter Ready Booklet (English; 2013/2014; 2MB PDF))

The thaw which follows severe weather can put significant pressure on water services around the county.  Below is some useful information regarding water supply.

  • Home and business owners are responsible for their water supply from the stopcock.  Any burst must be remedied by the owner.
  • Many water supplies around the county are managed / operated by local group water schemes.  If there is an issue effecting more than one house the local Group Water Scheme should be contacted and advised of the issue.
  • If the water is supplied directly by Mayo County Council, then the local area office should be contacted.
  • The large mains supply lines around the county can also rupture / burst.  It a burst pipe on a mains is noted, please contact your local area office and provide clear details of the exact location.

The Water Services section will continue to monitor the supply around the county and try to minimise any disruption to the general public.

Click here for map of Mayo County Council Water Network Map in the county. (JPG - 120 KB)

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