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Footpaths are built to provide a safe place for pedestrians. Unfortunately, some vehicle drivers think that they are being considerate to other drivers by parking on the footpath, particularly on narrow streets or roads, but they have no regard to the danger that they put other vulnerable road users in to.   The reader is reminded that vehicles parked on footpaths can put pedestrians in danger. Children, parents with prams or buggies, wheelchair users, the elderly and people with visual impairments are among those who are especially vulnerable when forced onto the road, the consequences of which could be "lethal".

Parking in compliance with the road traffic laws and with consideration for pedestrians needs to be highlighted and reinforced. People frequently use safety as their reason for parking on footpaths (citing narrowness of the road, etc). This is not an acceptable excuse. If you consider it unsafe to park on the road even where parking is permitted, you should park elsewhere regardless of the duration of the parking period.

There are free-standing advertising structures, such as sandwich boards outside commercial premises on many of our footpaths. If inappropriately placed, these free-standing structures have the potential to cause an obstruction and may be a hindrance, particularly to people with disabilities. The reader is reminded that, under the Planning and Development Act, these free-standing structures are required to be licensed.

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