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Mission Statement / Major Corporate Goals

Mission Statement

"Mayo County Council's mission is to improve the quality of life for people living in Mayo and enhance the attractiveness of the County as a place to live in, work, enjoy and invest."

Major Corporate Goals of Mayo County Council

  • To provide quality cost-effective, accessible services and develop a culture of customer care throughout the County
  • To protect the natural environment of the County and encourage renewal and redevelopment, while retaining the visual attractiveness of Mayo
  • To ensure that every Mayo family can live in a dwelling of good standard, located in an acceptable environment at a price or rent they can afford
  • To secure a safe and comprehensive roads network to satisfy the present and projected needs of all who live, work or visit the county
  • To assist in the orderly development of the natural and industrial resources of the County in order to maximise employment opportunities consistent with the protection of the County's natural environment
  • To provide other essential public services in order to improve living conditions, and quality of life for everyone in Mayo
  • To maximise the potential of our area office network to deliver the Council's services as close as possible to the people we serve
  • To improve the public perception of the Council as a modern, efficient and effective public service provider
  • To maximise the potential of all our staff
  • To support and enhance the role of the elected Councillor in accordance with the principles of representative and participative democracy.

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