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Supplement to the Register of Electors

The purpose of the Supplement is to facilitate eligible voters who are not included in the current Register of Electors and who wish to be included in the Supplement to the Register of Electors so that they can vote at elections and referendums (if eligible) taking place before the coming into force of the next Register of Electors.

While there are no restrictions on when the form may be completed and sent to the registration authority, only those forms received before the 14th day before polling day (excluding Sundays, Public Holidays and Good Friday) at an election or referendum, may be considered for entry onto the supplement for that poll. Late applications will not be processed until after polling day.

Registration Forms

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Conditions of Registration

Draft Register of Electors

The Council is responsible for the compilation of the Register of Electors (voting register) for County Mayo. The Register comes into force on 15th February each year, and persons aged 18 years or over on that date, who are otherwise qualified can register to vote. The address at which a person is registered will be that at which he/she resides on the 1st September, preceding publication.  A draft register is published by the 1st November each year, and is made available at all Council offices, and also at libraries and post offices in the County, and the public are invited to check that they are properly registered. Persons can apply to make changes (claims) before the final register is printed. The last day for receipt of such claims is 25th November.

Revision Claim Courts are held during December throughout the County to adjudicate on claims/submissions received, and are presided over by the County Registrar, who rules on the submissions made. Notices of such Courts are advertised in the local newspapers, and persons may attend these Courts if they so wish.


  • Irish Citizen - may vote at all elections and referenda.
  • British Citizen - may vote at Dáil, European Parliament and Local Elections only.
  • EU Citizen - may vote at European Parliament and Local Elections only.
  • Non-EU Citizen - may vote at Local Elections only.

Postal Voters Lists

There are six different categories of Postal Voters Lists, as follows:- 

  1. Defence Forces;
  2. Garda Siochana;
  3. Foreign Diplomats;
  4. Disabled (Postal)- Persons who have a physical illness or physical disability, and who wish to vote by post from their own home, can also apply to go on the Postal Voters List Part IV by completing PV1 Application Form. First time applicants must have the PV1 Application Form certified by their G.P. / Medical Practitioner.  All postal voters must renew their applications each year.
  5. Circumstances of Occupation- People who are unable to attend at their local polling station because of their occupation, service or employment can apply for postal votes, e.g. students, fishermen, airline pilots, company representatives, long distance drivers, employees with no fixed work base. Applicants must complete a PV2 Application Form and have the part of the form relevant to their circumstances completed and stamped appropriately.
  6. Circumstances of Detention in Prison - Arrangements for postal voting are made by the Governor of the prison in which the elector is detained.

Special Voters List

Persons who have a physical illness or physical disability, and who are ordinarily resident in a hospital, home or similar institution, can apply for inclusion on the Special Voters List, whereby the ballot paper is delivered to them prior to polling day by a Special Presiding Officer.  First time applicants must have the SV1 ‌ Application Form certified by their G.P./Medical Practitioner.  All special voters must renew their applications each year.

Do you receive two polling cards or receive a polling card for someone who does not reside at your household or property?

If so, please return the relevant polling card(s) to the Register of Electors Section, Mayo County Council, Aras an Chontae, Castlebar, Co. Mayo together with completed RFA1 ‌ Application Form.

Register of Electors Forms in Other Languages


Information on the Register of Electors is now available online in the following languages:

                Arabic; Chinese; Czech; English; French; German; Hungarian; Italian;

                Latvian; Lithuanian; Polish; Portugese; Romanian; Russian; Slovak; Spanish

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