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Richard Simpkins

Craft Type:  Plástráil traidisiúnta aoil

Contact Details
Address: 3 Dencora Business Centre Nuffield Road Cambridge cb4 9nh Sasana
Phone No.: 01223 420144
Fax No.: 01223 420266

Craft Details
Craft Description: Speisialtóir plástrála, plástar snáithíneach, rindreáil aoil, stucco agus lindreáil lasmuigh
Materials Used: Aol, plástar múnla, gipseam
Objects Made: Coirnisí, mullaí colúin, colúin

Other Details
Business Name:  G. Cook & Sons
Goods Available from: 
Workshop Opening Hrs.: 
Price Range of Goods Produced: 
Awards Won: 

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